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Christmas Stocking Craft for Kids

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This Christmas stocking craft for kids is a fun activity to do with little ones this holiday season! It’s low-prep and can be enjoyed by all ages. Stuff the finished stockings with treats or other handmade gifts for someone special.

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Two paper stockings are colored and laced with red yarn around the edges. They lay next to markers.

Looking for a cute Christmas craft to do with kids? This Christmas stocking craft for kids is so much fun and it makes the sweetest gifts to give to family members and friends for the holidays. I originally made this with my son years ago when he was a toddler and this year my daughter, now in grade-school, made them! It’s a great craft for kids of all ages. You will just need to help more or less depending on their age.

With my toddler, I did the cutting and hole punching and he had a blast coloring the stockings and covering them in stickers. Lacing the stockings was also a great fine-motor activity! If you plan to make a bunch of these cute stockings, try to spread it out over a couple of days. This way your little one won’t get too bored or antsy and the project will stay fun! My son loved coloring all the stockings but was only interested in lacing a few.

Older kids will be able to do most of the activity themselves and will have fun filling the stockings with handmade crafts or sweet treats! Below is the tutorial and you’ll find the printable stocking coloring pages in my Resource Library!

Three paper stockings colored by a child are laying on a red background.
The original stockings my son made years ago. The designs have been updated slightly.

Kid’s Christmas Stocking Craft

Supplies Needed

How to Make the Kid’s Christmas Stockings

STEP 1: Print the stockings off. You will need a front and a back for each stocking.

Printable stockings sheets are shown.

STEP 2: Cut the stockings out! If your child is old enough, they can help with this step, otherwise cut them out ahead of time. 

Paper stocking being cut out with scissors on a green background.

STEP 3: Hole punch each marked dot! If your child is old enough, they can help with this part too. 

Paper stocking pieces are laying next to a hole punch.

STEP 4: Decorate the stockings – the fun part! Let your child go to town! The back of the stockings are blank so you can add handprints or doodles from your child if you want.

A stocking coloring page partially colored in lays next to markers.

STEP 5: Thread the stocking. Start by wrapping tape around one end of the yarn and tying the other end through the top hole of the stocking.

A paper stocking with red yarn next to it.

Red yarn is attached to the top of the stocking ready to be laced through the holes.

The stocking can be laced a few different ways. My older daughter liked wrapping the yarn around the edges of the stocking while lacing. When she reached the other end, I helped tie a knot in the last hole. If the yarn was too short, I taped the end to the back of the stocking.

The top of a paper stocking with red yard laced around the edges.

A stocking with a snowman is colored in and laced with red yarn around the edges.

You can also lace the stockings by threading the yarn up and down through the holes. This was easier for my toddler to do. I didn’t tie a knot to start it, but instead punched a few extra holes (not marked on the free printable) along the top of the back layer and tied both ends in a cute bow.

A child's hands are seen threading yarn through holes along the edges of the paper stocking.

Paper stocking laced with blue yarn and tied in a bow on the back of the stocking.

The stockings are all finished and ready to be filled! Below are both sets of stockings. The ones my toddler did years ago and the ones my daughter just made this year. Both times we filled the stockings with handmade Christmas crafts and photos. 

Three paper stockings colored by a child are laying on a red background.

Two paper stockings are colored and laced with red yarn around the edges. They lay next to markers.

I hope you enjoyed this fun Christmas kid’s craft! Check out my other fun holiday crafts and activities for kids!

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