Valentine's Day  Mini Charm Pack  Pillow Wreath

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Create a sweet Valentine's Day pillow wreath using a mini charm pack and ribbon!

Gather your supplies including two mini charm packs, stuffing, ribbon and a heart-shaped wreath form.

Stitch two squares of fabric together around the edges leaving a small opening on one side.

Stuff each pillow with poly-fil stuffing. Be careful not to over-stuff the pillows!

Stitch the opening closed on each pillow. Two mini charm packs are enough to make 42 small pillows.

Cut thin ribbon into pieces that measure about 10"-12" long. You will need one ribbon for each pillow.

Tie each mini pillow to the wire wreath form using a piece of ribbon.  Start on the outer ring.

Next, tie pillows to  the inner ring.

Tie the ribbon into cute bows on each pillow!

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The wreath is complete. Hang up and enjoy!  Grab all of the crafty details via the link below!