Free File Frequently Asked Questions

Fill out the purple form at the bottom of each blog post that includes a free file. Enter your first name and email and the file will be sent directly to you.

After clicking on the purple link in the email, your file will automatically download to your computer’s Downloads folder. Most files are a PDF. Some are SVG cut files which will download as a ZIP files.

When you click the download link it may seem like nothing is happening depending on your device but the file is being downloaded in the background. Check your Downloads Folder and also your Desktop and Documents. If you are trying to download the file on a cell phone, I recommend using a computer if possible as sometimes phones are weird!

At this time, all of my free files are for personal use only. For more information, please see my Terms of Use.

My SVG and PNG cut files will download in a ZIP folder. I use ZIP folders to download more than one file at a time. If you are using a computer/laptop you do not need anything fancy to open a ZIP folder. On a Mac, double-click the zip file and it will open. On a Windows, right-click the zip file and select Unzip or Extract. If using an iPad or iPhone, you may need an app to unzip the file.

Open Cricut Design Space and start a new project. Select “Upload” from the left menu bar and then “Upload Image”. Find the file on your computer. It can usually be found in your Downloads folder unless you moved it to a new location. Select the file and insert it into your project.

My SVG files will open at the scale shown in my projects but some have score lines that will need to be changed from cut to score. For more information on setting up my cut files in Design Space, view “Setting up Animal Notepads in Cricut Design Space“. Even if you aren’t making an animal notepad, many of my files are similar and this post may be helpful!

If you are using a Windows machine, SVG files can sometimes show up as internet files, especially after a recent Windows update. The SVG is there, but your machine is not showing it as such. You can still open these files in your design software like Cricut Design Space.

It may help to have file extensions visible so you can then see the .svg following the file name. There should be a checkbox under your file settings that you can check to make file extensions visible.

The majority of my files are PDF and SVG with a few JPEG files. If you open a zip folder and see a file that has an internet symbol for it’s thumbnail, that will be the SVG.

Please email me at I am happy to answer any questions you may have! I will respond as soon as possible, please allow 24 hours.