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DIY Children’s Calendar – Free Calendar Printables for Kids!

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Create a DIY Children’s Calendar using my free kids calendar printables! Calendar printables include days of the week, weather and more and are available in seven languages with lots of fun ways to personalize the calendar to make it your own. Plus new calendar pages for 2024 included!

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DIY Children's Calendar with colorful free printables.

Are you looking to create a calendar to use with your kids? This DIY Children’s Calendar is a fun DIY and a great way for little ones to start their day. I created this calendar when my son was just a toddler and I have since enjoyed using it with both of my kids over the years. It has been an excellent way for my kids to learn their days of the week, months, and the weather and it has also given them a chance to be a part of planning our day. 

While this calendar started as a little project for my kids it has since grown a lot over the last 8 years with the help of my awesome readers! I have created lots of different calendar printables you can mix and match to create your own truly unique calendar. Whether it is on a dry erase board, foam board, in a binder, or on your fridge, you can make something that you can use daily with your little ones.

While most of my calendar printables are in English, I have the pleasure of collaborating with other parents and caregivers from around the world to translate my calendar printables. The basic calendar packet that includes the days of the week, months, seasons, weather and more is available in 7 languages! So cool! You can download it for free in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Hawaiian, Korean and Portuguese.

In this post I share examples of how you can use my calendar printables and different ways you can set up your calendar. It will depend on what you want to include in your calendar, the age of your child/children, and what you hope to accomplish with hit. Your calendar can be as simple or extensive as you want!

Simple children's calendar with free calendar printables.
Calendar Pictured Above: Free calendar printables in English, Stikki-Clips, orange construction paper on a small board (12″ x 16″) from the Target Dollar Spot.
DIY Children's Calendar in Spanish and English
Calendar Pictured Above: Free duel language calendar printables in Spanish and English, Weather Bunny printables, Stikki-Clips, Velcro Thin Clear Fasteners, light blue scrapbook paper (12″ x 12″), large blue Canson posterboard (19.75″ x 25.5″), piece of rainbow striped scrapbook paper all on a white Elmer foam board (20″ x 28″).

Supplies Needed

How to Assemble the Calendar

Step One: Print the calendar printables. Download the calendar files you want to use (under “Download the Free Calendar Printables”). There are a lot of options. If you don’t know where to start I recommend choosing a language and printing the basic calendar packet. It will have the main things you need. You can add on with extras like weather bunnies, customizable headers and more if you want.

Step Two: Laminate! If you are making the printables magnetic, I recommend you use the self-laminating sheets and only laminate the top of the printable pages. Since the back will be attached to magnetic sheets this helps keep the magnets strong. If you are using the printables without magnets, with something like Stikki-clips and Velcro Dots, laminate on both sides using a laminator to make them durable.

Laminating sheets and free calendar printables.
Laminate printables on just the top side for magnets using self laminating sheets.
Calendar printables going through a lamination machine.
Use a laminating machine to laminate printables being used with Stikki-Clips and Velcro Dots.

Step Three: Cut out the calendar pieces. After laminating the pages, cut out all of the pieces using a paper trimmer and scissors. A paper trimmer will make this process SO much quicker and easier.

Calendar printables being cut by a paper trimmer.

Step Four: If making the pieces magnetic, cut the magnet sheets. This is when you would now arrange the cut calendar pieces on a magnet sheet and then cut the pieces out again with a small sharp scissors. Cutting the pieces out before placing them on the magnet sheets allows me to fit more pieces on each magnet sheet. It is also easier to cut through just the magnet sheet instead of through both the paper and magnet sheet.

Calendar printables on a magnet sheet with a small scissors.
Calendar printables with a magnet sheets and scissors.

Step Five: Assemble the calendar! Arrange the pieces until you like how your calendar is laid out. I have a ton of layout examples later in this post!

If your calendar is magnetic, the pieces will be ready to use on a magnetic board. Add magnet clips to hold calendar add-ons like holiday and daily activity cards.

DIY Children's Calendar with colorful printables and two bunny dolls that can be dressed for the weather.

If using a foam board, tri-fold board or chalkboard, you can use things like Stikki-clips and Velcro Fasteners to attach your calendar pieces. First tape down anything that does not need to change (like the thermometer, question about the weather, “Today is” card) with tape. Next use Stikki-clips to hold the days of the week, months, year and weather cards. 

DIY Children's Calendar in French

The Bunny Paper Dolls

One of my favorite parts of the calendar are the bunnies kids can dress for the weather! They can be created with magnet sheets or without using Velcro fasteners. Check out my post on my Bunny Paper Dolls to learn how to make them. They are such a cute addition to the calendar, plus they make a great quiet activity outside of calendar time!

DIY Children's Calendar with weather printables.

Creating a Customized Header

One of my favorite new additions to the calendar is creating a customized header. I offer a free editable file that can used with Adobe Reader to customize any header for your calendar. You may already have Adobe Reader installed on your computer but if not, the software can be downloaded for free from Adobe. 

Children's Calendar personlized with children's names.

Calendar Extras like Holidays!

All of my basic calendar printables are free, but I also offer calendar extras in my Etsy shop. These include Holiday Cards, Daily Activity Cards, Early Learning Flashcards and more. They all coordinate with the rest of my calendar printables and can be a really fun addition.

I love using the flashcards to feature a number, letter, animal and color of the day. They are a fun way to extend calendar time and a great opportunity to tie-in daily activities especially if you are looking for a mini homeschool preschool experience. I love a good theme so I would sometimes find a craft or book that coordinated with the animal or color of the day.

Preschool learning cards on the calendar including animal, number, color and letter.
Daily activity cards for calendar morning board.
Activity cards clipped to kid's calendar.

Picture Examples of Calendars

I have made this calendar lots of different times over the years as I’ve created new printables and updated old ones. I hope these images give you lots of inspiration on how you can create a calendar any way you’d like! Use as few or as many of the printables and customize it to fit the needs of the kids who will be using it!

Under each calendar picture, I’ve noted what printables I used and the board size to help!

DIY Children's Calendar on a yellow background.
Calendar Pictured Above: Free calendar printables in English, free bunny printables, Preschool Learning Cards from my Etsy shop, Stikki-Clips, U-Brands Magnetic Dry Erase Board (16″ x 20″).
DIY Morning Calendar Board for Kids
Calendar Pictured Above: Free calendar printables in English, Free Weather Bunny printables, free Header. Preschool Learning Cards, Color Flashcards, Animal Flashcards and Activity Cards from my Etsy shop. Stikki-Clips, Velcro Thin Clear Fasteners, light blue and yellow scrapbook paper (12″ x 12″) all on a white Elmer foam board (20″ x 28″).
DIY Children's calendar with colorful cards for the day of the week and weather.
Calendar Pictured Above: Free color-your-own calendar printables in English, free bunny printables, and preschool learning cards from my Etsy shop, Stikki-Clips, handmade magnet, Velcro Thin Clear Fasteners on a U-Brands magnetic dry erase board (16″ x 20″). 
Colorful and happy Children's Calendar on a purple background.
Calendar Pictured Above: Free calendar printables in English, free bunny printables, visual schedule cards from my Etsy Shop, crayon bulletin board border from Target Dollar Spot, handmade magnets on a Board Dudes magnetic dry erase board with cork border (18″ x 22″). 
Small children's calendar created with two attached calendar guide pages.
Calendar pictured above: Two free calendar guide pages taped together, free calendar printables in English, Free emotion cards, Velcro Fasteners.
Chalkboard calendar with colorful bold printables on a blue background.
Calendar Pictured Above: Free chalkboard calendar printables in English printed on Astrobrights paper, free calendar header, Velcro Thin Clear Fasteners, Command Spring Clips, U-Brands wooden chalkboard with border painted purple (17″ x 23″).
DIY Weather Watchers Calendar tri-fold board
Calendar Pictured Above: Free calendar printables in English, free Extra Weather printables in English, free Weather Bunny printables, Stikki-Clips, Velcro Thin Clear Fasteners, small 17″ x 22″ tri-fold display board.
Morning Board in Spanish and English
Calendar pictured above: Free calendar printables in Spanish/English, stikki clips, Velcro Fasteners. White foam board 20″ x 28″, dark blue paper 19.75″ x 25.5″, light blue scrapbook paper 12″ x 12″, rainbow striped scrapbook paper 2.25″ x 12″.
DIY Children's Calendar with holiday cards
Calendar Pictured Above: Free calendar printables in English, free bunny printables, holiday calendar cards from my Etsy shop, Learning Resources Magnet clips, on a U-brands magnetic dry erase board (16″ x 20″).
DIY Children's calendar in French
Calendar Pictured Above: Free calendar printables in French, free bunny printables, French Activity Cards available in my Etsy shop, Stikki-Clips, Velcro Thin Clear Fasteners, Elmer white foam board (20″ x 28″).
Colorful and cheerful Korean and English Calendar on a whiteboard.
Calendar pictured above: Free calendar printables in English/Korean. Stikki Clips, Velcro Fasteners. U-brands magnetic dry erase board 16″ x 20″.
Busy book is open showing a page asking What Day is Today?
Calendar pictured above: Free Calendar Busy book printables, free calendar cards in English and free printable emotion cards, Binder, Velcro Fasteners.
Colorful and interactive calendar for kids created with pages from the busy book.
Calendar Pictured Above: Free calendar guide pages, free calendar printables in English. Early Learning Cards, Color Flashcards and Animal Flashcards from my Etsy shop. Crayon bulletin board border from Target Dollar Spot. Blue Foam Board 20″ x 28″.

Helpful Links to More Calendar Information

Check out these posts which go into more detail on specific types of calendars you can create using my printables!

Download the Free Calendar Card Files!

PLEASE READ: To download the free files, click the links below and a form will appear. Fill in your first name and email and the PDF printable packet will be sent straight to your inbox! You DO need to enter your email for each download since each form is connected to a specific free file. This is how the file can be automatically sent to your email inbox. Fill out as many forms as you’d like to get the printables you want to use – don’t worry – you won’t be added to my list more than once.

These files are for personal use only. You are not permitted to sell the files or sell physical products made from the files. I hope you enjoy crafting something special. Please let me know if you have any questions :)

Download calendar extras from my Etsy shop! Visit my Etsy shop to shop calendar extras like Holiday Cards, Daily Activity Cards, Preschool Learning Cards, Fun National Day Cards and more!

For all things calendar – visit my DIY Children’s Calendar Hub!

Happy Crafting! -Kim

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  1. Hey great work !
    But in french, you should use future tense “Demain, ce sera” not “Demain c’est”… to be correct.
    I didn’t manage to get the link to the form to get your french calendar.. don’t know why…

    1. Hi! Thank you for the message! I get requests for both versions a lot in all of the different language calendars I do – “tomorrow is” vs. “tomorrow will be”. I have both versions included in some of my other calendars and in the french pocket chart but I’ll go ahead and add both versions to the free french calendar – then both are included and everyone can use the one they prefer! The links to all of the free files are at the bottom of this post. You can enter your email and the file will be sent directly to you. If you have any trouble feel free to email me at kimberly@craftingcheerfully.com and I can email you the file :) Thank you! :)

  2. Hello, I am extremely grateful for these resources and have used them for several years now with my little one and it has helped her to read much earlier than normal. We still do our ritual every day tho as she loves it. I was trying to make another one in english for my child (hers has gotten all worn out) and in spanish for a little autistic spanish speaking child of a friend and I have been unable to download the calendar in any language, I keep going back and forth from the resource library to another page and cannot figure out how to download. Could you please help me?Thanks!

    1. Hi! Of course, I’m happy to help! In the Resource Library you will want to go under “DIY Children’s Calendar”. Make sure you are selecting the black “Download” button under each file you want and not the blue “View the Tutorial” link. The blue link will take you to the post for instructions. After hitting the black button the file will automatically download. If you still have any problems please email me and I’m happy to send you the files you need! kimberly@craftingcheerfully.com. I’m so happy to hear your child has enjoyed using the calendar! :)

  3. I wonder if you’d, at all, be interested in adding Hawaiian to these printouts? I am a Hawaiian speaker and working on materials for my daughter and I see that you’ve already done so with other languages. I’d be very interested in working with you if so.

  4. I came across your printable daily activity cards on Etsy and cant wait to print them out! After reading the file I saw we could come to your website for FREE printables, which I totally loved! Any idea or thought on how to make a few additional cards myself on the etsy file? I wanted to add fishing, kites, vacation?

    1. Hi! Thank you for the message! I’m so happy you found my calendar printables! The activity cards from Etsy came with a few blank cards that you could add in your own activities by hand. Otherwise, I do offer a free monthly activity card every month and am always happy to take suggestions – flying kites would be perfect for that! I also create custom calendar cards so you can have anything you want created! Oh and I have a fishing card in my Sports and Movement card set if you want to check that out! Feel free to message me on Etsy – I’m always happy to help you find the cards you’re looking for or help create them! :)

  5. Hi Kim, I was hoping you could tell me the name of your font you’ve used for your days/months etc? I would like to make up some holidays magnets to go with the printables.
    Thanks so much :-)

  6. This calendar is so great! I am in the process of cutting everything out and am so excited to start using it with my kids! I was wondering if it would be possible to get the month sheet without any numbers. I was going to laminate it and hang it up so I could fill in everything myself and continue reusing it.

    1. Thank you! I hope you and your kids have fun using the calendar! I added a blank calendar page to the 2017 calendar pages pdf document, it is the last page. Laminating and reusing it is a great idea! :) Happy Holidays!

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