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Printable Calendar Guide Pages

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Use these free printable calendar guide pages to help you create a fun calendar for kids. They coordinate with my free calendar printables and can be used on foam boards, bulletin boards, the wall.

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Printable calendar guide pages and small printable calendar cards on a purple surface.

Hello Crafty Friends! Today I’m sharing a set of new calendar guide printables that I designed to help you easily set up a calendar. They coordinate with entire collection of DIY Children’s Calendar printables!

These new printable guide pages include questions and spaces to place the calendar cards. They print almost entirely in black and white allowing the actual calendar cards, which are bright and colorful, to stand out. There are spots for the days of the week, month, year, weather cards, emotion cards and even a spot for my Weather Bunnies – paper dolls kids can dress for the weather. 

A group of printables are arranged on a table.

How to Use the Calendar Guide Pages

Creating a Calendar Board

I created these guide pages as an easy way to help you set up a calendar. I have so many different calendar printables it can be tricky figuring out how to design your calendar and what to include. These pages can be used to create a calendar on a foam core board, bulletin board, magnet board, or on the wall! 

Below I used four of the guide pages to create a simple calendar on a board measuring 20″ x 30″. The guide pages help divide the board into four sections; the date, weather, calendar and fun “of the day” cards. I used adhesive dots, which are my favorite way to adhere the calendar printables to the guide pages.

This calendar is made mostly with free printables, except for the “of the day” section which uses flashcards from my Etsy shop

Colorful and interactive calendar for kids created with pages from the busy book.

The calendar board with printable guide pages adhered to it.

Creating a Simple Calendar

The printable guide pages are also perfect for using on their own to create a simple calendar. Below you can see a small calendar I made by taping two guide pages together. This can easily be hung on the wall or brought out at calendar time. Print on cardstock to make them sturdier and laminate for extra durability. This calendar is made entirely from free printables.

Small children's calendar created with two attached calendar guide pages.

Supplies Needed

Below are the supplies I recommend using with the printable guide pages. Laminating the pages makes them more durable and they will hold up better to the calendar pieces being repeatedly removed from them.

Assembling a Calendar with the Guide Pages

  1. Download and print the guide pages you plan to use on white cardstock.
  2. Laminate them for extra durability.
  3. Attach them to your calendar (foam board, bulletin board, poster, wall, etc)
  4. Add Adhesive Dots to the blank spaces. 
  5. Cut out the calendar cards that coordinate with the guide pages you have chosen. You will find the printable calendar packets at the bottom of my DIY Children’s Calendar post including the guide pages! There are additional calendar cards and flashcards in my Etsy shop.

A blue calendar board with colorful calendar printables attached.

What are the Different Guide Pages

The Calendar Guide Page packet comes with a bunch of options to choose from. You can mix and match and use whatever guide pages fit your calendar space and goal. 

Guide Pages: Day of the Week 

These pages ask the question what day is today, and uses my free printables days of the week, months, year and number cards. The first page also has a place for the child to mark they are feeling that day. Use my free printable Emotion Cards for this part. 

Calendar guide pages with calendar printables attached to them with adhesive dots.

Guide Pages: The Calendar

This interactive calendar pages can be used with Adhesive Dots and my free month and number cards. If you laminate the page, you can also use a dry erase marker and write the month and days in. 

A printable calendar pages with square paper numbers attached with adhesive dots.

Guide Pages: The Weather

These next pages are all about the weather! Choose from two layout options. The first option includes a spot for the weather, season and has a thermometer where kids can mark the temperature.

Calendar guide for weather printables.

The second option again includes a spot for the weather and season, but instead of a thermometer there is space to add one of my cute Weather Bunnies. These free printable Weather Bunnies come standing or using a wheelchair and are available in four different fur colors. 

If you use the guide page with space for a bunny, I recommend cutting out the bunny and adding it before laminating the guide page. Then use Thin Clear Fasteners to attach the clothing. Kids will have SO much fun using these bunny dolls. They can look outside at the weather, then decide what the bunny should wear that day.

Two printable calendar pages for weather cards including bunny dolls wearing weather clothes.

Guide Pages: Flashcards

These next guide pages are perfect for using with my flashcards. You’ll find the ABC flashcards are free to download and the rest are available in my shop. These are the sets I am using in the pictures below: Early Learning Card Set, Animal Flashcards and Color Flashcards.

Printable calendar guide pages for shape, color, animal, letter and number of the day cards.

Guide Pages: Activities and Holidays

The next guide pages have spots that will fit my Free Monthly Calendar Cards and the calendar cards in my shop. Below I used my Daily Activity Cards, Holiday and School Cards, and Animal Holiday Cards.

Calendar guide pages for Special Days of the Month and Today's Activities.

I hope you enjoy using these calendar guide pages. I think they can be really useful for some calendars! I used these same guide pages in my Busy Book Calendar for a fun, compact calendar binder.

Happy Crafting! -Kim

Get the Free Calendar Guide Pages!

Please visit my DIY Children’s Calendar post page to download the free printables. There is a section near the end of the post with links to download lots of free calendar files including the guide pages. Thank you! :) 

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