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Gingerbread House Award Ribbons – Free Printables

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Hosting a Gingerbread House Decorating Party? Or a Cookie Swap Party? Download these free printable voting sheets and create medallion award ribbons! A fun way to take your party to the next level :) 

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Gingerbread award ribbons and a voting sheet lay next to candy and gingerbread cookies.

On the Fourth Day of a Crafty Christmas….we are making gingerbread house award ribbons! These cute ribbons are a fun addition to a gingerbread house decorating party. After decorating houses, guests can fill out the voting sheets and vote for their favorite houses. Which one is the most creative? The best constructed? The most whimsical? Tally up the votes and award each house with a cute paper ribbon!

Cookie Swap paper award ribbons lay next to cookies and a voting sheet.

These award ribbons are made with paper medallions. Paper medallions are pretty simple to make and they don’t require a lot of materials – you just need paper and an adhesive! A scoring board will make the process go really quickly and give you nice, crisp folds. I was making medallions long before I had a scoring board, though, so it is possible to do this without one. Once you get the hang of these medallions, you won’t be able to stop!

Two voting sheets for a gingerbread house contest lay on a table.

Grab the free printable award ribbons and create your own! I’ve also included the same printables for a Cookie Swap party. I’ve never hosted a Cookie Swap party, but I think it would be a lot of fun. Maybe one of these years we’ll switch it up and give that a try :)

Check out all of my fun ideas for hosting a great gingerbread house party. Since we’ve hosted quite a few of these over the years, I’ve made lots of fun decorations, party favors and more! 

Gingerbread House Award Ribbons (and Cookie Swap Award Ribbons Too!)

Gingerbread House award ribbons and voting sheet.

Supplies Needed

Making the Award Ribbons

Step One: Print the award ribbons. Grab the free files by filling out the purple form at the end of this post. Print them on white cardstock. I used 110lb index cardstock, but you should use a weight that works best with your printer. Paper that is 65lbs will work well!

Step Two: Cut the pieces out. You will need the round label that lists the award, plus strips of striped paper that measure 2″ wide. The striped paper is used to make the medallion and the ribbons hanging down. I included a red and white striped pattern in the printable packet. Use a paper trimmer to cut 2″ wide strips of paper. 

Strips of striped paper lay next to a paper trimmer.

Step Three: It’s time to fold! Each medallion uses two strips of striped paper that need to be accordion-folded every 1/2″. If you have a scoring board, this goes really quickly because the board has measurements built in. Score every 1/2″ using a stylus. If you don’t have a scoring board, use a ruler and mark the back of each strip with little tick marks every 1/2″. After scoring, accordion-fold the two strips of paper. 

A strip of striped paper lays on a scoring board with a stylus.

Step Four: Form the medallion. Using score tape, or another strong adhesive, tape the ends of the strips together. I cut off the ends of each of my strips to make the patterns line up, but this isn’t really necessary. Attach the strips on both end so they form a tube or circle.

Strips of striped paper that are accordion-folded showing where to attach them.

Loops of accordion-folded strips of paper.

Cut out a few squares of paper that measure about 1″ x 1″. Squeeze a little pile of hot glue onto the center of the paper square. Place the accordion-folded tube over the little square of paper and push it down so it becomes flat. The center of the medallion should be on top of the hot glue. Hold in place for a few seconds. Below I flipped a few of my medallions over after they were dry so you can see the small square of paper on the back.

Paper medallions made from striped paper; three are turned over with a small square of paper on the back of each.

Step Five: Adhere the award labels to the top of the accordion medallions. 

Five paper medallions with award labels attached to the top.

Step Six: Add paper ribbons. Use two pieces of striped paper, from the ones you cut earlier that measure 2″ wide, to add “ribbon” to the bottom of the medallion. I cut triangles out of the bottom of them so they would look more like ribbons.

Festive Christmas award ribbon that reads "The Best Constructed House".

Paper award ribbons are spread out on a table.

The medallions are finished! You can add pin-backs to the back of the medallions or leave them as is to sit next to the winning houses.

Gingerbread houses with award ribbons.

Step Seven: Print the voting sheets. Print enough voting sheets so everyone can vote. After everyone voted at our party we tallied up the votes. Since our parties are just for fun and involve family and friends, including kids, we make sure each house wins one award. If you will have more than 10 houses at your party, plan ahead and make extra ribbons. Some houses will win the same award but everyone will leave with a cute ribbon. 

Two voting sheets for a gingerbread house contest lay on a table.

Party Details

Check out all of my fun ideas for hosting a great gingerbread house party. Since we’ve hosted quite a few of these over the years, I’ve made lots of fun decorations, party favors and more. 

I’ll be back tomorrow with Day 5 of a Crafty Christmas! If you are looking for more gingerbread-themed crafts and party ideas check these out! 

Get the Free Award Ribbon Files!

Fill out the purple form below with your first name and email address! The free file will be sent straight to your inbox! If you have already filled out the form below, don’t worry – you won’t be added to my list twice! This freebie is for personal use only. I hope you enjoy crafting something special. Please let me know if you have any questions :)

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