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Gingerbread House Party – Free Printable Award Ribbons

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Throwing a Gingerbread House Decorating Party? Or a Cookie Swap Party? Download these free printable voting sheets and create medallion award ribbons!Gingerbread House and Cookie Swap Award Ribbons - Free Printables!

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On the Fourth Day of a Crafty Christmas….

One of our favorite traditions this time of year is decorating gingerbread houses! For a few years now, we have been having our friends over to decorate houses and then we vote on our favorites. We are in no way experts when it comes to decorating, but we have a lot of fun! This year our kiddos are beyond excited to join us!

We decided to do a couple things differently this year. Since the kiddos are joining us, we are inviting more people and instead of just inviting people through Facebook, we sent out digital invitations! They really made this get-together feel more like a holiday party – which is exactly what we wanted!

We sent out our digital invitations using Paperless Post. Since I enjoyed using Paperless Post so much this year, I have a fun Giveaway for you! At the end of this blog post, you can enter the giveaway to win 800 Digital Coins from Paperless Post! You can use these to send digital invitations for your holiday parties like we did, or send digital Christmas cards!

Paperless Post Invitations - Gingerbread Chalet

Last year I used Paperless Post to send digital Christmas cards to some of my friends and family overseas. I loved that I could design a custom photo card for them and send it so easily. This year was my first time using Paperless Post for invitations and the process has been so easy! They have a huge selection of invitations for holiday parties, including an entire section just for Cookie Swap and Gingerbread House parties! I chose an invitation with a cute gingerbread house on the cover and customized it with our party information.

Paperless Post Digital Invitations

Since I wanted to add more details about the party for our guests, I added an insert card. It was fun customizing the card – choosing the page background that guests would view the card on, choosing an envelope liner, and I was even able to choose a digital stamp!

A nice feature of sending digital cards with Paperless Post is they have an event page where guests can RSVP, write on the wall, send private messages and I can also easily message all of my guests the information at the same time. I also like that they have a feature where I can see who has opened the emailed invitation. This is helpful, especially if you sent the invitation to an old email address!

Once the invitations were taken care of, I started crafting! It’s hard for me to throw a party without adding some sort of DIY project! I have a bunch of DIY projects I use year after year for our parties (check them out under Gingerbread House Party!) but I wanted to add something else new this year! After we make the gingerbread houses, we vote on our favorites. I decided to make some fun award ribbons and a voting ballot we could use at the party.

Gingerbread House and Cookie Swap Award Ribbons - Free Printables!Gingerbread House and Cookie Swap Award Ribbons - Free Printables!

Making paper medallions is pretty simple and doesn’t require a lot of materials – you just need pretty paper and an adhesive! A scoring board will make the process go really quickly and give you nice, crisp folds. I was making medallions long before I had a scoring board, though, so it is possible to do this without one. Once you get the hang of these medallions, you won’t be able to stop!

Gingerbread House and Cookie Swap Award Ribbons - Free Printables!

Grab the free printable at the end of this post and create your own! I’ve also included the same printables for a Cookie Swap party. I’ve never hosted a Cookie Swap party, but I think it would be a lot of fun. Maybe one of these years we’ll switch it up and give that a try :)

Gingerbread House and Cookie Swap Award Ribbons - Free Printables!

Supplies Needed for Gingerbread House Award Ribbons (or Cookie Swap Award Ribbons!): 

  • Free printables – located at the end of this post
  • White cardstock – I use 110lb cardstock
  • Paper trimmer or scissors
  • Scoring board and stylus or a pencil and a ruler
  • Scor-Tape or another type of adhesive
  • Circle Cutter *optional

Step One: Download the free printables and print them onto white cardstock. I use 110lb cardstock, which is a really nice weight.

Step Two: Cut out the circles for the center of the medallions. You will also need 2″ strips cut from the striped sheet in the printable packet as well as all of the ribbon paper strips. I used a circle cutter to cut out my circles, and a paper trimmer for the strips of striped paper – but you can also cut these by hand.

Gingerbread House and Cookie Swap Award Ribbons - Free Printables!

Step Three: It’s time to fold! Each medallion uses two 2″ strips of striped paper that need to be accordion-folded every 1/2″. If you have a scoring board, this goes really quickly because the board has measurements built in. If you don’t have a scoring board, use a ruler and mark the back of each strip with little tick marks every 1/2″. Accordion-fold both strips of paper.

Gingerbread House and Cookie Swap Award Ribbons - Free Printables!

Step Four: Using score tape, or another strong adhesive, tape the ends of the two strips together. I cut off the ends of each of my strips to make the patterns line up, but this isn’t really necessary. Attach the strips in two places so they make a tube.

Gingerbread House and Cookie Swap Award Ribbons - Free Printables!Gingerbread House and Cookie Swap Award Ribbons - Free Printables!

Cut out a few squares of paper that measure about 1″ x 1″. Squeeze a little pile of hot glue onto the center of the paper square. Place the accordion-folded tube over the little square of paper and push it down so it becomes flat. The center of the medallion should be on top of the hot glue. Hold in place for a few seconds.

Gingerbread House and Cookie Swap Award Ribbons - Free Printables!

Step Five: Adhere the different award circles to the top of the accordion medallions. Add the two paper ribbons to the back so they hang down.

Gingerbread House and Cookie Swap Award Ribbons - Free Printables!Gingerbread House and Cookie Swap Award Ribbons - Free Printables!

The medallions are finished! You can add pin-backs to the back of the medallions or leave them as is to sit next to the winning houses.

Don’t forget to download and print the voting sheets and you are all set! I’m super excited for our party – it’s coming up next weekend! The kids can’t wait to decorate their houses! I’m making some fun Christmas-themed treats and my hubby has a fun playlist going, so we are ready to entertain! :)

Gingerbread House and Cookie Swap Award Ribbons - Free Printables!

You can enter the Paperless Post giveaway below for your chance to earn 800 digital coins (an $80 value) to use on their amazing digital invitations and cards. Head to the Paperless Post site to check out the other fun Gingerbread House and Cookie Swap invitations and have a look around!

I’ll be back tomorrow with Day 5 of a Crafty Christmas! If you are hosting any holiday shindigs this year, happy party planning!

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Download Gingerbread House Party Voting Sheet and Award Medallions.pdf
Gingerbread-House-Voting-Sheet-and-Award-Medallions.pdf - 8 MB
Download Cookie Swap Voting Sheet and Award Medallion.pdf
Cookie-Swap-Voting-Sheet-and-Award-Medallion.pdf - 7 MB


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** Cookie Image: Tasty Christmas Cookies with Different Shapes Designed by Freepik

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