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No-Sew Children’s Christmas Apron – Free Iron-on Printable

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Create these adorable Children’s No-Sew Christmas Aprons for holiday baking this season! Free iron-on transfer image featuring the “North Pole Bakery”.

Earlier this week I shared these cute holiday baking aprons I made for my kids! Today I’m back with a children’s no-sew Christmas apron perfect for any little baker!

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This apron is so quick and easy to make, you can whip up a bunch. I created the “North Pole Bakery” logo to match my gingerbread banner. We host an annual gingerbread house decorating party and these aprons are perfect for this occasion! To make these aprons, all you need to do is print the logos onto T-shirt transfer paper and iron them onto a plain white apron. Grab the free printable below to make your own gingerbread man apron!

Children’s No-Sew Christmas Apron

Supplies Needed:

  • Free printable – link at the end of this post
  • Plain white apron
  • Light T-Shirt Transfer Paper
    • You can use t-shirt transfer paper meant for dark t-shirts if you are using colored aprons
  • Printer
  • Iron

Print the logos onto the Light T-Shirt Transfer Paper following the directions that came with the product. If you are using the light T-Shirt Transfer Paper, make sure you are printing page 1 of the free printable that has the logos flipped. If you want to put these logos onto a colored apron, like a red or green apron, you can use T-Shirt Transfer Paper meant for dark t-shirts and then you will want to use page 2 of the printable that has the normal logos that are not flipped!

Cut out each logo image and follow the package directions to iron the images onto the aprons. The t-shirt transfer paper I used had me print the images and then wait 30 minutes for them to dry before ironing. Be sure to check your directions to see if you should wait too and then plan ahead. 

I love these cute little aprons and how quickly they came together! This will be the first year my son joins us for gingerbread house decorating and I think he is going to have a blast! 

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