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Gingerbread Kid Paper Dolls – Printables for Pretend Play

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Create gingerbread paper dolls along with their clothing and scenery! Kids can dress them up for different holiday activities and enjoy pretend play! 

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Welcome to Day #11 of my “12 Days of Holiday Crafts” series! Today I’m sharing these cute printable Gingerbread Dolls! If you are familiar with my DIY Children’s Calendar, you know I loved creating the printable bunnies that kids can dress everyday for the weather. My daughter loves playing with them outside of calendar time, so for the holidays I designed a set of gingerbread kids that can be dressed up! 

These cute printable gingerbread kids are a new printable in my Etsy shop and come with lots of fun clothing plus scenes you can build to display in back of them!

There are two scenes, an outdoor wintery scene with a sweet gingerbread house, and on the reverse side is the inside of the gingerbread house! 

These gingerbread dolls are intended to be used with Velcro Dots as opposed to the paper tabs usually found on paper dolls. The Velcro Dots are perfect for smaller children. They can play without worrying about the paper clothes falling off!

The printable file comes with a boy and a girl gingerbread kid. All of the clothes fit both characters so clothing can be mixed and matched. Print the figures as many times as you’d like. Make one for each of your kids to play with and name. 

My Etsy listing also includes a set of everything as a coloring page! You can print the packet in black and white and either you or your child can color the dolls, clothing and their scenery in whatever colors you choose. This is a great way to extend the activity!

Below the gingerbread kids are dressed in their holiday sweaters ready to read a book by the cozy fireplace!

Time to bake some yummy cookies in the kitchen! The gingerbread boy puts on his baking apron!

It’s bedtime! The gingerbread girl can puts on her striped pajamas and snowman slippers!

All of the printables fit in a gallon-sized Ziploc bag when you are done playing or you can create a fun folder to store everything in. Use the title page from the packet to make a fun label on the folder :) 

These are such fun printables to bring out when kids need a fun and quiet activity! I’ll be back tomorrow to share one last craft for my series “12 Days of Holiday Crafts”! Thank you for following along :) 

Purchase this file from my shop! Thank you for supporting my small business.

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