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DIY Halloween Haunted House Treat Box

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For Halloween this year, create a fun DIY Halloween Haunted House Treat Box! Fill with fun Halloween sweets or small gifts! Free printable! 

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Haunted house treat boxes filled with treats.

Halloween is right around the corner and I have updated one of my favorite treat boxes – a fun haunted house treat box! These boxes are so cute and perfect for holding sweet treats and gifts for the holiday. I updated the printables to now include two sizes. One is quite large and can hold small gifts. It prints on two pages. The other size is smaller and the entire box prints on one pages. This size is perfect for holding candy!

The boxes feature cute illustrations in orange, black and white. I had a lot of fun creating the illustrations and turning them into a box! The windows in the house use clear plastic so you can see the treats inside. You may also choose to pop a couple cute pictures inside the windows as I did on my larger box. 

Printable DIY Haunted House treat boxes in orange, black and white.

The tutorial below shows how to make and assemble the boxes. They can be made two ways – simply print and assemble and the boxes are they ready to go! If you feel like being a little extra crafty, you can use black and orange paper along with a decorative-edge scissors to create a fun paper roof. Either way these boxes are adorable and fun to make!

How to make a DIY Haunted House Treat Box

Supplies Needed

Supplies needed to make a haunted house treat box lay on a white table top.

Step by Step Tutorial

STEP 1: Print and cut out the haunted house printable.

There are two sizes to choose from. I like to print on 110lb paper since it’s super sturdy for treat boxes. This weight works well with my Epson printer but may not work in all printers so be sure to check what paper weight your printer can handle! 

Haunted House treat boxes cut out lay on a white table

STEP 2: Fold the haunted house along the fold lines.

You can do this by hand, or if you have a scoring board and stylus, you can use that to score the fold lines prior to folding.

One half of the printable treat box lay on a scoring board.

STEP 3: Cut out and cover the windows in craft plastic.

Before folding the box along the score lines, cut out the windows using an Xacto knife and self-healing mat. You can do this before scoring or after – whatever you prefer.

Paper haunted house treat box with windows being cut out with an Xacto knife.

After cutting out the windows, cover them in clear plastic. Lay a piece of craft plastic over the window and trace around the window with a pen, making your outline larger than the window. Use double-sided tape to attach the plastic. If you don’t have craft plastic you can something else like clear plastic that comes with packages, acetate, transparency paper or even the plastic from a paper protector!

Clear plastic is put on top of a paper treat box.

Treat box being assembled with double sided tape.

Finish this part by folding along the score lines.

STEP 4: Add a fun paper roof or skip to Step 5!

If you’d like to get a little extra crafty, add a scalloped paper roof to your house! I think this works best on the larger boxes but could be done on both sizes. For the larger box, cut 1″ strips of paper with a decorative-edged scissors. The roof on the large box measures 3.5″ wide, so I cut all of my pieces to that width. I used three different types of paper – black cardstock, black glitter paper and orange glitter paper.

Scalloped pieces of paper in piles lay next to a decorative edge scissors.

Glue them to the roof, layering them and alternating between colors. Do one roof first and then use that as a guide to do the other roof. 

Printable boxes laying on a black cutting mat with roof pieces being added.

Step 5: Hole punch the roof. 

Hole punch the roof pieces at the top about 1/2″ in from the sides. Punch the holes out of one roof and use that as a guide to punch the holes in the other roof.

Printable Haunted House box with a hole punch next to it.

Printable haunted house boxes cut out and folded laying on table.

STEP 6: Assemble the box!

Time to attach the sides of the box. The small box only needs to be attached on one side, while the larger box will need to be attached on two sides. Use double-sided tape or glue on the tabs.

Haunted House treat box laying flat next to a roll of double-sided tape.

Flat halloween treat box on a white surface.

Once the box sides are attached, fold in the bottom of the box. 


Halloween treat box assembled to hold treats and sweets.

STEP 7: Finally, fill the box with sweets and treats and close the box!

You can tie the box closed using Baker’s Twine, ribbon or yarn! Before filling and closing my large box, I added pictures to the inside of the windows. This makes for a really special gift for family and friends – especially grandparents! You could also skip using craft plastic and add photos to the box instead after cutting them out.

Haunted House Treat Box

Haunted house treat boxes filled with treats.

The treat boxes are all finished! I love the way they turned out. If you’re looking for more fun Halloween crafts, including a bunch of other treat boxes, check out my Halloween Crafts Page including these fun Halloween treat boxes.

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    1. Many thanks for allowing me to make copies of Woodland Bingo and the Haunted House…I love doing these projects and my Senior Citizens group really enjoy them also. Thanks so much, Rose

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