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DIY Halloween Haunted House Treat Box

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For Halloween this year, create a fun DIY Halloween Haunted House Treat Box! Fill with fun Halloween sweets or small gifts! Free printable! 

Haunted House Treat Box DIY for Halloween

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Good morning! I have another treat box to share with you – this time a fun DIY Halloween Haunted House Treat Box! If you have been visiting here for a while, you may remember the Gingerbread House Treat Boxes I made last Christmas. They were so fun I wanted to make another one for Halloween. 

Below is the tutorial, and more importantly, the free printable to make your own Haunted House Treat Box. I filled mine with Caramel Candy Kisses which were the perfect orange color. You can fill these with anything, though, including home-baked goods! 

*Tip – these houses are the same size as my Gingerbread House Treat Boxes and they fit a lot. A whole bag of candy kisses fit in one box. This is a nice size for baked cookies or if you plan to fill it with an assortment of treat-size candy bars. If you plan on making several of these for party favors, you could easily size the printable down and make smaller boxes.

Haunted House Treat Box 00

Supplies Needed for Halloween Haunted House Treat Boxes

  • Free printable located at the end of this post
  • White card stock
  • Black glitter scrapbook paper
  • Clear paper – transparency, acetate, clear plastic
  • Orange ribbon
  • Scalloped Scissors (not pictured)
  • Scissors, hole punch, and Exacto Knife/box cutter
  • Hot glue or tacky glue
  • Optional: Scoreboard, embossing stylus, paper cutter

Halloween Treat Box Haunted House

STEP 1: Print and cut out the free Haunted House printable. Use an Exacto knife or box cutter to cut out the two windows.

Halloween Treat Box Haunted House

Halloween Treat Box Haunted House

STEP 2: Fold the haunted house along the fold lines. You can do this by hand, or if you have a scoring board and stylus, you can use that to score the fold lines prior to folding.

Halloween Treat Box Haunted House

STEP 3: Cover the windows with the clear plastic. I cut the clear plastic to be slightly larger than the windows, then taped it in from the inside. For these houses I used clear plastic that came with a package of notecards. In the past I have used acetate and transparency paper. 

Halloween Treat Box Haunted House

Halloween Treat Box Haunted House

STEP 4: Glue the two house sections together. I chose to use hot glue because I am usually too impatient to wait for tacky glue to set! 

Haunted House Treat Box 980

STEP 5: Wait until the box glue is set from attaching the two house sections and then fold the bottom of the box together. 

Halloween Treat Box Haunted House

STEP 6: To create the roof, cut a strip of paper that is 3 3/8″ wide by 12″. Cut this strip of paper into small strips each 3/4″ wide. These will make up the rows of shingles on the roof. I chose to alternate using the glittered side and the back side so the scallops showed up more. Each side of the roof takes 7 strips of paper. Using a scalloped scissors, cut one long side of each paper strip.

* Tip for cutting these: Start all of the glittered ones the same way with your scalloped scissors – at the start of a scallop. Then when you cut all of the matte ones, start in the middle of a scallop. This way when you layer the strips of paper, the scallops will be perfectly offset. 

Halloween Treat Box Haunted HouseHalloween Treat Box Haunted House

STEP 7: Glue the scalloped strips of paper to the roof of the house. I winged it as far as layering my strips of paper and you can see they are not perfectly spaced. It kind of bugs me they aren’t spaced perfectly, so for the houses I made following this house, I measured and spaced them more evenly. 

Halloween Treat Box Haunted HouseHalloween Treat Box Haunted House

STEP 8: Trim any excess paper from the scalloped shingles off, and using a Sharpie or black marker, color in the edges of the roof so it isn’t white.

Halloween Treat Box Haunted HouseHalloween Treat Box Haunted House

STEP 9: Punch two holes in the top and tie closed with ribbon! I found spacing my holes far to each side worked better at keeping my house closed.

Halloween Treat Box Haunted House

Haunted House Treat Box Halloween

The treat box is all finished! I love the way they turned out! They would make a cute gift and are also fun Halloween decor to have sitting out!

Only three weeks until Halloween! I have been working on the kiddos’ costumes a little bit here and there but will hopefully have some time to finish them up this week. Happy Halloween Crafting!

Download Haunted House Treat Box Printable.pdf
Haunted-House-Treat-Box-Printable-BugabooCity.pdf - 271 KB


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    1. Many thanks for allowing me to make copies of Woodland Bingo and the Haunted House…I love doing these projects and my Senior Citizens group really enjoy them also. Thanks so much, Rose

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