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DIY Paper Pumpkin Wreath for Halloween

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Create a paper pumpkin wreath for Halloween! This fun craft is perfect for holiday party decor. 

Happy first Monday of October! Autumn always goes so quickly – too quickly! It is my favorite season. I love the weather, the leaves, the beginning of holiday preparations. This past weekend we put up our Halloween decorations, including this fun DIY paper pumpkin wreath! It is hanging where I usually hang a wreath and think it is so fun for this month! 

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Orange paper rosette pumpkin with a Happy Halloween sign underneath on a black background.

Below is the tutorial and pattern for making one. I love how easy this was and the fact that it is made with inexpensive supplies like paper, markers, and twine!

Halloween Paper Pumpkin Wreath 3

Supplies Needed for DIY Paper Pumpkin Wreath

  • Free Printable Pattern: Halloween Pumpkin Paper Wreath Pattern
  • Orange paper (I used 3 sheets of 12″x12″ paper)
  • Black paper
  • Brown paper
  • White paper
  • Markers – orange, black, and gray
  • Twine
  • Thin wire
  • Ribbon
  • Hot glue, scissors, pencil
  • Optional: Scoring board, embossing stylus, paper cutter, lightbox

*The picture below shows some of the supplies needed for making the pumpkin as Halloween decor. Please see the list above for all of the supplies needed to create the pumpkin as a wreath!

DIY Halloween Pumpkin Door Sign 1

STEP 1: Create the pumpkin medallion from the orange scrapbook paper. Cut the 12″x12″ paper in half so you have sheets of paper measuring 6″x12″. Score the paper every 1″. Accordion pleat each strip of paper. Hot glue the strips of paper together to form a tube. I used 5 of these accordion pleated strips of paper, but you could use all 6 or even just 4. Cut a small square of paper and put hot glue in the center of it. Press the accordion tube in on itself so it flattens on top of the paper square. Hold in place until the medallion is secured. For more detailed step-by-step instructions on creating the pumpkin medallion, visit this post and follow the steps using the dimensions listed above!

DIY Halloween Pumpkin Paper Wreath. Pumpkin Door Sign

STEP 2: Add the pumpkin’s face! Cut a face out of black paper. You can create your own or use the pattern provided under “Supplies Needed”. Hot glue them to the top of your medallion, placing the nose on the center of the pumpkin medallion. If you plan to add the banner to the bottom, you could wait to glue the face on until you glue the banner on. This way your pumpkin face won’t end up crooked!

*If you want to use the pumpkin as decoration without the banner, as I did for my mantle decorations, skip to step 5!

DIY Halloween Pumpkin Paper Wreath. Pumpkin Door Sign

STEP 3: Create the “Happy Halloween” banner for underneath the pumpkin. Using the pattern found above, trace the banner and lettering onto white paper. I used a lightbox to do this since I made this in the evening, but you could do this using a window in the daylight. Color in the letters with a black Sharpie or marker. I chose to color in the lines of the banner orange. By using three different colors of orange, I was able to shade the lines. I added a bit of grey to the white part of the banner to give it some dimension.

DIY Halloween Pumpkin Paper Wreath. Pumpkin Door Sign

Cut the banner out but leave a strip of paper at the top of the banner as pictured below. This will give you a place to adhere the pumpkin to. Color it orange so it will blend in with the pumpkin.

DIY Halloween Pumpkin Paper Wreath. Pumpkin Door Sign

STEP 4: Hot glue the banner to the pumpkin. Center the banner under one of the accordion pleats. 

DIY Halloween Pumpkin Paper Wreath. Pumpkin Door Sign

STEP 5: Add the stem and twine. Use the pattern provided to cut out the stem from brown paper. Fold it gently along the curved inner line and glue to the top of the pumpkin. I braided wire with twine and then wrapped it around my finger to curl it. Hot glue it to the stem of your pumpkin.

DIY Halloween Pumpkin Paper Wreath Door Decor

DIY Halloween Pumpkin Paper Wreath. Pumpkin Door SignDIY Halloween Pumpkin Door Sign 11

STEP 6: Add a loop of ribbon to the back of the stem. 

DIY Halloween Pumpkin Paper Wreath Door Decor 2

Halloween Paper Pumpkin Wreath sqaure photo

Your pumpkin wreath is done and ready to be hung up and enjoyed! I have Autumn wreaths on two of my doors, so it is fun to have something a little different on the third! I’ll be back next week with another Halloween project :) 


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