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Halloween DIY Treat Boxes

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Create these fun Treat Boxes for Halloween! Use a Sharpie marker to add Halloween doodles before filling them with sweets and treats! 

These cute Halloween boxes are easy to make and the perfect size for small treats and sweets! Grab a pack of mini boxes and a Sharpie marker and you’re ready to craft! I found these Mini Gift Boxes on Amazon. They have a really pretty sheen to them which instantly makes them feel special.

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These boxes can be used for so many occasions but are easily transformed for Halloween with doodles and patterns. Keep the designs simple! No need to be super fancy. You can find lots of ideas by Google searching “Halloween Doodles”. Tie them closed with a fun ribbon or Baker’s Twine and they are ready to be gifted! 

DIY Halloween Mini Treat Boxes

Supplies Needed:

Step by Step Tutorial

Step One: Draw Halloween designs on the boxes using Sharpie!

For my boxes, I drew the same picture on the front and back of the box. Some fun ideas are a ghost, pumpkin, spider, witch, cat, broom, moon, cauldron, bat, and candy corn. Keep it simple and don’t worry about being too fancy! After I drew my main design on the front and back of the the box, I added a fun pattern to each of the sides. Stripes, diagonal lines, polka dots or swirls. These would all be fun patterns for the sides.

For the spider boxes I added a web! Start by drawing a plus sign, then an “X”. Then connect those lines with little swoops creating a web.

Step Two: Assemble the boxes!

Assemble the boxes and add the word “BOO!” on the inside of the lid using the Sharpie marker. 

Step Three: Fill with fun Halloween treats!

Add a name on top with the Sharpie Marker to easily and quickly personalize each box! 

Yay! These boxes are so fun and simple to make! Remember to keep things simple and don’t stress about making the most fancy Halloween artwork. I love making Halloween boxes! Here are a few of my other favorites that you can check out :) 



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