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Valentine’s Day Pillow Wreath with Mini Charm Packs

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Create a sweet Valentine’s Day Pillow Wreath using fabric from two mini charm packs! 

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Heart-shaped Valentine's Day pillow wreath.

Hello crafty friends! Today I’m excited to share this sweet Valentine’s Day pillow wreath with you! I have been working on making a pillow wreath for each month of the year and plan to use this new wreath for the whole month of February. I love the sweet fabrics in red, white and pink and of course the heart-shape! I’m being patient and waiting to switch out January’s New Year pillow wreath for this one, but I can’t wait to hang it up. 


I love making pillow wreaths! I learned how to make them from my mom, who made them for our home when we were growing up. Now we enjoy making them for different holidays, seasons, and even sporting teams. We often gift each other pillow wreaths for the holidays and sometimes buy the fabric together, split it and each make a wreath. We have lots of matching wreaths and it’s so fun! 

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Choosing the Fabric

Pillow wreaths, or puff wreaths, can be made from scraps of fabric, fabric yardage, fat quarters or charm packs. I usually make my wreaths using pillows from about 5-6 different fabrics. For this wreath, I decided to use mini charm packs and they worked perfectly! Since the heart-shaped wreath form is smaller than the normal 12″ wire wreath forms I usually use, the mini charm pack is the perfect size. 


Using Mini Charm Packs

Mini charm packs are a stack of pre-cut fabric squares that measure 2.5″ x 2.5″. They are pinked on the edges to help with the fraying. I used two mini charm packs, “Be Mine ” by Stacy Iest Hsu. They each came with 42 pieces of fabric which meant I was able to make 21 pillows from each charm pack for a total of 42 pillows. My wreath only used 40 pillows so I had two leftover. 

Using the mini charm pack made this the quickest pillow wreath I’ve ever made! There was no need to cut fabric, turn anything inside out or hand-stitch the pillows closed. I simply layered two squares from the mini charm pack together and was able to do all of my sewing with the machine. I left the pinked edges showing rather then turning them inside out! 

Mini pillows made from a mini charm pack.

Mini charm packs usually come with two of each fabric – perfect for making tiny pillows! There were a few prints that were repeated three times. But by using two mini charm packs, I was able to match up the extras and have 42 pillows total. They remind me of little raviolis, they are so cute!

Valentine’s Day Pillow Wreath

Below are the supplies needed to make the wreath and a step-by-step tutorial. Pillow wreaths are really fun to make and endlessly customizable depending on the fabric you choose to use. I hope you’ll give one a try :) 

Heart-shaped Valentine's Day pillow wreath.

Supplies Needed:

How to Make a Pillow Wreath using a Mini Charm Pack

Step One: Stitch the pillows. Start by layering two matching fabrics together, wrong sides touching. Stitch around the edges leaving a small opening on one side. I used a very small seam allowance, about 1/8″. 

Fabric from a mini charm pack is used to make the small pillows.

The small squares are sewn together.

Step Two: Stuff the pillows with poly-fil stuffing. Be careful not to overstuff them as that will make sewing them closed difficult. It will also make them harder to tie onto the wreath form.

The mini pillows are filled with stuffing.

Small Valentine's Day pillows in a bin.

Step Three: Sew the pillows closed. I usually do this step by hand, but for these little pillows I was able to sew them closed on the machine.

A small, square red pillow.

Mini pillows made from a mini charm pack.

Step Four: Tie them onto the wire wreath form using ribbon. Cut the ribbon into strips, but I recommend first doing a test to see how long to make your ribbon. I used strips of ribbon that were 10″ long, but found some of my bows tricky to tie so you may want to make your ribbon longer. I was using up ribbon I already had so I ran out of pink pretty quickly.

Strips of red and pink ribbon lay next to a scissors and roll of ribbon.

Tie the pillows, one by one, over two wires of the wreath form. Arrange the pillows so the colors and prints are evenly disbursed – basically, try not to end up with a cluster of red pillows or a cluster of the same print. If you need to move pillows around after they are tied on, simply slide them out and slide a different one in. No need to untie the ribbon. 

One pillow is tied to a heart wreath form using ribbon.

One pillow is tied to a heart wreath form using ribbon.

I tied all of my pillows on first and then went back and tied the ribbon into bows. This way if I needed to move pillows around, I didn’t need to worry about messing up my bows.

Tiny fabric pillows are tied onto the heart wreath form.

The back of the heart wreath.

After the outer ring is complete, move to the inner ring. 

Tiny fabric pillows are tied onto the heart wreath form.

Valentine's Day pillow wreath with the pillows attached but the ribbon not tied into bows.

Step Five: Finally, tie the ribbon into cute little bows. I normally use 3/8″ wide ribbon and after tying a knot, trim the ribbon ends to about 1″. For this wreath I used thinner ribbon and tied it into little bows to make the wreath extra sweet for Valentine’s Day.


Heart-shaped Valentine's Day pillow wreath.

Add hanging loops to the back of the wreath and it is ready to be hung up and enjoyed! I hope you enjoyed this sweet wreath tutorial. I love how it turned out and how fun it was to make using mini charm packs. I really enjoyed using the mini charm packs – they are a great way to get to play around with beautiful prints and fabrics without purchasing yardage or some of the larger fat quarter stacks. 

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