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Preschool Learning Calendar Cards!

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New preschool learning cards featuring the alphabet, numbers, colors, and shapes! Perfect to use with a children’s calendar or morning board or on their own for playtime learning!

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Preschool Learning Calendar Cards

Hello! Today I’m excited to share that I have added several new sets of learning cards to my shop that are perfect for using on a children’s calendar or morning board or on their own as flashcards or during playtime. There are so many fun things you can do with these cards! All of the cards were designed to coordinate with my free DIY Children’s Calendar. I hope they will be super useful especially for all of us teaching at home right now :)

DIY Morning Calendar Board for Kids

The first set is the Preschool Learning Calendar Cards Set. This new bundle of cards includes numbers, shapes, colors and alphabet cards. They work really well as fun flashcards or activity cards but are also perfect for calendar time. Include a new letter, number, shape and color each day or each week.

Preschool Learning Cards

You may recognize the alphabet cards! These have been a free printable available on my blog for a couple years now. I have included them in this bundle for convenience but did not factor them into the price of the cards. The number, shape and color cards are all exclusive to this bundle and coordinate with the alphabet cards perfectly!

Preschool Learning Calendar Cards

One of my favorite things included in this set of cards are the picture number cards! They are great for counting with one-to-one correspondence and provide a great visual representation of the numbers. They feature cute and colorful illustrations in the same style as my other calendar cards.

Preschool Learning Calendar Cards


DIY Children's calendar with colorful cards for the day of the week and weather.
The next set of cards is the new Color Cards and Activity Sheets Set! I’m really excited about this set – it is so colorful!! This set goes beyond the 12 color cards included in the Preschool Learning Set and includes 66 color cards. These color cards are perfect for a slightly older age group that is ready to learn new vocabulary words and explore shades of color.

Color Cards and Activity Sheets

This set also comes with activity sheets to use with the color cards including primary and secondary color sheets and color mixing. The set also includes coloring pages featuring a rainbow, the color wheel and a paint palette. Lots of fun tools to use while teaching kids about color.

Preschool Learning Calendar Cards

These color cards can be used in so many different ways! I’ve included an idea packet with the listing along with instructions for the activity sheets and coloring pages. Below you can see two of the fun activities we use our color cards for – a rainbow hunt and a color sort.

Preschool Learning Calendar Cards

Creating calendar cards is something I really enjoy doing and something my kids enjoy using. I hope these two new sets are also useful to you and your kids! These type of cards have been requested a lot and I’m glad I can finally cross them off the to-make list. I have several other sets in the works I hope to finish up this summer! If you have any questions about the cards or my DIY Children’s Calendar send me an email at craftingcheerfully@gmail.com.

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