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DIY Yarn Rainbow Wreath

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Spread some cheer with this fun and colorful rainbow wreath!

DIY Yarn Rainbow WreathToday I’m sharing this simple tutorial for making a DIY Yarn Rainbow Wreath! Normally around this time of year, I hang up a nice spring-themed wreath, but this year I really felt like making something new with as many cheerful colors as I could! Earlier this year I created this fun St. Patrick’s Day wreath and really loved the rainbow part. This new wreath is really similar but can be hung up any time of the year.

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For this project I decided to use supplies I had on hand. Instead of a foam wreath form, I used a wire one. This actually worked out really well since the wire wreath form is divided into 6 equal parts. I used 12 different yarn colors, 2 colors per section, and was able to skip all the measuring that I would have needed to do for a foam wreath form.

DIY Yarn Rainbow Wreath

The final touch was adding some cute pom poms! You could also add yarn flowers, my first thought, but the pom poms are so quick, they won! Below is the tutorial. This is a great project to spread some rainbow cheer in your neighborhood. Hang in there everyone!

DIY Yarn Rainbow Wreath

Supplies Needed:

  • Wire Wreath Form– I used a 12″ wreath form
  • Yarn! I used 12 different colors. 6 colors would also work well.
  • Scissors
  • Optional: Clover Pom Pom Maker– you can also make these with a piece of cardboard

Step One: Wrap the wreath form in yarn! Since this wire wreath form was already divided into 6 equal sections, I decided to use 12 different yarn colors, two for each section. 6 colors of yarn would also be easy, one color per section. The only tricky part was going over the wire that divided each section. This required me to layer up the yarn quite a bit to get over the wire and not look too strange.

Start each section of yarn by tying the end to part of the wire wreath in a knot. End each section with another knot or grab some fabric glue.

DIY Yarn Rainbow WreathDIY Yarn Rainbow Wreath

Repeat for each color until the wreath is covered.DIY Yarn Rainbow WreathDIY Yarn Rainbow Wreath

Below you can see my wreath with all of the colors added!

DIY Yarn Rainbow Wreath

Step Two: This step is optional but super fun – add some pom poms! Create pom poms that match the yarn section they will be on. I added four pom poms total – 1 pink, 2 red and 1 salmon – and used my pom pom maker to create them as half-poms with long tails. I was able to tie the pom poms on without any adhesive, but you could also use fabric glue to attach them.

DIY Yarn Rainbow Wreath

Below is a graphic I created a couple years ago showing how you can make your own pom poms with just a piece of cardboard. This is how I made pom poms before owning a pom pom maker.

Step Three: Add a yarn loop for hanging and your wreath is ready to be hung up!

DIY Yarn Rainbow Wreath

If you’re looking for more ways to spread cheer to your neighborhood, check out my free printable Thank You Helpers signs! :) Stay safe, crafty friends!

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