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DIY Bunny Paper Dolls

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Create bunny paper dolls with these fun printables! So many fun clothes to dress them in including pajamas, fancy clothes and art smocks! 

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The bunny dolls are one of my favorite parts of my DIY Children’s Calendar. I originally created the bunnies so my kids could dress them for the weather each day while using our calendar. My daughter loves playing with them and it turned out to be a great quiet activity. We now keep the bunnies and their clothing in a crayon box along with a small magnetic board so she can play with them often.

The bunnies come in four different fur colors both standing and sitting in a wheelchair. They have lots of different clothing options so kids can dress them for the weather as well as different activities. I recently added Halloween costumes which are so much fun!! 

In this post, I’ll show you two different ways you can create the bunny dolls and their clothing! While I do call these paper dolls, they do not have the traditional tabs that paper dolls have. I have made these using magnet sheets or Velcro Dots instead of the paper tabs and find they are easier and more durable for my kids to play with. I would not recommend turning them into magnets if younger children will be using them as some of the pieces can be small. Using Velcro Dots is an easy and safe option that is also a little quicker to assemble! 

How to Make The Bunny Paper Dolls

Supplies Needed: 

Step by Step Tutorial 

Step One: Download and print the bunnies!

Print the bunnies on white cardstock. If you choose to use the Color-Your-Own versions of the cards, be sure to color them!

For Magnetic Bunnies

If you plan to use magnet sheets, I recommend using Self-Laminating sheets so you can just laminate the top side of the bunnies. The back side will be adhered to the magnet sheets. The less lamination, especially thick lamination, the more powerful the magnets will be! Laminate the top side of each printable. 

Adhere each laminated sheet of bunny clothing to a magnet sheet and carefully cut out the clothing along the lines.

It can be difficult to cut through all three layers at once (the lamination, paper and magnet sheet). To avoid this, you can cut out each piece of clothing after laminating the top of it and adhere the individual pieces to the magnet sheet. Then simply cut around the shape only cutting through the one layer of magnet sheet.

For Velcro Bunnies

If you planning to use Velcro Dots, laminate the bunny printables on both sides using a laminator or self-laminating sheets. Cut out the bunnies and their clothing along the lines. 

Place clear Velcro Dots first on the bunnies themselves. I used the rough side because they are more clear. Place the soft dots on the rough dots with the sticky side up. Press a piece of clothing onto the bunny and hold for a few seconds until the dots stick to the back of the clothing piece. Repeat this process for all of the clothing pieces you want to make!

The bunnies are a fun activity to do with or without the children’s calendar! Keep them in a bin with a small magnet board or if using the Velcro Dots a portable board. 

For a little while we stored the bunnies in an old toy divider from Melissa and Doug :) 

I hope you enjoy making these cute bunny dolls! Read more about my DIY Children’s Calendar – what the bunnies were originally created for :) 

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Happy Crafting! -Kim

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