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Free Printable Bunny Paper Dolls

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Create sweet bunny paper dolls using my fun free printables! They are available already colored or you can download coloring pages to color them yourself before you create them. There are so many fun clothing options, making this a great quiet activity for kids!

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DIY Bunny Paper Dolls

Hello Crafty Friends! Today I wanted to share a bit more about my bunny paper dolls! I have shown them many times with my free DIY Children’s Calendar but they can actually be used on their own for a great quiet activity! After discovering the bunnies were one of my daughter’s favorite parts of calendar time, I expanded their clothing collection and turned it into an activity she asks to do over and over again. 

With our calendar we use the bunnies to dress for the weather. They come with all sorts of clothing like raincoats, jackets, boots, winter clothes and summer hats. Your child can look outside and decide what the bunnies should wear that day. They coordinate in color with my other calendar printables are fit well on a dry erase board or chalkboard.

Bunny paper dolls shown in each season dressed for the weather.

Two bunny paper dolls dressed for the weather in rain coats, rain hats and rain boots.

Once I realized my kids liked to play with the bunnies like I used play with my paper dolls, I knew I needed to make more clothes. I also had a few reader requests for different kinds of clothes, especially more pant options for girls. I’ve added SO many new clothes and hopefully something for everyone! The new clothing includes lots of fun options! Sweatshirts, overalls, baking aprons, smocks and new play clothes for every season.

Bunny Paper Dolls

Calendar with bunny paper dolls; surrounding it is lots of bunny clothing pieces.

There is also the option to color-your-own bunnies and clothing. Download the bunny coloring pages and you and your kids can color the clothing, choosing whatever colors you want!

Color Your Own Bunny Paper Dolls

The bunnies come in four different fur colors in the hopes you can find a bunny that your children can see themselves in. My kids play with all eight bunnies and we frequently switch out which two are on our calendar.

*Update: There are now bunnies who use wheelchairs available to download. They come with all of the weather clothing plus some of the extra clothes and some Halloween costumes.

Bunny paper dolls with varying fur colors.

My main packet of Bunny Paper Dolls comes with the bunnies and their weather clothing. After many reader requests, you can also download a new packet of extra Bunny clothing that comes with so many new clothing options including art smocks, sweatshirts, baking aprons, overalls and more. 

Lots and lots of bunny clothing options for paper dolls.

Bunny paper dolls dressed in fun and colorful clothing.

How to Make the Bunny Paper Dolls

In this post, I’ll show you two different ways you can create the bunny dolls and their clothing. While I do call these paper dolls, they do not have the traditional paper tabs that paper dolls have. I have made these using magnet sheets or Velcro Fasteners instead of the paper tabs and find they are easier and more durable for my kids to play with. I would not recommend turning them into magnets if younger children will be using them as some of the pieces can be small. Using Velcro Fasteners is an easy and safe option that is also a little quicker to assemble! 

Supplies Needed: 

For Magnetic Paper Dolls

Select which pages you want to print. First choose the bunnies you want to print. Don’t forget you can also use the color-your-own version. Print the last few pages of bunny clothing that are formatted to fit an 8″x10″ magnet sheets.

Printable bunny clothing arranged to fit magnet sheets.

When using the magnet sheets, I recommend using self-laminating sheets and only laminating the top side of the bunnies and clothes. These sheets are thinner than when you use a laminator – the less lamination, especially thick lamination, the more powerful the magnets will be. Laminate the top side of each printable. 

Cut them out around the 8″ x 10″ guidelines.

Printable bunny clothing page is trimmed to size with a paper trimmer.

Adhere each laminated sheet of bunny clothing to a magnet sheet and carefully cut out the clothing along the lines.

Bunny clothing printable adhered to the top of a magnet sheet.

A bunny paper doll dress is cut from the magnet sheet with a sharp scissors.

It can be difficult to cut through all three layers at once (the lamination, paper and magnet sheet). To avoid this, you can cut out each piece of clothing after laminating the top of it and adhere the individual pieces to the magnet sheet. Then simply cut around the shape only cutting through the one layer of magnet sheet.

Paper doll clothing cut out and applied to a piece of magnet.

For Velcro Fastener Paper Dolls

If you plan to use Velcro Fasteners, laminate the bunny printables on both sides using a laminator or self-laminating sheets. Cut out the bunnies and their clothing along the lines. 

Place clear Velcro Dots first on the bunnies themselves. I used the rough side because they are more clear. Place the soft dots on the rough dots with the sticky side up. Press a piece of clothing onto the bunny and hold for a few seconds until the dots stick to the back of the clothing pieces. Repeat this process for all of the clothing pieces you want to make!

DIY Children's Calendar with Free Printables.

Kid's calendar weather printables for kids

Two bunny paper dolls dressed for the winter season.

DIY Children's Calendar with weather printables.

How to Store the Bunny Paper Dolls

Story the bunny clothes with your calendar if they will be for calendar time. We use ours for a quiet activity as well as with our calendar so we store them separatly. At first we used a wooden tray from an old Minnie Mouse toy, but now we keep them in a plastic pencil case so they can travel. We have brought these bunny paper dolls along with a small magnet board along on trips and to places were we need to quietly wait. You can also store them in a large plastic Ziploc bag – whatever works!

Bunny paper doll pieces sorted and organized in a pink wooden divided container.

Plastic pencil case open to show lots of calendar and bunny printables inside.

Pictures of our Bunny Paper Dolls In Use

Below are a bunch of pictures showing off some of the new clothes! My bunnies and their clothes are all laminated, so I took a lot of the pictures at an angle to reduce the glare.

Two bunny paper dolls dressed for baking in aprons, chef hats and they have oven mitts on.

Calendar with colorful printables for the day and weather.

Bunny paper dolls dressed in Halloween costumes are stuck to a magnetic dry erase board laying on a purple surface.

Two bunny dolls dressed for playtime in colorful, playful clothes.

DIY Weather Watchers Calendar tri-fold board.

Morning Board in Spanish and English.

Extra Bunny Clothes

You’ll find extra Halloween Bunny Costumes (more than 20 costumes!) in my Etsy shop along with Christmas Bunny Clothes for the bunnies included with my Christmas calendar cards :) 

Bunny dolls dressed for Halloween on a calendar board.

Bunny paper dolls dressed in Halloween costumes are stuck to a magnetic dry erase board laying on a purple surface.

Christmas calendar bunnies dressed in Christmas clothes.

Happy Crafting! -Kim

Download the Free Bunny Paper Dolls and Printable Clothing

To download the free files, click the links below and a form will appear. Fill in your first name and email and the PDF printable packet will be sent straight to your inbox! Fill out as many forms as you’d like to get the printables you want to use – don’t worry, you won’t be added to my list twice. 

These files are for personal use only. You are not permitted to sell the files or sell physical products made from the files. I hope you enjoy crafting something special. Please let me know if you have any questions :)

If you would like the bunny paper dolls that are coloring pages, please visit this post Bunny Paper Doll Coloring Pages.

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