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DIY Penguin Valentine Box

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Create an adorable penguin valentine box to hold classroom valentines this year! A cute craft kids can help make! 

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A penguin Valentine box decorated to look like a penguin holding a heart.

One of the best parts of Valentine’s Day for kids is definitely exchanging valentines at school. It’s so much fun for them to choose their valentines and also create a unique box to collect them in. Each year my kids see such fun and clever boxes and have a lot of fun creating a box of their own. Today I’m sharing an easy penguin valentine box you can make with your kids! 

This box is made with a recycled cereal box and construction paper. The idea for this cute penguin box came from my penguin notepads. I love creating animal notepads, especially around Valentine’s Day. I made these penguin ones a few years ago and my kids thought it would make a cute box design. We made our penguin black but you could also make it in Valentine’s day colors of red, pink and purple. 

Paper penguin notepads in purple, black and pink; the penguins hold a cute heart.

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Supplies Needed

Supplies including a giant size cereal box, construction paper and a scissors.

Step by Step Tutorial

Step One: Cut a rectangle out of the back of the box so kids have a place to drop in their valentines. You can also skip this step and leave the box open at the top. 

A rectangle is drawn with Sharpie onto the back of a cereal box using a ruler.

A rectangle is cut from the back of a cereal box.

Step Two: Wrap the cereal box in construction paper. You can use hot glue or tape to secure it. We covered the box so the top could still be opened to dump out the valentines but found our hole in the back was big enough we probably could have sealed the top.

Hot glue is used to adhere black construction paper to the cereal box.

Cereal box covered in black construction paper.

Step Three: Cut two shapes out of white paper – an egg shape for the penguin’s tummy and a heart shape for the face. To make the shapes symmetrical, fold the piece of paper in half and cut out both sides at once. 

A piece of white construction paper is folded in half ready to cut out two heart shapes.

Two white paper hearts are positioned on the front of the black box.

Step Four: Cut out the rest of the paper shapes you will need including two black circles for eyes, an orange beak, black wings and a red heart for the penguin to hold. To make the beak, use the bottom of the heart-shaped face as a template. 

The bottom of a white paper heart being traced onto orange construction paper.

Shapes cut from construction paper to make a penguin; red heart, orange beak, two black eyes and two black wings.

Once all of the shapes are cut out, glue them to the front of the box.

A box decorated with construction paper to look like a penguin holding a heart.

Step Five: Last but not least, add cute penguin feet sticking out from the bottom of the box! 

Penguin box has two orange feet made from construction paper sticking out from the bottom of the box.

A Valentine's Day box decorated to look like a penguin holding a heart.

Yay! The cute penguin box is done and it’s ready for Valentine’s Day! If you want to add a little extra pizazz to your penguin, add some cute Valentine’s Day accessories like a bow, hat or decorate the heart it is holding. The heart is also the perfect place to add your child’s name. I hope you enjoyed this fun Valentine’s Day craft! Be sure to check out my other fun Valentine’s Day crafts. I’ll link to some of my favorite kid’s crafts for the holiday below :) 

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A Valentine's Day box decorated to look like a penguin holding a heart.

Happy Crafting! -Kim

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