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Valentine’s Day Heart Caterpillar Preschool Craft

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Create the cutest Valentine’s Day Preschool Craft with this cute heart caterpillar! It’s easy to create, fun for kids and excellent number practice!

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Caterpillar kids' craft made from numbered heart shapes, googly eyes and straw antennae.

Hello! Today I’m excited to share this adorable Valentine’s Day preschool craft! A cute heart caterpillar built with numbered hearts! It’s simple to prepare and fun for kids to create – plus it’s excellent number practice. You can use any colored paper you have on hand, cut out six hearts, number them and let your preschool create. I added antennae made from straws and googly eyes to make it extra fun!

I originally created this craft for 20 preschoolers so I enlisted the help of my Cricut Explore cutting machine, which made this a breeze! Not only did it cut out all 120 hearts for me, but it also wrote the numbers on them! Yay! 

My favorite part of this simple craft is the addition of the numbers on the hearts. Any time I can add number or letter practice to my kids’ crafts, I try to. You could do this same craft and spell out your child’s name with the hearts. I put my hearts in rainbow order as another way to help kids put their hearts in the right order.

Valentine's Day caterpillar craft and plastic baggies filled with supplies for the craft.

Valentine’s Day Heart Caterpillar Preschool Craft

Supplies Needed

Setting up the Craft

Whether you are doing this craft with a group or one kiddo, preparing it ahead of time will help it go smoothly! Gather the materials into one place and cut the hearts out ahead of time. Number the hearts one through five. You can pre-cut the straws for the antennae or let your little one practice with a blunt scissors depending on their age. I precut my straws for the classroom so the kids didn’t need to use scissors.

Plastic baggies with craft supplies for the caterpillar craft inside.

Using Your Cricut

Use a cutting machine to cut and number the hearts. This was especially helpful for preparing this craft for a large group. You can use my Cricut Design Space file or create it yourself. In Cricut Design Space, I used the “shapes” tool to create 6 hearts, all about 2″ tall. I wrote the numbers on the hearts 1 through 5 using the font “Cricut Sans”. I used a different font, “DJ Groovy” for the number “1”. Make sure to attach each number to the correctly colored heart and you are ready to cut.

Numbered heart shapes in Cricut Design Space

Craft Time:

Start by having your preschooler put the hearts in the correct order using the numbers or rainbow colors. Next, have them glue the hearts down using a glue stick or Elmer’s Glue. Googly eyes and fun antennae can be added using Elmer’s Glue. Great practice for “Just a dot, not a lot!”. Finally, once everything is glued down, kids can use crayons or markers to draw legs and a smile! Kids can decorate the rest of the page with doodles, stickers or stamps :)

Preschool caterpillar craft made from numbered paper hearts.

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Happy Crafting! -Kim

Valentine's Day Preschool Craft

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