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Pineapple Princess Halloween Costume

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This Halloween I made a Pineapple Princess costume for my daughter! This costume was a true labor of love and I’m excited to share how I made it with you.

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Pineapple princess costume dress and pineapple lace crown.

Hello Crafty Friends! My daughter decided to go as a “pineapple princess” for Halloween this year. I don’t know where the idea came from but I love taking my children’s crazy ideas for Halloween costumes and figuring out a way to make them happen.

The best part of making this costume was that there wasn’t anything to follow – I could do whatever I wanted. I had a lot of fun with the stomacher on the bodice, and of course the sleeves, which I made look like upside-down pineapples! 

Pineapple princess dress with pineapple tiara crown.

Getting Started

Since I knew I’d be spending a fair amount of time on the bodice and sleeves of the dress, I decided to use a skirt from a Princess Belle dress I found at Target. I cut apart the dress and kept the sparkly waistband attached to the tulle skirt. This saved so much time and the layered look of the tulle reminded me of a pineapple.

Belle Dress Target

The Pattern

I used two digital patterns from the Simple Life Pattern Company to create the bodice and sleeves. Felicity is the main pattern I used. It has the sweetest ruffles at the neck, shoulders, waist, and wrists. I left off the ruffles at the shoulders and waist since the dress already had a lot going on in those places. I used the puff sleeves from the Pearl pattern, layered over the sleeves from the Felicity pattern, to create the fun pineapple sleeves!

This was my first time using patterns from the Simple Life Pattern Company and I really enjoyed using them. My favorite part is how many sizes each pattern comes with and the ability to reprint them for whichever size I need. I’ll be able to keep re-using these patterns for my daughter for years to come, as they both go up to size 12 (and start at 2T!).

Pineapple princess costume dress and pineapple lace cro

Choosing the Fabrics and Trim

For the top of the pineapple dress, sleeves, and stomacher I chose to use quilting cottons I had on hand. I used a light yellow that matched the purchased skirt and a gold fabric for the stomacher and pineapple puff sleeves. Finally, I needed two green fabrics to use as trim for the top of the stomacher and the pineapple leaves on the sleeves.

The bodice of the pineapple dress partially constructed.

I used several different ribbons and trim throughout the costume that I found those at Joann Fabrics and in my stash. I love layering ribbons and trim to create really interesting designs. For example, along the two princess seams, the ones that extend from the shoulder to the waist, I layered three different trims together. 

Different gold and yellow ribbons laid out on a surface.

Close up of the pineapple dress showing the ribbons layered to create a beautiful pineapple design on the stomacher.

Sewing the Pineapple Stomacher

Creating the front of the dress was a lot of fun. Since the dress was a light yellow I used a gold to create the stomacher. I layered the ribbon and trim in a criss-cross, diamond pattern to create the pineapple. Since my gold fabric had a checker pattern already on it, I was able to use it to help me place my ribbons.

At each intersection where the ribbon crossed, I added a tiny gold pineapple with a bit of glue. The little gold pineapples were actually nail decals I found on Etsy! They were SO small and I’m pretty sure no one noticed they are pineapples, but I love little details like this.

I purchased my pineapples from the shop Etsy Adorella, but at the time of publishing this post the shop is taking a break. You can find them from other Etsy sellers by searching “gold pineapple nail decals” or “gold pineapple studs”. These pineapple studs look similar to the ones I used.

The front of the pineapple princess dress showing the pinapple-themed stomacher.

I used sparkly ribbon I found at Joanns, along with some gold trim I had in my stash, to go on either side of the stomacher. If I were to do this again I wouldn’t use the sparkly ribbon trim. It shed a lot of glitter and was too stiff, which is why the bodice bubbles a bit down the front. Oh, well! My daughter loves the trim because it sparkles so I didn’t remove it. 

The front of the stomacher has gold ribbon criss-crossing to form a diamond pattern.

The Pineapple Sleeves

The best part of this pineapple dress is hands-down the pineapple sleeves! As mentioned above I used a combination of patterns from Simple Life Pattern Company. I used the puff sleeve from their Pearl Pattern and the long sleeve with a ruffle at the wrist from their Felicity Pattern. By layering these two sleeves I was able to create the upside-down pineapple. 

Before stitching the sleeves together, I repeated the same ribbon pattern I created on the stomacher on the poof sleeve. I did this right after cutting the fabric out before gathering it and forming the sleeve.

Pineapple sleeve laid on an ironing board with ribbon arranged in a diamond pattern.

Instead of adding a little ruffle at the bottom of the puff sleeve, I added a green fabric cuff with ribbon and green fabric leaves hanging down. The leaves were just fabric triangles I had stitched and turned right side out so the edges were finished. I layered them under the green cuff and attached them.

Two dress sleeves with large poof sleeves that look like pineapples with green leaves hanging down.

The Pineapple Crown

To finish off this Pineapple Princess costume, I added a pineapple crown I purchased from the Etsy shop Love Crush Crowns. This crown is so beautiful! It is made out of lace and really makes the costume!

Pineapple princess costume dress and pineapple lace crown.

Pineapple Jack-o’-Lantern Treat Bucket

Every Pineapple Princess needs a pineapple jack-o-lantern to trick-or-treat with, right? I found a pumpkin treat bucket at Target and chose it because of it’s green handle and the oblong shape – it wasn’t as round as a lot of the other ones I had been finding.

The coolest part of this pumpkin was the whole thing lights up and projects the words “Trick-or-Treat” from the bottom – which I didn’t realize until we had it out in the dark. I posted a quick tutorial for making this treat bucket – just in case anyone else finds they need a pineapple bucket??

Jack-o'-lantern treat bucket is turned into a pineapple jack-o'-lantern treat bucket

Pineapple jack-o'-lantern bucket.

I hope you enjoyed checking out our Pineapple Princess costume. Halloween has become even more fun for me now that my kids are old enough to decide what they want to be for Halloween. It’s exciting to find out what their little imaginations come up with. I hope your Halloween crafting is going well! :)

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Happy Crafting! -Kim

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