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Easy DIY Christmas Wreath

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Create an easy DIY Christmas wreath this holiday season using yarn, ribbon and a paper plate! A festive and fun handmade wreath!

A holiday wreath made from a holiday paper plate and red, white and green yarn with a white and red bow at the top!

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It’s the fourth day of my Holiday craft series and today I’m sharing this easy-to-make Christmas wreath! The best part of this craft – it only takes a few supplies! The main supply is something you may already have at home – a holiday-themed paper plate! Use any paper plate with a fun design on it – a snowman, reindeer, Santa or candy cane. Once you find a great paper plate to use, choose yarn and ribbon to match!

 Easy DIY Christmas Wreath

Supplies Needed:

Step By Step Tutorial

Step One: Divide the foam wreath into equal sections.

Measure and mark the wreath with pencil. Divide the wreath in half vertically and horizontally and then continue to divide each section in half. 

If your paper plate has a striped border, use the stripes to help divide your foam wreath. I made a second paper plate wreath using this Santa plate. I made each section equal to four of the plate’s stripes.

Step Two: Wrap the wreath in yarn.

Start by wrapping every other marked line with dark green yarn. 

Wrap the rest of the foam wreath, alternating between red and white yarn. 

Step Three: Add a hanging loop to the top of the wreath using yarn. 


Step Four: Adhere the foam wreath to the paper plate.

Use hot glue along the very outer edge of the paper plate. The edge that starts to curve down. Then center the wreath and adhere it to the plate. 

Step Five: Attach a bow to the top.

Use hot glue to add a fun bow to the very top of the wreath. 

The wreath is finished!! What do you think about a wreath made with a paper plate?? There are so many fun holiday plates that would be so cute turned into a wreath. I also made this wreath using a Santa Claus plate and just red and white yarn. 

Use a snowman paper plate and sparkly blue and white yarn for a fun wreath you can leave up all winter-long! I’ll be back tomorrow for Day #5 of my holiday craft series! Check out some of my other holiday wreaths!

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