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DIY Harry Potter Easter Eggs – With Free Egg Wrappers!

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Create these fun Harry Potter Easter Eggs! Follow the tutorial for painting your favorite (and not so favorite) characters and grab the free printable egg wrappers!

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Harry Potter Easter eggs including Harry, Ron, Hermione and other popular characters

Around this time of year, I love seeing all the creative ways people are decorating their Easter eggs! There are some amazing ideas on Pinterest! I bought a bag of paper mâché eggs from Michael’s back at the beginning of March and decided to make them into Harry Potter Easter eggs!

I originally planned to make just Harry, Ron and Hermione, but before I knew it I had created a bunch more fun characters. To complete the eggs, I designed paper wrappers and hats for them. It was hard to choose which characters to make since I wanted to make them all but I hope to add more characters to the collection at some point, like Fred and George Weasley and Neville. Since I already made paper wrappers for each house, it would be really easy to make them along with other student characters. I made one of my least favorite characters, Umbridge, mostly because it was fun to figure out her wrapper and hat! 

Harry Potter Easter Eggs; free printable wrappers.

If you are a Harry Potter fan, hopefully you will enjoy my little eggs! They really were a lot of fun to make! You can download the paper egg holders I created and make your own Harry Potter Easter Eggs this year – or pin this for next year. :) 

Below are the steps I took to create my Harry Potter Easter egg characters. I used acrylic paint to cover the eggs and then used a combination of acrylic paints, markers, and Sharpies to add each character’s features. Basically, I just used whatever was easiest for me to control. Wooden eggs may be better for this as they would be smooth, the paper mâché eggs I used were a bit bumpy in places but were what I had on hand :)

Harry Potter Easter eggs lay in a basket surrounded by green grass.

Harry, Hermione and Ron Easter eggs.Harry Potter Easter Eggs

Supplies Needed For Harry Potter Easter Eggs

Paint brushes, thin markers a Sharpie and a Sharpie pen.

I used green FrogTape to block off areas of the eggs I didn’t want painted. Since FrogTape can be pricey, I didn’t want to waste any. I used my clear ruler and cut 1/2″ strips of tape!

Green frog tape is applied to the ruler following the half-inch guide.

Step by Step Tutorial

Step One: Painting the Base of the Eggs

All of the eggs are painted in a similar way. I started by painting a peach color on top to match each character’s skin tone followed by a clothing color on the bottom that matched their robe color. I measured between 1.5″ and 1.75″ down from the tip of the egg and started my clothing line there. For the Harry Potter students, this is where I started their scarf. Each scarf was a 1/2″ wide. The paint didn’t take long to dry. Once each section was finished, I removed the tape and started the next section. Just be sure the paint is dry before you put your next line of tape down.

Four picture collage showing eggs painted black on the bottom and peach on the top.

When it was time to add the Hogwarts house scarves to my eggs, I taped off the top flesh color and bottom black robe color. I started with whatever color was the lightest and then added the darker color on top. So for the Gryffindor scarves, I first painted a layer of yellow and then added red stripes. The stripes were easy to do using a flat paint brush.

Eggs painted with Harry Potter scarves in the middle of the eggs.

Step Two: Adding the Faces to the eggs.

I looked at some pictures online and used my Harry Potter Page to Screen Book as a guide for drawing their faces in pencil. (This book is so fun to read and look through, I highly recommend it for any HP fan!) Some of my faces definitely turned out better than others! It was tricky keeping them as simple as possible and also trying to capture the characters. Overall I think you can tell who is who…which is all that matters! :)

Harry Potter-themed Easter eggs have faces drawn on them in pencil.

Once I was pretty happy with the faces, I went over the pencil with paint and marker. I used paint for the hair, but ultimately found it easier to use Sharpie for the eyes and a thin black marker for the mouth and other details. I used a pink marker for the lips and an orange marker for freckles.

A Malfoy Easter egg with his face drawn on in black marker.

It helped a lot to add a little white dot of paint to each eye after I had colored them with black Sharpie.

Ginny Weasley Easter egg is in front of other Harry Potter character eggs.

I used a paint palette I had to hold the eggs as they dried.

Harry Potter-themed Easter eggs perched around a paint palette.

Step Three: Making the Egg Holders

These were a lot of fun to make and are perfect for holding my eggs! You don’t need to add these, especially if you are using wooden eggs that are flat on the bottom. Since my eggs were rounded on the bottom and I wanted them to stand up, these were perfect.

The free download is available at the end of this post. Simply download the file, save it to your desktop and print it at 100%. I used a paper cutter to cut each holder out and a tape runner to adhere them together. Each of my eggs measured slightly differently around, so I wrapped each egg first and marked where it should close before using my tape runner.

Collage showing how the paper egg wrappers are cut and made into egg holders.

Harry Potter-character eggs including Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Luna and Malfoy.Step Four: Paper Hats!

A few of my eggs looked like they really wanted hats! The hats are included in the free printable and are easy to put together.

Harry Potter eggs, including McGonagall, Dumbledore and Umbridge, sit in back of their paper hat pieces.

Dumbledore’s hat is made the same way as Dolores Umbridge’s hat. Start by cutting out the shapes. Make tiny slashes with your scissors along the outside of the hat circle, making sure not to cut into the darker colored centered circle. Fold all the little slashed pieces down. Apply glue or tape to the back side of the hat’s side band (the long rectangle) and wrap this around the slashed pieces. For Dumbledore’s hat, match up the tassel first.

Dumbledore's paper hat is made using a scissors and tape runner.

Professor McGonagall’s hat is a little different but also easy to assemble. Cut out the two shapes. Fold the curved piece into a cone, taping or gluing the seam. Cut out the center circle of the hat brim. You can cut out a larger or smaller center circle depending on how big your egg is and how you want the hat to sit. Hot glue the hat pieces together or set them on top of the egg as is.

McGonagall's paper witches hat is made.

Three Harry Potter eggs with paper wrappers and paper hats.

These Harry Potter Easter Eggs turned out so cute and this was a great project for the rainy week we just had! With Easter just a week away, I am checking off lots of the little Easter crafts I hoped to do.

Harry Potter Easter Eggs; free printable egg wrappers.

These eggs were inspired by my Harry Potter pillow boxes! These would be a great filler for your Easter baskets this year filled with Bernie Botts Every Flavour Beans!

Mischief Managed, Kim

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. My daughter and I worked on this today on some plastic eggs. We used sharpies and colored pencil (for the skin tone) and it came out well. It was fun to work on and we love them!

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