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DIY Rocket Ship Space Card and Party Invitation

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Create a rocket ship space card using colorful paper! A fun party invitation for space-themed parties or a great birthday card for a space-loving kiddo! Grab the free cut file and pattern and learn how to make this cute spaceship card!

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Paper rocket ship cards surrounded by stars on a black background.

Hello Crafty Friends! Today I’m excited to share another DIY slider card with you – this time a Rocket Ship Slider Card! I had a lot of fun figuring out how to make my Honey Pot Slider Card a few weeks ago, and thought it would be fun to create a cute rocket ship card for our upcoming space birthday party. 

I made my spaceship invitations in bright and bold colors, but they could also be made with silver or metallic paper. You can create the cute three-eyed alien, like I did, or put a picture of your child’s face in its place – this would be especially cute for a birthday party invite or birthday card!

Pink and blue paper spaceship card with a cute green alien in the window.

Another fun part to this slider card is as you slide it open you can count down 10-0 to “Blast Off!!” the rocket ship! So much fun! Let me know if you try and make this card! I am new to creating slider cards and have been having fun figuring out the mechanics and creating the cut files.

Paper rocket ship card slid open to reveal numbers that countdown from 10 to 0.

These come together so quickly with my Cricut Explore! Grab the free SVG cut file to create your own or use the PDF pattern to cut it out by hand. 

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Colorful paper rocket ship card with cute alien in the window.

How to Make a Rocket Ship Card

Supplies Needed for Card

Supplies including scissors, double sided tape, Cricut pen, and cardstock pieces.

Step One: Use the pattern or cut file to cut out all of the shapes. I used the SVG cut file and my Cricut Explore to cut everything out. I even had my Cricut write the words “Blast Off” and the numbers. You can easily write these by hand if you are not using a cutting machine. Just make sure anything you write stays between the two scor-lines. These lines are marked on the PDF pattern in pink.

Paper pieces cut for the rocket ship.

Step Two: Create the sliding mechanism for the rocket ship card. Start by covering the large rocket ship shape, (the one with the rectangle cutout of it) with adhesive. I used Scor-Tape around the straight edges and a glue stick for everywhere else. It is important that the edges around the cutout rectangle have strong adhesive on them to keep the sliding card from slipping out. 

Double-sided tape lines the rectangle cutout in the rocket ship piece of paper.

I used my small scissors to cut pieces of double-sided tape to fit the notches at the bottom of the card. Next, I covered the rest of the card with my glue stick.

Double-sided tape is applied to the tiny triangles at the bottom of the rocket shape.

The back side of a blue rocket ship piece is covered with adhesive.

Layer this piece on top of the large rocket ship.The rocket ship card is starting to take shape.

The slider card will now fit perfectly into the cutout area of the rocket ship. 

The insert is laid in the cut out area of the rocket ship card.

It is time to adhere the top layer of the rocket ship card. Cover the middle layer (the piece with the rectangle cutout) with adhesive, the same way you did before. Again, make sure the area surrounding the cut-out rectangle is covered with strong adhesive.

Adhesive is applied to the middle layer of the space ship card.

Adhesive covers the rocket ship card.

Lay the slider card in place then cover it up with the top rocket ship layer. Press down firmly.The top layer of the rocket ship card is applied to the bottom layers, this covers the insert.

The slider card should now pull out easily – but stop before it pulls out all the way!

Rocket ship chard with slider pulled out and visible.

Step Three: Attach the rocket ship card to the poof of smoke. Cover the bottom end of the slider card with adhesive. I used my double-sided tape for this. The top edge of the smoke should line up with the bottom score line.

Strips of double-sided tape are applied to the bottom of the slider card.

A white smoke cloud is adhered to the bottom of the slider card.

Below you can see what the back of the card will look like at this point. I added a rectangle, with a strip of double-sided tape, to the back of the card to add some stability.

Back of the rocket ship card.

A regtangular piece of paper is applied to the back of the rocket ship card.

Step Four: Time to decorate the rocket ship! My favorite part! It’s time to decorate the ship any way you’d like or follow my example below. I adhered the nose of the rocket ship (red) and the window (yellow) along with a stripe (teal). I then wanted to create a little porthole window for my alien. First I glued down a circle (purple).

Rocket ship card decorated with colorful paper.

I then added the little alien but only glued his body down, leaving his antennae free.

Small alien added to the window of the rocket ship.

I slipped the circle border (yellow) under the alien’s antennae and glued this down. Then I glued the antennae down over it.
Paper alien is added to the window of the rocket ship.

Next, I added three small eyes eyes to my alien.

Three eyes are added to the alien.

The final touch was to add some dots (red) underneath the teal stripe and my rocket ship was decorated!
The cut alien has a smile and three eyes.

You can see the rocket ship in two different colors below! They both used the same pieces from my rocket ship pattern.

Two colorful rocket ship paper cards.

You can write a special message on the slider card. These would make fun party invitations for a space-themed birthday or sweet cards. 

A handwritten not is added to the slider card, it reads ' Join us on a mission to celebrate Ryan's 4th birthday!'

These slider cards turned out so fun!! I love the addition of the little aliens! As I mentioned above, you could switch this up and add a picture of your child’s face or even a little paper astronaut!

Pink and blue paper spaceship card with a cute green alien in the window.

Colorful paper rocket ship card with cute alien in the window.

Happy Crafting! -Kim

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