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DIY Embroidered Cards

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Create these sweet DIY Embroidered Cards using paper and embroidery floss!

DIY Embroidered Birthday Cards

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Thank you to Cut Out & Keep and Dutch Label Shop for collaborating with me on this fun project! Dutch Label Shop provided me with labels for this craft. I only work with brands I fully support and as always, all opinions are 100% my own!

Good morning! It really is starting to feel like summertime! Two things that come to mind when I think of summer are bright colors and ice cream! My project today incorporates both of these things to create the perfect Happy Birthday surprise! These DIY embroidered cards are a lot of fun to make and I was so pleased with the outcome.

A few months ago I worked with Cut Out + Keep, an amazing craft blog, to create a craft tutorial using fabric tags from The Dutch Label Shop. We use fabric tags all the time in the theater to label our costumes and keep them organized for shows and costume stock. I have also used fabric labels to add “Made by Kim” or “Made with Love” tags to my handcrafted sewing projects. This is such a sweet touch when gifting your handmade projects. This time I thought it would be fun to try out something new and challenge myself to use fabric tags in a different way than I usually do.

I love sending snail mail for my friends’ birthdays (when I can remember!) and it has been great having a stack of handmade cards on hand! I embroidered the cards, since I felt that style would work well with the fabric tags. The cards were surprisingly easy to create. I love hand sewing so I enjoyed embroidering them while catching up on Netflix shows with the hubby. I’ve loved using these cards so much I now want to order tags with other messages on them too – “Thinking of You”, “Congratulations” and “Thank you!” would be awesome. I think a set of these cards with matching envelopes would also make a sweet gift. I chose to go with a dessert/ice cream theme, but the possibilities are endless.

DIY Embroidered Birthday Cards

For these cards, I created some lovely labels from The Dutch Label Shop with the message, “Happy Birthday”, on them. I was able to choose the size of my tags, the color, the font, and the design, to make them completely custom. I think the tags add a nice touch to the embroidered cards and are something a little different than just writing the message on the front of the card in ink.

The Dutch Label Shop

Below is a tutorial for my Embroidered DIY Cards. You can visit Cut Out + Keep to see how the Dutch Label Shop labels were used by other crafters!

Supplies Needed for Embroidered Cards

  • Cards and matching envelopes. I used size A2
  • Embroidery floss
  • Pushpin or straight pin
  • Needle
  • Ruler
  • Piercing mat
  • Labels with greeting or sentiment of your choice. My labels are from The Dutch Label Shop. You can purchase labels or skip the labels and handwrite a greeting. 

DIY Embroidered Birthday Cards

Step One: Draw your design on the front of the card with pencil. Using a pushpin, or straight pin, poke holes along your design about 1/4″ apart. You may need to punch the holes closer together around curves or smaller parts. A pushpin will create larger holes than a straight pin, so test them out and use whatever you are comfortable with.

I started by placing a hole at all corners and all the places two lines met, then I filled in from there. Use a foam pad underneath your card and make sure to open the card so you don’t accidentally punch through the back!

DIY Embroidered Birthday CardsDIY Embroidered Birthday Cards

Step Two: Stitch your design using embroidery floss. I separated the strands into groups of 2 then threaded my needle so I had a loop at the end and was actually sewing with 4 strands. I didn’t want any knots on the back of my card that would make it bumpy when closed. To do this, I brought my needle up from the back of the design but didn’t pull the thread all the way through, leaving a loop on the back. I brought my needle back down through the next hole and pulled my needle through the loop. This created a flat “knot”.

DIY Embroidered Birthday CardsDIY Embroidered Birthday Cards

Step Three: Continue stitching your entire design with different colors. I primarily used a back stitch, but you can really do any type of stitch you want. You will just want to be conscious of how things look on the back side of your design since this will be visible unless you choose to cover it up with a piece of paper.

DIY Embroidered Birthday CardsDIY Embroidered Birthday Cards

Step Four: Add the fabric label underneath your design. I stitched it on with a couple stitches on each side. I love how completed the card looks once the label has been added! The embroidered card is all finished!

If you want to make matching gift tags, you can easily do this following the same steps from above!

DIY Embroidered Birthday Cards

I made a group of 8 notecards for myself and another group of 8 notecards that I bundled together with envelopes and gifted. Hopefully, I’ll have a chance to make more! They turned out so cute and are perfect for summertime!
DIY Embroidered Birthday CardsDIY Embroidered Birthday CardsDIY Embroidered Birthday Cards

  • The piercing mat I used for this project, a We R Memory Keepers piercing mat, is no longer sold on Amazon, so I have linked to a very similar mat below!

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