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DIY Floral Decoupage Boxes

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Create beautiful decoupage boxes using your favorite floral scrapbook paper! A fun craft to make for your home and office or as a gift for someone special!

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Three floral decoupage boxes filled with flowers, office supplies and safety pins.

Hello Crafty Friends! Today I have another flower-themed craft for you. I am in love with these handy DIY Floral Decoupage Boxes. When I visited a local scrapbook store, I found these beautiful floral papers by Graphic 45. I picked up three papers not really knowing what I would do with them until I found a set of unfinished boxes in Target’s craft section. 

The boxes came as a set of three and are a great size for just about anything. After making the boxes, I ended up gifting the set of three to my mom for Mother’s Day. She uses two of the boxes for sewing storage and the middle-sized box is a planter for a little African violet. 

Three pieces of floral scrapbook paper cut into squares lay on a white tabletop with a purple flower plant next to them.

DIY Floral Decoupage Boxes

Supplies Needed for DIY Floral Decoupage Boxes:

Supplies needed to make floral decoupage boxes are gathered on a white table including scrapbook paper, paint, a paper trimmer and wooden boxes.

How to Decoupage the Wooden Boxes

Step One: Paint the inside and outside of the boxes with acrylic paint. I chose a color of paint that coordinated with each scrapbook paper I planned to use. Give the boxes two coats of paint to get a nice solid color. I was running out of green paint so I didn’t do two coats in the center of my large box since each side would be covered up with scrapbook paper.

Three wooden boxes painted blue, green and purple sit next to bottles of paint and foam brushes.

Step Two: Measure your boxes and cut scrapbook paper into squares that will fit the sides of each box. A couple of my wooden boxes did not measure the same on each side. To make sure the paper fit perfectly on each side, I numbered the sides of the boxes and paper squares so I could match them up and everything would fit perfectly. 

A blue wooden box lays on top of a piece of scrapbook paper with a pencil nearby.

Four square of floral scapbook paper lay next to a blue wooden box.

Step Three: Glue the paper squares to the sides of the boxes

A blue wooden box with one side covered with floral scrapbook paper sits on a white surface.

Step Four: Cover the outside of the box in Mod Podge, smoothing the paper as you go and being careful not to shift it around or rip it. My paper seemed to ruffle and bulge out a little, but once the Mod Podge dried, it was unnoticeable. I did each box in shifts so I could apply the Mod Podge along the top edge of the box and the bottom as well – this will seal the paper edges down.

I love the way the boxes turned out. This is such a simple craft and the decorative paper you choose really decides the outcome of the project. This was the perfect use for my pretty paper since it is definitely put on display. The three nesting boxes from Target were perfect and inexpensive. I picked up another set because I already have other ideas for them. There are so many possibilities with unfinished boxes!

DIY Floral Decoupage Boxes

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