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Printable Springtime Greenhouse Gift Box

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Create a gorgeous gift box with this free printable. The perfect box to hold sweet treats or small plants. A lovely Mother’s Day gift or a unique gift box all year round.A paper greenhouse sits on a pile of coco with a flower cupcake inside it and next to it.

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Hello Crafty Friends! Today I am excited to share with you a new gift box that just screams spring – a Greenhouse Gift Box! As I mentioned last week, I have been in a gardening mood. Our flowers are just starting to come up and it is so fun to see. The daffodils are in bloom, our peony tree is covered in buds, and our hostas are poking through the dirt in our flower beds. With flowers on the mind, I decided to create something for Mother’s Day that was flower-themed!

I painted the greenhouse with watercolors and then scanned the painting into Photoshop to create the box. You can download it for free to create your own! With the free printable, it really is easy to put together.

I made a cupcake holder that fits nicely inside the box since I was using these boxes to hold flower cupcakes from a local bakery. You could also use the cupcake holder to hold little flower pots, which would make a great gift! With this type of box, you definitely want to put something pretty inside since you’ll be seeing it!

Paper treat box that looks like a greenhouse, sits next to a small succulent plant.

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How to Make a Greenhouse Gift Box

Supplies Needed:

*If you are making the greenhouses to hold little plants, you can skip the clear craft plastic. I also added a piece of chip board to the bottom of my box to give more support to the plant. This worked really well!

Supplies needed to make a paper greenhouse lay on a table.

Step by Step Tutorial

Step One: Cut out all of the pieces using a scissors or paper trimmer. 

Printed greenhouse gift box on a white tabletop.

Step Two: Use a craft knife to cut the windows out of the greenhouse.

Printed paper greenhouse is cut out and laying on a cutting mat.

Step Three: Score all of the fold lines then gently fold the pieces. A scoring board and stylus will make things really easy and help to create nice folds.

Printed paper greenhouse gift box on a scoring board.

Greenhouse gift box printable on a scoring board.

A printed paper greenhouse is folded laying on a white surface.

Step Four: Add flowers to the inside of the greenhouse. Since the roof of this little greenhouse gift box has lots of see-thru windows, I wanted to make the inside folds of the box look pretty. Glue the floral triangles to the wrong side of the treat box pieces as shown below.

Printed greenhouse box lays on a white table.

Step Five: Cover all of the windows with craft plastic, acetate or vellum. I used my tape runner and Grafix craft plastic.

Printed paper greenhouse lays on a white table.

Step Six: Assemble the box by adhering the sides together.

A printed paper greenhouse is folded and taped together.

Fold in the bottom of the box. Adding a square piece of chipboard to fit in the bottom of the box will help make the box stronger  – I recommend adding this if you are putting a small plant in the gift box or a heavy dessert. 

Printed paper greenhouse lays on a white surface.

Step Seven: If your gift box will be holding a cupcake or mini plant, add the cupcake holder.

Printed paper greenhouse treat box sits on a white surface with an insert to hold cupcakes.

Step Eight: Fill and close the gift box. To close the gift box, slide a twig through the top or wrap a piece of bakers twine or ribbon around the top. The Greenhouse Gift Box is complete!!A paper greenhouse sits on a pile of coco with a flower cupcake inside it and next to it.

I love the way this gift box turned out. It is so fun seeing inside the box to the special treat inside. The flower cupcakes and cupcake liners worked perfectly! Last week the kids and I went to lunch with my mom and my aunt who was in town. It was the perfect little gift to bring along and a great way to say Happy Mother’s Day to two fabulous moms!

If you enjoyed this treat box, be sure to check out my other DIY paper treat boxes. Have a wonderful week. I’ll be back again with one more Mother’s Day craft :)

Get the Free Greenhouse Gift Box Printable!

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  1. Absolutely love your little greenhouse! I am having trouble downloading it. Is there any chance you could check on your end if the download works ok? I have tried a couple of times now but it just doesn’t come up. Sniff… would love to share your gorgeous creation in my FB groups & page. With obviously giving you proper credit! xxx Manja from Hattifant

    1. Hi! I checked the download from your end and my end and it worked for me. I just updated it (I am in the process of updating all of my downloads) so give it another try and let me know if it works for you! The new download button will be located at the end of the post and once you check the box you can download the printable. Please let me know if you still have problems! :)

      1. Hi Kimberly, it WORKED! Thank you! So cute! Thank you! Happy to share your creativity with my followers on my FB page! Much love and many thanks again! xxx Manja

  2. This looks great for quite a few gardener friends. Can’t seem to find the page with the insert and floral triangles?!

    1. Hi! I just uploaded the third page, thank you so much for letting me know it was missing! I hadn’t realized! Everything should be there now for you to make your own :)

  3. This pattern is so innovative & gorgeous! Once again thanks for sharing! You are soooo talented!

  4. These are absolutely the most adorable boxes. I thought they would be difficult to make but are so simple. Would make great wedding or baby shower favors. Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you! Using these for wedding or baby shower favors is such a great idea – I never thought of that!

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