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DIY Accordion Photo Album

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Create a sweet accordion album for Mother’s Day using scrapbook paper and chip board! A fun gift and keepsake that can be displayed all year!

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Accordion photo album made with floral paper for Mother's Day sits on a desk.

Hello Crafty Friends! Mother’s Day is coming up quickly and today I have a fun DIY gift you can create! I love giving picture gifts for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, especially with little ones in our family now. Our kids are changing so quickly, it is nice to give updated photos to grandparents. These little accordion albums are perfect for displaying in the house or at the office.

This album is created with a sweet flower opening for the cover photo. This is where a cutting machine comes in handy. If you don’t have one, you can keep things simple by sticking with a square opening like my Christmas Accordion Album – it will be just as cute!

Two handmade photo albums lay on a wooden table.

These albums don’t take a lot of supplies! Grab some decorative paper, chip board, and your favorite photos and you’re ready to go! This was my first time cutting chip board with my Cricut Explore and it was fun to play around with. I used a deep cut blade and was really pleased with how nice the flower cutout worked. I’m still excited every time I use my Cricut. I’m not sure if that novelty will ever wear off!

How to Make a DIY Accordion Album

Supplies Needed for DIY Accordion Photo Album

*If you’d like to make this album without a cutting machine, I recommend making an album with a square opening like my Holiday Accordion Album. You’ll find free patterns and cut files for both versions (square opening and flower opening) in my free Resource Library.

Supplies needed like a paper trimmer, paper, chip board, tape runner, glue stick, scoring board.

Step by Step Tutorial

Cutting out the Pieces

Cut out all of the pieces using the SVG cut file. Import the SVG into your cutting machine software. I have a Cricut Explore so I imported the SVG into Cricut Design Space. The following steps are how I prepared the pattern before cutting it.

Open the SVG file and insert it into Cricut Design Space. Select the entire project and “Ungroup”. There are three layers, in pink, these are score lines. Change these from cut lines to score lines using the drop down menu top left. Next, attach the score lines to the correct pieces. Using the shift key, highlight the score layer and the pattern piece and select “Attach”. Repeat this for each scoring layer. You are then ready to hit “Go”. Check your mats to make sure the score lines are attached. Switch your blade and settings for the chipboard pieces and insert your scoring tool!

Paper pieces for accordion album including two chipboard pieces.

You may want to go over the Cricut score lines with a scoring board and stylus. This isn’t necessary, but sometimes I do so may folds are nice and smooth.

Lid of album with flower cut out laying on scoring board.

*Tip: You can decide which way you want to position the flower opening. Make this decision before cutting your papers, or if using non-directional paper, you can decide on this later. The two albums I created each have the flower positioned a different way to better suit the photo I was using. (See picture below)

Photos are placed behind the flower opening of the accordion album lids.

Prepare the Pieces of the Album

Wrap the chipboard pieces with the decorative paper. After the decorative paper is scored along the fold lines, glue the chipboard in place, centering it on the back of the decorative paper covers.

Wrap the edges of the paper around the chipboard and glue them down. You can let these sit under a couple heavy books as you do the next step.

Chipboard with flower cut out lays on top of matching paper.

The tabs of the paper are glued to wrap around the flower album cover.

Album cover with flower opening wrapped in scrapbook paper.

Two album covers and two album backs are covered in scrapbook paper.

Next, create the center of the album by folding the long piece of paper along the score lines and folding it like an accordion. You can go over the Cricut score lines with a scoring board if you’d like. 

The inside of the album is scored on a scoring board.

Assemble the Accordion Album

Glue or tape one of the lining pieces to the accordion folded piece. Center this on the wrong side of the back album cover and glue or tape it down. Make sure your album covers are going the right way if they have a pattern on them.

Squares of paper are applied to cover the back of the album.

Repeat the step above for the front of the album cover, but you will need to leave a spot to slip a photo in. I used my tape runner for this and put a thin strip of tape along all three sides of the lining, leaving the top open and making sure I left a space large enough for the flower opening. You could also glue or tape your photo in before covering it with the lining. It wouldn’t be removable – but it would be easier! :)

Album cover is applied to the accordion album.

Adhesive is applied to the bottom and sides of the accordion album to apply the cover.

Arial view of the accordion album assembled.

Add the Pictures to the Album

The album will fit 7 photos total, including the cover photo. This is the really fun part! I love looking through the crazy amount of photos I take of our kids and choosing the perfect ones. I cut each photo that would be inside the album down to 3.5″ x 3.5″. For the cover photo, I played around until I found a photo that worked well with the flower openings, then cut it to fit.

Tip: You could also alternate between photos and little pieces of artwork your children create!

Photos of moms, grandmas and little kids lay on a table.

Photos are placed behind the flower opening of the accordion album lids.

Paper accordion album with photos in it.

I love these little albums! They really make great gifts any time of the year. Just by switching up the picture opening on the front, you can customize them for any occasion. The flower opening is perfect for this time of year, especially for a sweet little Mother’s Day gift! If you are looking for more fun DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas, visit my Mother’s Day craft page for more inspiration! :)

Below is a picture of the Holiday Album’s I made with a square opening! Just as cute and easier to make by hand without a cutting machine :) 

Handmade paper accordion album for the holidays sits next to bottle brush trees.

Free Download

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** For the purpose of these tutorial pictures, I used photos from Freepik.com to fill the albums. **Grandmother, Mother and Child: Designed by Freepik, Mom with Baby: Designed by Freepik

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