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DIY Mother’s Day Gift – Mini Canvas Art

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Celebrate Mother’s Day and create these sweet mini canvases for a DIY Mother’s Day Gift! Add a magnet to the back to display on your fridge or use a mini easel to display your child’s creation!

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A mini canvas painted by a child for Mother's Day is displayed on a desk.

For Mother’s Day this year create something handmade! These cute mini works of art are a fun DIY Mother’s Day gift that is easy to do with your kids. They also make great gifts for any occasion, holiday, or as a thank you gift.

We first created these as party favors for our color-themed party! They decorated our tables and then guests took one home after the party. :) 

Supplies Needed

Setting up the Craft

This craft is simple to set up making it a great craft for little ones. Start by laying something down to create a workspace for the child. This can be as simple as putting a sheet of construction paper on a table or using a plastic tray. Something to contain the mess and make clean-up simple. We used a piece of poster board that has become or “project mat”. This isn’t a very messy craft, but you never know with little ones! Grabbing a smock is also a good idea.

Lay out a mini canvas, pouncers and the paint. You can squeeze little dabs of paint onto a paper plate. A little goes a long way.

If you your child is a big paint mixer you can control the outcome of the painting a bit by just adding colors to the plate that go well together. Like all warm colors (red, orange, yellow) or all cool colors (green,blue, purple). Mixing some colors like green and red can result in a dull brown color. 

Small square canvases painted with colorful paint lay next to finger paint and pouncers.

Painting the Canvas!

Next, let the child create their masterpiece! My kids has so much fun using the sponge pouncers I had on hand. They were something new and different compared to paint brushers or their fingers. They liked dabbing them, sliding them, and creating different textures. 

Three mini canvases painted with colorful finger paint.

Gifting to Someone Special

Once they were finished, let them dry and then they are ready to gift. Don’s forget to add your child’s name and the date on the back.

We gifted them along with a mini easel so they could be displayed on a desk or shelf. Some of our relatives took them to their offices and have them displayed there. They add a nice pop of color!

You can also add a magnet to the back to make cute fridge magnets. It may work best to use a thin strip of magnet that can be placed on the back edges of the canvas. 

Three mini painted canvases lay next to two mini wooden easels.

A small canvas painted by a child displayed on an easel.

These mini canvases turned out to be a sweet and simple craft for Mother’s Day! 

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Happy Crafting! - Kim

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