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Color-Themed Birthday Party!

Color Party

Celebrate a fun birthday with a fun color-themed birthday party! From the food to the games and decorations, this party is full of COLOR! Lots of fun DIY ideas.

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A few weeks ago we celebrated our children’s birthdays with a fun family party. When I asked my son what kind of party we should have, he told me “one with every color of the rainbow!!” There are so many ideas on Pinterest for rainbow- and art-themed parties, it was easy to be inspired! We settled on a color-themed party – crayons, paints, rainbows and just lots and lots of color! Below are some pictures of the decorations, games and food!

Planning these little parties is really a lot of fun. I try to involve the kids as much as possible since the parties are really all about them! I worked the party theme into our weekly craft activities and they helped me create some of the decorations. We were studying “Food” for our homeschool preschool theme at the time so they helped me pick out fruits and vegetables for every color of the rainbow. I made fun shopping lists for the party food and they helped me shop and check things off. They really enjoyed helping and getting excited for the party!

We were very excited to find purple cauliflower at our grocery store! Our alternative was purple onion, but this was so much better! I made a Creamy Italian Vegetable Dip to go with the veggies using a great recipe by Six Sisters Stuff.

This taco tray is always a huge hit at our parties. I’ve made it a couple times before and there is never any left over. I used a Taco Dip Recipe from AllRecipes.

The cheese tray was a lot of fun! I made little cheese tags from colored paper and toothpicks and stuck them in cubes of cheese.

All of our desserts came from our local grocery store. They have a great bakery that used our pictures from Pinterest for inspiration. They even made our giant cookie artist palette for us!

I created the cake toppers using thin wooden dowels, colorful washi tape and mini pom poms. I felt like a nut making these one night, but they turned out so fun! Since we were getting tiny cakes, they helped add height! I created the number toppers using my Cricut :)

We focused our decorations primarily on the food table. Creating food table displays is so much fun! Focusing on one focal point of the party is more affordable and doable, especially if you are doing it all yourself. I knew I wanted streamers behind the table, but it wasn’t until my mom suggested creating a giant crayon that it all came together! (Yay moms!) I used my Cricut to cut the letters “Celebrate” and assembled the crayon using purple cardstock as a base. It took one roll of streamers for each color to fill the crayon. We simply taped them to the back of the purple cardstock before adhering the entire thing to a giant piece of Styrofoam we had in our basement. We hung it up with painters tape and a few tacks stuck underneath it to help support the weight. (Update: Tutorial for Giant Paper Crayon)

I created a few more banners and windmills  from colored cardstock, again using my Cricut :)

We played a bunch of fun party games like musical chairs, pass the beach ball (like hot potato) and we played the Rainbow Bingo game I created while eating our food. Fruit loops were the perfect markers!

We had game prizes like coloring books for the adults and kids and colorful candy in a large basket that they could choose from. There were also little empty gift bags that the winner could use to pick out one of the mini canvases the kids created. The kids made about 8 of these and they were displayed around the room and at the tables. The grandparents all made mad dashes for them when they won a game :)

One of my favorite DIY projects for our party were the Colored Pencil Twizzlers Treat Boxes I created. They were set in a basket for everyone to take on their way out.

I love creating special party clothes for the kids to wear at their birthday parties. This year I made my daughter a colorful tutu dress using Anne Kelle’s Rainbow Remix fabric. For my son I created a T-shirt using my Cricut and iron-on vinyl. You can check out the tutorial and free pattern and make your own Color Outside the Lines T-shirt!

We gave our kiddos art smocks as birthday gifts and they love them! They were made using fabric printed with their own artwork through an awesome company called Contrado. I used the oliver + s art smock pattern and am so pleased with how they turned out! You can read more about the process of making these art smocks!

Our color-themed party was perfect and the kids and all of our guests had a blast! It was a great gender-neutral party theme both my kids were excited about. This theme was also general enough that I had a lot of the supplies already and anything I purchased was easy to find and affordable. The giant crayon is now hanging in the kids’ craft area with new letters that say “Create” :)

Color-theme Party Ideas!

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