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DIY Giant Paper Crayons

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Create a giant paper crayon to hang in the classroom, at home in a craft room or learning area, or at a party! Learn how to make these large paper crayons and how to customize them with fun words or names. Free template and SVG cut file.

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Three large colorful paper crayons that read Discover, Create and Be Bold on them.

Hello Crafty Friends! This past winter we threw a color-themed birthday party and I created a large paper crayon to decorate our party space. We all loved the crayon SO much, we hung it up in our craft room after the party. With back to school on the mind, I thought today was a great day to share the tutorial and free patterns for making your own giant paper crayon.

They giant crayons are simple to make and are great decor for parties, children’s rooms or the classroom. I used my Cricut to cut everything which made them especially easy to whip together. I’m sharing the SVG cut file, as well as a PDF pattern if you are cutting the shapes out by hand, so you can make a giant crayon too.

Three large colorful paper crayons that read Discover, Create and Be Bold on them.

For our Color-themed party, I mounted our “Celebrate” crayon to a long piece of packing styrofoam we had. Before adhering it to the styrofoam, I taped streamers to the back of the crayon; then taped the crayon with streamers to the styrofoam. This worked well since this allowed the streamers to hang an inch or so away from the wall. We taped the styrofoam to the wall and used two small tacks underneath to help support it.

Color-themed birthday party with rainbow streamers hanging behind a food table.

How To Make Large Paper Crayon Decor

Supplies Needed:

Step by Step Tutorial

Step One: Cut out the base of the crayon. 

Cut out the main piece for the giant crayon from poster board or Canson paper. You will need to cut two pieces measuring 22″ x 5″. Glue them together, overlapping one piece by 5.5″.

For my crayons, I used poster board from Target for the red and blue crayons, and I used Canson paper from Blick Art Supplies, for the green and purple crayon. Canson paper is nice because it is sturdier than regular poster board – but more expensive. Cut out the tip to match the rest of the crayon; then glue it to one end.

Rectangle drawn with pencil and a ruler on a large sheet of blue paper.

Two long rectangles an a crayon tip cut from blue paper.

Two rectangles are overlapped by 5.5".

Step Two: Cut out all of the shapes needed to decorate the giant crayon.

Use the SVG cut file and cutting machine or use the PDF pattern to cut the shapes out by hand. I used the font “KG Second Chance” for my letters. You can download this font for free and create a template for any word or name you want! My pattern and cut file includes the words “Create”, “Be Bold” and “Discover”. 

Pieces cut from cardstock for the giant crayon.

Step Three: Assemble the crayon by gluing all of the pieces onto the giant crayon.

Start by gluing the rainbow pieces to each end of the crayon. Glue them down in rainbow order with red at the top.

Strips of colored paper are added to the end of a blue rectangle.

The black curvy wrappers should be placed 2″ from the rainbow papers you just glued down. Space the two black pieces 1″ apart.

Strips of colorful paper and black squiggly lines are attached to the blue rectangle.

Strips of colored paper are placed at the top of the crayon next to the tip.

After gluing the two black pieces together to create the black oval, glue the letters down in rainbow order.

Letters that spell the word create are glued to the black oval; they are placed three quarter inch from the bottom edge.

The word discover and be bold are attached to black ovals.

Once the letters have been added, glue the black oval to the giant crayon. I used a ruler and centered mine between the two black curvy wrappers.

Three large colorful paper crayons that read Discover, Create and Be Bold on them.

The giant crayon is finished! You can hang it on the wall and feel inspired to get creative!

Three large colorful paper crayons that read Discover, Create and Be Bold on them.

These crayons are so fun! I just replaced our “Celebrate” crayon in our craft area with the new green “Create” crayon and restocked our art supplies for the school year. If you’d like more craft idea for school, visit my Crafts for School Page

DIY Giant Paper Crayon; free pattern and cut file.

Happy Crafting! -Kim

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