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DIY Mason Jar Pencil Holder

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Create a fun mason jar pencil holder for back-to-school! All you need a mason jar and scraps of ribbon and paper! A simple DIY craft that also makes a sweet gift. 

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Mason jar decorated with ribbon and scrapbook paper.

Hello Crafty Friends! Today I have a super simple project for creating a back-to-school mason jar pencil holder! It’s perfect for holding pencils and any other fun school supply. It also makes a very sweet gift for a teacher and looks cute displayed on a desk.

For this craft I used a plastic mason jar and decorated it with scraps of paper and ribbon. This was a really fun way to use my ruler ribbon which I purchased a little while back for my school-themed pillow wreath.

DIY Mason Jar Pencil Holder

Supplies Needed:

Scrapbook paper, ribbon and double-sided tape.

Step by Step Tutorial

Cut your scraps of paper into strips ranging from 1/2″ to 1″. Make sure they are long enough to fit around the mason jars.

Strips of paper are cut with a paper trimmmer.

To attach the scraps of paper and ribbon, I used 2″ strips of Scor-tape. You don’t need to put adhesive all the way around the mason jar. Start with two small strips in the back, attach your scrap of paper or ribbon, then add two more strips at the back where the strip will overlap. You could use other types of adhesive like hot-glue.

A strip of paper is wrapped around the mason jar.

A strip of paper with apples on it is wrapped around the mason jar.Double-sided tape is applied to the other end of the paper strip.

A piece of apple paper is wrapped around the mason jar.

Work from top to bottom, adding different rows of paper and ribbon.

Ribbon is wrapped around the jar next to the other strips of paper on the jar.

Ruler ribbon wrapped around the mason jar.

Two mason jars with ribbon and paper wrapped around the jars.

I added a small ribbon bow to the front to finish it off. These are so fun, simple and cute! I’m glad I got to use more of my ruler ribbon that I had left over from last year’s Back to School Pillow Wreath. I have so much of it left! :)

A piece of double-sided tape is added to the front of the mason jar.

Small bows are added to the front of the mason jars.

Pencil mason jar with cute green bow on the front.

Mason jar decorated with ribbon and scrapbook paper.

Have a great week and happy crafting!

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