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Apple Dry-Erase Board

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This fun project is perfect for back-to-school! Create an apple dry-erase board using Cricut dry-erase vinyl with my free cut file and PDF pattern. You can create this with or without a cutting machine!

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Apple dry erase board, welcome to Mrs. Brown's is written on it.

It’s hard to believe tomorrow is August! We still have a full month to enjoy summer before starting school in September. While it’s a little bittersweet saying good-bye to summer, I absolutely love autumn crafting – especially cute back-to-school crafts! This apple dry-erase board is easy to make, adorable and super useful! I used Cricut dry-erase vinyl to create the apple shape and applied it to a painted circular board.

The cool thing about this craft is I used a combination of paint and vinyl! You could create this entire board using a cutting machine and vinyl or you could create the entire thing from paint – except for the white dry-erase vinyl. I chose to do a little of both!

I have free patterns for everything – both PDF and SVG – to help you get started! Check out how I created this fun board. We’re planning to use ours as a school message board for my son; though, this would also be cute in the classroom :)

Apple dry erase board with a cute worm on a red background.

Apple dry erase board has notes written on it.

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How to Make an Apple Dry Erase Board

Supplies Needed

Step by Step Tutorial

Step One: Paint the wood plaque blue with acrylic paint.  I found my plaque in the Target dollar spot last Christmas. You can find something similar at a craft store. I did several coats of the blue paint, letting it dry in between coats.

Circle wood plague painted a bright sky blue.

Step Two: Paint the red apple. Using the PDF pattern or SVG cut file, create a stencil for painting the red apple. Position the apple stencil on the board, leaving more space at the top so the leaf and stem have room. Trace the apple with a pencil then paint it red. I did two coats of red paint.

Paper apple stencil is laid on top of the wooden plague.

An apple outline in pencil on the blue wood plaque.

The apple is partially painted red.

The apple is painted with one coat of red paint; it is not a solid coat of paint yet..

The apple is painted with two coats of red paint and it is solid.

Step Three: Once the red paint is completely dry, apply the white dry-erase vinyl layer. I used my cutting machine to cut the dry-erase vinyl, but the shape is simple enough to cut by hand if you don’t have a cutting machine.

White dry erase vinyl in the shape of an apple is applied on top of the red painted apple.

Step Four: Add the leaf and stem! I used the same method as the red apple piece – cutting out the shapes using my Cricut, then tracing them with pencil and painting them in. I did two coats of paint for each. You could cut these shapes from vinyl. I decided to paint them so they were the same medium as the red apple.

A paper stem and paper leaf are traced around at the top of the apple.

The leaf and stem are outlined in pencil.

A brown stem and green leaf are painted on top of the apple.

Step Five: Add the details! I added two apple seeds and the nerdy worm using vinyl. Cut the shapes with a cutting machine, then apply them to the board. I initially planned to just add the two apple seeds, but my kids insisted I add the worm and I am happy I did. He is so cute!! 

Two apple seeds and a cute green smiling worm wearing glasses.

The vinyl worm is added to the right side of the apple.

Step Six: Attach red pom pom trim around the wooden plaque. Start at the bottom and use hot glue.

Red pom-pom trim is added around the edge of the circular plaque.

Cute red pom pom trim is on the edge of the round wooden plaque.

Step Seven: Attach a hanging loop. Add a small piece of ribbon to the back of the plaque for hanging.

A red gingham hanging loop is added to the top of the plaque.

The apple dry-erase board is complete! I love the dry-erase vinyl! It is so fun to use and it’s easy to wipe clean. I’m excited to use this board this school year to help us remember important dates coming up!

Apple with worm dry erase board with notes written on it.

Happy Crafting! -Kim

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