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DIY Vinyl Lego Labels

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Learn how to make these simple vinyl labels with your Cricut to help organize your LEGO collection. These colorful labels are quick to make and perfect for LEGO enthusiasts of all ages!

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Colorful Lego storage labels are used to organize Lego bricks.

Hello Crafty Friends! Today I’m sharing fun vinyl labels you can make to help organize your LEGO collection. I created these labels using vinyl and my Cricut cutting machine a couple years ago and am happy to say my family is still using and loving them! Check out this tutorial plus get access to my Cricut Design Space file so you can make your own!

Lego can be organized so many different ways and we have tried many of them over the years. I have a collection of LEGO from my childhood and since having kids the collection has grown substantially as we now all enjoy building as a family. What works for one family may not work for another but we have found sorting them by color has been the most convenient for how we play. 

Two shelves of Lego bricks organized by color with vinyl labels of a lego brick on them.

Why do we sort our LEGO by color?

We decided to sort our LEGO by color when we started rebuilding sets from my childhood. I have all of the instruction booklets and my kids were eager to build them but it was challenging digging through giant bins to find the right pieces. A few summers ago we took some time to sort them by color and it has made it SO much easier to find pieces. 

Even when my kids are free-building, which is what they primarily enjoy doing, they like having the pieces sorted by color. Having smaller bins with less pieces in them makes it easier for them to find fun pieces that would otherwise get lost in the shuffle.

While sorting by color we also found some of the pieces, like those that belonged to my castle set or train set were best sorted out on their own. The large stone pieces and train tracks just got in the way. We eventually sorted out a few more categories of pieces like our “princess” pieces and our “Harry Potter” pieces. This just makes it easier when we are rebuilding sets or when they are playing to find what they want. 

A red brick label is seen on the outside of a drawer filled with red lego bricks.

How do you keep the LEGO sorted?

This system has worked well for our family for over 4 years. The number one thing that helps this work is our “CATCH ALL” bin – the secret to our LEGO organization success! If the kids need to quickly clean up and don’t have time to sort their pieces they just get thrown in the Catch All bin and someone will sort them later or when the bin is full. Luckily we have several people in our house who enjoy sorting the Catch All bin – it’s oddly relaxing with an audio book or music on a rainy day.

Note: We have a few tables and shelves for our LEGO creations to be displayed. If we took apart all of those we probably wouldn’t have room for all of the pieces in the color-sorted storage bins we have now. But for the time being, as long as we have sets built and displayed, this storage is working well! 

A drawer system with the top drawer that reads "Catch All" open showing random Lego pieces.

All About the Labels

Whether you go through the trouble of color sorting your LEGO collection, or just have a few bins you would like to designate for bricks, these labels can come in handy! They are made by layering two pieces of vinyl and come together quickly! Use my Cricut Design Space file and resize them to fit your needs. I like that these labels are easy to make and kids and adults alike can quickly look at a bin and know exactly what pieces belong in them. 

We have a few labels that go beyond just color sorting. As mentioned above we use a crown for our princess pieces, castle for castle pieces, lightning bolt for Harry Potter pieces, and train for train pieces. We also have a Catch All and Plates drawer. The Plates drawer gives some of the larger pieces a place to go so the color bins are easier to sort. We also have a mini figure drawer. This label is not available in Design Space but you can grab the free cut file for it over on my DIY MakerSpace Board post

A small three drawer lego organizer with labels on on the outside like a minifigure head, pink crown and gray castle.

Supplies Needed

Setting up the File in Cricut Design Space

Use my Cricut Design Space file to get started. You can change the colors of the bricks to any color you’d like. If there are labels you don’t need, go ahead and hide them before cutting. You can also change the size of the labels, just be sure to “select all” if you’d like to keep them sized proportionally. 

The labels in Cricut Design Space.

Cutting the Vinyl Labels

Once your file is set up and ready to go, cut out the pieces from vinyl using your Cricut machine. These labels will work with any Cricut machine including the Cricut Joy.

Black vinyl is cut using a small Cricut Joy machine.

Assembling the Labels

Weed each piece using your weeding tool. Use a small piece of transfer tape to layer the pieces of each label together. I just eye-balled where they should go rather than using any sort of registration marks. 

Two layers of vinyl in black and purple are weeded then layered together using transfer tape.

Once the label is created, use the same piece of transfer tape to adhere the label to the outside of a drawer. I tried to place my labels in the same spot on each drawer. 

The purple lego label is applied to the outside of the drawer.

For some bins we used two labels and placed one on either side of the drawer. We did this for pink/purple and yellow/orange. 

A pink and purple Lego label are added to the outside of an empty drawer.

Pour the pieces into the drawers (or sort your LEGO stash) and you’re all set! 

A drawer of pink and purple lego bricks with a pink and purple lego label on the drawer.

Vinyl labels in the shape of lego bricks are adhered to drawers to help organize lego by color.

Below you can see a few pictures of our LEGO labels in action. 

A small three drawer lego organizer with labels on on the outside like a minifigure head, pink crown and gray castle.

A Lego minifigure head and pink crown are used to label other drawers.

Two shelves of Lego bricks organized by color with vinyl labels of a lego brick on them.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Check out some of my other LEGO-themed craft tutorials including my LEGO Makerspace Board and DIY LEGO DUPLO Table!

If you are interested in the shelving and storage pieces we are using I have included links below. :) 

  • Sterilite 3 Drawer Organizer – (11″W, 9 5/8″ H, 13.5″D) I found individually at Walmart, or you can buy in bulk on Amazon.
  • Iris Rolling Storage Cart – this is the same cart I purchased years ago but the drawers did not come with lids
  • Desk and shelves our LEGO is displayed on

Happy Crafting! -Kim


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