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DIY Wedding Shower Wine Glasses

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Create these personalized wedding shower wine glasses using the free SVG cut file. Also perfect for a bachelorette party or wedding gift!

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Personalized wine glasses with a couples initials inside a heart.

Hello Crafty Friends! Looking for a sweet gift you can hand make for a special couple? Today I’m sharing a tutorial for making personalized wine glasses. They are perfect for wedding showers, bachelorette parties and more!

I love how simple, yet personal these wine glasses are. They are definitely something the bride or couple can take home with them and use long after the party is over.

Start with plain wine glasses and add a sweet heart featuring the initials of the special couple. You can use permanent vinyl or adhesive foil to add the designs to the glasses. I used pink vinyl for one of my glasses and gold adhesive foil for the other. I love the sheen the adhesive foil has and prefer it a bit over the pink vinyl. Choose colors that match the wedding colors or you know are a favorite of the couple. 

Below I will show you how to prepare the design in Cricut Design Space and add the initials to the free file. Afterwards, we’ll apply the design to a wine glass and create a fun gift!

Two wine glasses with hearts and arrows on them and a couple's initials.

These glasses would also be fun at a bachelorette party or as a wedding/shower gift paired with a favorite bottle of wine.

A wine glass decorated with a heart and a couple's initials rests on top of a napkin that reads Bachelorette Party.

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DIY Wedding Shower Wine Glasses

Supplies Needed

Supplies including two tumbler wine glasses, standard Cricut mat, rolls of vinyl and a weeding tool.

Preparing the File in Cricut Design Space

Download the free cut file and upload it into Cricut Design Space. Start by sizing the heart to fit the glass you are using. For my two stemless wine glasses, I made my hearts 2″ high. 

Black arrow and heart in Cricut Design Space sized to 2 inches high.

Add the initials of the special couple using any font you’d like and resize them to fit inside the heart. I uploaded the font Airplanes in the Night Sky by Kimberly Geswin into Design Space. I loved the swirly romantic design of the font. But you could also use a font in Design Space. Each of my letters was sized to be 1/2″ tall. 

Two letters, N and R, are added to the center of the heart.

Once you are happy with the positioning of the letters within the heart design, select everything and attach. This will place the entire design on one mat to be cut from one color.

The separate elements of the design are attached in Cricut Design Space.

The heart design in Cricut Design Space is shown in pink in Cricut Design Space.

If you choose to make the elements of the design different colors, like the arrow and initials, you will first need to ungroup the original SVG design. Then use the color selector to change the colors of the elements then attach elements of the same color.

Heart design with initials in Cricut Design Space.

Cutting the Design

Once you are happy with the design, duplicate it so you cut one for each wine glass. Cut the design from Vinyl or Adhesive Foil. 

Two heart designs are shown on a pink cutting mat.

Pink vinyl is cut on a Cricut Explore cutting machine.

Weed the images using a weeding tool. 

Two heart images weeded using a Cricut weeding tool.

Applying the Design to the Wine Glasses

Transfer the designs to the glasses using Transfer Tape. I ended up using Stencil Material by mistake which is why it is blue! It worked just fine, but I would recommend using actual Transfer Tape. It will still have a grid to help you line things up but will be clear. 

Cut a piece of Transfer Tape a little larger than your design and apply it to the top of the design using the grid to place it on straight. Use the Cricut scraper to make sure the Transfer Tape is really stuck to the vinyl or foil image.

A Cricut scraper is used to apply the transfer tape to the design.

Gently peel back the vinyl or foil paper, leaving the design on the Transfer Tape. If the design starts to peel up with the backing, just lay the backing back down and use the scraper to help it stick better before trying to peel it back up.

The heart design on a piece of transfer tape.

Step Four: Apply the design to the glasses. I tried positioning my design a little higher up on the glasses where they weren’t as curved. It was tricky to get the design to lay smooth because my glasses were so bulbous on the bottom. If your glasses are a little straighter, it will be easier. I just went slow and smoothed out any wrinkles before lifting up the Transfer Tape.

The heart design is applied to the front of the tumbler wine glass with transfer tape.

Two tumbler wine glasses with heart designs on them, one in pink vinyl and one in gold adhesive foil.

Wine glass with vinyl heart design on it; a piece of pink tissue paper is stuffed in the wine glass so the design is visible.

The wine glasses are finished! Yay! I love how simple and cute these glasses look. The design is minimalist, fun, and can be personalized with the couple’s initials and created in whatever colors you’d like.

If you are looking for more wedding-themed crafts, check out my Wedding Crafts page for more ideas!

Happy Crafting! -Kim

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