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DIY Wedding Treat Boxes

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Learn how to make sweet wedding treat boxes using my printable boxes. With 18 printable designs including gowns, suits and tuxedos, you can mix and match the boxes for your special occasion!

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Gown and suit paper treat boxes filled with white tissue paper and arranged on a table with flowers.

Hello Crafty Friends! Today I’m excited to share these beautiful wedding treat boxes that make the sweetest favors or gift boxes for wedding events. Whether you are crafting for a wedding, wedding shower, or bachelorette party, these printable boxes are a unique way to gift something special.

I first created these boxes a few years ago for a friend but have recently updated them! I love how the new designs turned out. The boxes are available in my Etsy shop and the listing includes 18 different box designs that you can mix and match to fit your occasion. There are nine different gown designs and nine menswear designs including suits and tuxedos. 

The nine gowns include a little bit of everything from lace to beads to ruffled flowers. Six of the dresses are white but the listing includes two ivory options and a white gown with black lace. The boxes look so cute together and can be used as bridal shower favors filled with sweets. 

Five white wedding dress favor boxes in different styles.

The boxes go together quickly once you make one and would be fun to craft with a group! The listing comes with a step-by-step picture tutorial for assembling both the gown and suit treat boxes. Below you can see a quick tutorial for assembling the gown boxes before purchasing the files from my shop.

For those with a Cricut cutting machine, I have also created JPEG files for each box so you can use Cricut’s “Print then Cut” feature and have your machine cut out the boxes. This makes the assembly process even quicker!

Bride and groom treat boxes sit on a cake stand with white flowers.

Two blue suits sit on a metal cake stand with white flowers.

A white gown treat box sits next to a blue suit treat box on a wood box.

How to Make Wedding Boxes

Supplies Needed:

The wedding treat box files also include Jpegs that can be used with a Cricut cutting machine’s “Print then Cut” feature. You can have your cutting machine cut out the boxes, and score them if your machine has a scoring tool. 

A wedding dress printable lays on a black cutting board with a scissors, a roll of double-sided tape and gem stickers.

Cutting Out the Wedding Boxes

Step One: Print and cut out the box using a scissors. 

A scissors is used to cut out the gown treat box.

Assembling the Wedding Boxes

Step Two: Score the box along the fold lines, then gently fold the box following the scoring guide that comes with the box printables. A scoring board and stylus help make the folds crisp and smooth. 

The wedding dress treat box is scored on a scoring board with a stylus.

The wedding treat box is folded gently.

Step Three: Use adhesive to form the boxes. Place adhesive along the tabs. Cut slits in each tab following the gray lines marked on each gown box. Be careful to only cut through the tabs and not into the sides of the treat box. These small cut lines allow the sides of the box to form to the diagonal sides of the gown. Attach the tabs to the front and back of the box to form the gown.

Double-sided tape is applied to the tabs of the gown treat box.

A scissors makes a small clip on the treat box tabs.

Step Four: Decorate the front of the gown treat boxes with gems and sequins. I applied small rhinestones to the front of the decorative lace belt.

White lace dress treat box sits next to white flowers.

Fill the Wedding Favor Boxes

Fill the boxes with candy, sweet treats, or small gifts. I filled my boxes with candy like Lindor Truffles and Hershey’s Kisses. The paper you use to make the boxes is most likely not food-safe, so place unpackaged candy in small bags first or use wrapped candies.

If you are planning to make a bunch of these boxes, I recommend testing one before making multiples to make sure your cardstock and adhesive is strong enough to hold the treat you choose. This should only be a concern if the candy or treats you plan to use are very heavy.

Five white wedding dress favor boxes in different styles.

The boxes can be mixed and matched to suit whatever special occasion you are making them for. Make all nine wedding dresses and use them as party favors at a bridal shower!

Bride and groom treat boxes sit on a cake stand with white flowers.

Suit Treat Boxes

The suit boxes are made in the same way as the wedding gown boxes. They are a little simpler to put together since you do not need to cut slits in the tabs to account for the waist of the gowns. 

There are nine different suit styles to choose from including suits in five different colors, two different tuxedos and a white tie and morning suit option. 

Two blue suits sit on a metal cake stand with white flowers.

They look lovely paired together with other suit boxes or can be paired with one of the wedding dress boxes.

A white gown treat box sits next to a blue suit treat box on a wood box.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial for these sweet wedding boxes. You can find more wedding-related crafts on my site including DIY Wedding Award Ribbons and a tutorial for making a Recipe Book for newlyweds!

Happy Crafting! -Kim

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