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DIY Bridgerton-Inspired Teapot Cards

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Travel back to the Regency era with these beautiful Bridgerton-inspired teapot cards! Today I’m spilling the tea on how to make your own teapot cards using decorative paper and your Cricut cutting machine.

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Bridgerton-themed teapot cards made with floral paper and floral decorations.

Dearest Gentle Readers, today I’m excited to share my teapot slider cards, this time with a Bridgerton twist! I love a good period drama and the opulent regency style of Bridgerton is so much fun!

To make these cards, I used my teapot card SVG cut file. It is perfect for birthdays, Mother’s Day, bridal showers and more. It can also be used as an invitation to a sweet tea party. The cut file itself is easy to use and features a pull card element. The top of the teapot can be pulled up to reveal a special message. 

The SVG cut file, along with a PDF, is available in my Etsy shop and comes with a complete picture tutorial with step-by-step instructions for assembling the card. In this post, I won’t be going into the all of the details of making the card but I will show you how I put a Bridgerton twist on my teapot cards!

Yellow floral teapot card sits next to purple flowers and a second teapot card.

Purple floral teapot card with a bee stamped on the front.

Choosing the Paper

My teapot card only need a few supplies including paper, glue and foam tape. The card is made with three pieces of paper. Two pieces are visible and for these I love to choose florals and printed papers. This paper can be thick or thin, it is purely decorative.

The third piece of paper makes up the internal structure of the card and supports the pull card mechanism. For this I recommend a sturdy cardstock around 80lbs. I like to use a piece of 80lb smooth Bazzill cardstock. 

I had the most fun picking out paper for these cards at my local Joann Fabrics. I found a paperstack by Maggie Holmes called Woodland Grove. It had everything I was looking for including a yellow floral print, lavender prints and something with citrus fruit. I purchased the paper stack as well a few sheet of loose paper from the collection and a set of stickers. 

For the structure of the card I chose solid sheets of Bazzill cardstock in coordinating colors. On my way out of the store I swung by the stamps and grabbed a beautiful bee stamp! 

Decorative scrapbook paper with floral paper and a bee stamp.

The paperstack came with two 12″ x 12″ sheets of stickers including a sheet of letter and number stickers I ended up not using.

Scrapbook paper, stickers and stamp.

Penelope’s Teapot Card

The first teapot card I made is inspired by the character Penelope Featherington. I chose two papers form the Woodland Grove paperstack that feature her signature yellow and pink color palette from the first season. Penelope is forced to wear the dresses her mother picks out for her often in bright yellow and orange colors. Lady Whistledown often describes her and her sisters as citrus fruit. Poor girls! This yellow floral paper looks as though it could have been fabric right from the show.

Scrapbook paper in yellow, pink and floral papers.

I was delighted when I found the citrus fruit sticker to use on the card. I knew I wanted to include fruit and a nod toward Lady Whistledown herself. For this part I used my Cricut Joy to cut a cameo similar to the one that appears at the top of each issue of Lady Whistledown. The set of stickers I purchased came with a lovely gold frame so I used that after removing the black floral background and placed the cameo inside on a pink background. 

The cameo is called “Female Profile” (#M9511D9F) in Cricut Design Space. I cut it in a few different sizes and colors and ended up using a green one that measured 1.4″ tall.

A small came is cut and added to a delicate gold frame.

The teapot card has a fun slider that can be pulled up to reveal a message or party details. I used my Cricut Joy and a thin black pen to write the phrase, “Dearest gentle reader, did you miss me?”. The font is Alyssa Stencil Script and I made the font size 23.06. 

A small piece of paper is cut out on a Cricut Joy with the words "Dearest gentle reader, did you miss me?".

Once all of the pieces were ready, I assembled the card using my Bearly Art glue and bit of foam tape for the teapot lid. The completed card reminds me so much of Penelope and I love the mix of prints and embellishments. 

Yellow floral teapot card sits next to purple flowers and a second teapot card.

A yellow and pink floral teapot card with a cameo on the front.

Bridgerton Family Teapot Card

The second card I created was inspired by the Bridgerton family and their family home in London. The Bridgerton house is often draped in blooming purple wisteria. The purple served as the color palette for this card and I loved mixing the two purple prints I found in the Woodland Grove collection. 

A teapot card made from lavender floral paper with flower decorations and a bee stamped on the front.

While at Joann Fabrics I found a bee stamp with a decorative floral frame around it. I thought this would be perfect for decorating the front of my card. 

It took me several tries to get the bee stamp to line up with the print on the paper and appear centered. I was using the sticker image on top of the stamp for placement until I finally realized the sticker was not oriented the same as the stamp itself. Once I figured this out I used a Sharpie marker to add guide lines on the top of the stamp so I could center it. Below you can see one of my off-centered stamp prints. 

A decorative bee stamp is used to decorate the front of the teapot card.

Finally, I decorate the card with flower stickers that came in the paperstack and a paper rose I had on hand. I used a bit of foam tape to raise some of the stickers so they were layered. 

Paper flowers are added to the front of the teapot card.

Overall, I love how my Bridgerton-themed teapot cards turned out! It was a fun project and a fun way to use my teapot card SVG. This card becomes popular this time of year around Mother’s Day and I love revisiting some of my previous projects and making them again. 

If you are interested in the cut file it is available in my Etsy shop. Thank you for supporting my small business :) You can also check out my collection of DIY card tutorials for more fun ideas for cards and party invitations!

Bridgerton-themed teapot cards made with floral paper and floral decorations.

Supplies Used

Happy Crafting! -Kim

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