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DIY Hedwig Owl Notepad

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On your way to Diagon Alley for some polyjuice potion supplies? Keep your shopping list handy with this fun DIY Hedwig Owl Notepad! The perfect DIY to celebrate Harry Potter’s Birthday!

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Notepad decorated to look like the white snowy owl Hedwig from Harry Potter; the owl holds an acceptance letter to Hogwarts.

Happy Harry Potter Day! I’m celebrating all week long with DIY Harry Potter crafts! Today I’m sharing these fun DIY Hedwig Owl Notepads! They are so cute and can be made with paper and your cutting machine. I created the notepads using my Owl Notepad SVG file, which can be found in my Etsy shop. Perfect for those little 3″ x 5″ notepads you can pick up at office supply stores!

Two notepad decorated to look like the white snowy owl Hedwig from Harry Potter; the owls hold acceptance letters to Hogwarts.

It only took a few small tweaks to turn the cut file into Hedwig! Mostly changing the colors of each piece. Below you can see my original owl notepads. These are one of my favorite animal notepads I’ve created. 

DIY Own Notepads made from decorative paper.

To turn the owl notepad into Hedwig, I eliminated the glasses, and instead of a branch, added a letter. The cut files come with little feather cut-outs on the wings, which are perfect for Hedwig since she has little black feathers on her wings.

I didn’t want to add more bulk to the notepad by adding black paper, so instead I used a black Sharpie and colored the areas underneath the wings that would be seen through the feather cut-outs! This worked perfectly. Just be careful adding the Sharpie. I first marked in pencil where the Sharpie should go. You’ll need to do this as you are assembling the notepads and add the black Sharpie before gluing down the tummy and wing pieces.

Notepad decorated to look like the white snowy owl Hedwig from Harry Potter; the owl holds an acceptance letter to Hogwarts.

Adding the little Hogwarts letter was a fun addition to these notepads. I cut a piece of paper about 2″ x 2.5″ and folded it up so the letter would be about 3/8″ wide. I trimmed it so the top piece folding around ended a little more than halfway down the folded letter. Using a hold punch and red paper, I punched a small “seal” and adhered it to the center of the letter. I added the letter before adding the owl talons. With it’s Hogwarts seal, I’m thinking this is definitely a Hogwarts acceptance letter ;)

DIY Hedwig Owl Post Notepad lays next to a time turner; one notepad is open revealing a list of polyjuice potion ingredients.

They turned out so cute and magical! You could make up these owls in other colors and have an entire owlery all ready to deliver their letters!

This craft uses my Owl Notepad cut file which is designed for 3″ x 5″ notepads. You can grab the cut file in my shop. Just come back to this post to read how I added the black under the wing cut-outs and how to add the Hogwarts letter! You can also use these pictures as a guide for what color to cut each paper piece from.

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DIY Owl Notepads

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