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Cross Stitch Time Turner Necklace – Free Pattern!

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Using mini embroidery hoops, you can create a unique Harry Potter time turner necklace! Grab the free cross stitch pattern to get started.

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Harry Potter week is coming to a close, but not before I share this fun cross stitch craft! Create a DIY Cross Stitch Time Turner Necklace for yourself or another Potter fan! This necklace is created using two mini hoops found in the Cross Stitch Style Kits at your local craft store. Placing one mini hoop inside the other creates the effect of a time turner! Download the free pattern and follow the tutorial below to create your own.

Supplies Needed:

  • Cross Stitch Style 1″ Mini Embroidery Hoops Kit – Joann Fabrics
  • Cross Stitch Style Mini Hoop Necklace Kit – Joann Fabrics
  • Gold beads – I found mine at Joann Fabrics. The tube says “Beader’s Paradise: 2/0 Czech Glass E-Beads Topaz Luster Mix 22 GR.”. They were the perfect size!
  • Embroidery Floss in the following colors:
    • DMC 680
    • DMC 3820
    • Light Effects DMC E3821
  • Gorilla Super Glue – the kind with the little brush was really nice to use
  • Tapestry Needle and sewing scissors for cross stitching
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Wire cutter combination pliers – something to cut one of the tiny screws

Step One: Start by opening up the first kit – the 1″ Mini Embroidery Hoops Kit. Download the free printable pattern and cross stitch the time turner design onto the provided Aida cloth. The cross stitch design will be going in this smaller hoop. The kit comes with two mini hoops, so you’ll have one leftover. The Necklace kit comes with a larger mini hoop, which will be the outside hoop.

Step Two: Once you are done stitching the design, it is time to frame it in the mini hoop. You will need to trim the mini screw that comes in the hoop. I used a combination pliers that had a wire cutter and carefully trimmed it. Make sure you don’t trim it too short, just enough that the mini hoop will fit inside the larger mini hoop!

Follow the directions with the kit to stretch your design and put it into the mini hoop. I used my needle nose pliers to help turn the screw. After stretching the Aida cloth, I trimmed it on the back and used Gorilla Glue to secure it down. Then I glued the backing on.

You may be able to tell in the picture below, while trying to figure out how I wanted to make my necklace, I broke the top of my mini hoop and had to glue it back together!! Try not to do that! ;)

Below you can see the back of my mini hoop.

Step Three: Prepare the larger mini hoop that came in the Necklace Kit. Use the small jump ring and place it on the screw.

Glue two gold beads inside the large mini hoop on each side. I used Gorilla Glue again for this.

Glue the small mini hoop inside the large mini hoop upside down as shown below. It should fit perfectly in-between the two beads. Glue the hoop in so that the tops of both hoops are flush.

Add two small gold beads on the outside of the large mini hoop. The beads I purchased came with different colors of gold, so I placed two darker gold beads on the outside. Match them up with the other beads you already glued into place.

The cross stitch time turner necklace is finished!!

This was a fun little craft to put together and would make a really sweet gift for a fellow Potterhead. Check out these two DIY Harry Potter treat boxes that would make the perfect gift box for this time turner!

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Harry Potter Treat Box

You can also view all of my Harry Potter projects here! I hope you’ve enjoyed Harry Potter week here on the blog!

DIY Cross Stitch Time Turner - Free Pattern

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