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DIY Storybook Party Game

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Create a cute DIY storybook party game perfect for baby showers, birthday parties and book events. Follow my step by step tutorial to create a classic storybook guess who game. A great party game for book-themed parties and events. I’m sharing free printables I created for my game to help get you started!

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Storybook party game with storybook characters.

Hello Crafty Friends! This week I will be finishing up the DIY project tutorials from our Woodland Animal Book Party! Today I am sharing my favorite DIY project from the whole party –  my storybook party game!

This project topped my list because it was a project I could do with my son. If your kiddos are old enough you can involve them by letting them choose their favorite characters for the board. If you’re making this for a baby shower, choose your favorite characters from you childhood.

Below is the tutorial for this storybook game as well as a few free printables should you want to make this game for one of your own parties. Storybook parties are so popular right now, especially for baby showers, this would be an adorable game for that occasion!

Storybook party game.

Supplies Needed for Storybook Party Game!

  • Free printables including board header and answer sheets – Grab the free files by filling out the purple form at the end of this post.
  • Patterned paper (I used paper from the DCWV My Sunshine Stack)
  • Storybook characters printed from the internet
  • Letter stickers
  • Dry erase board or foam board
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Gluestick

Dry erase board, scrapbook paper, paper trimmer, scissors and printed storybook characters.

Scrapbook paper.

How to Make a Cute Book-Themed Party Game

Step One: Create the backdrop for your game with pretty scrapbook paper. I used paper from “My Sunshine Stack” throughout the entire party which was perfect in giving the whole thing a cohesive look. I simply layered two pieces of paper from the stack to fit the height of my board and then taped them together.

Scrapbook paper is taped on a dry erase board.

Step Two: I flipped the two pieces of paper over and then filled in the gaps on either side with striped paper. I pieced it all together to fit the size of the board and then taped the pieces from the back. The entire game is removable from the board, which is great if you are using a board from around the house (in this case we borrowed the board from our daily calendar) and will need to remove it after the party.

Dry erase board with scrapbook paper taped to it.

Step Three: Choose the characters you want to use for your storybook party game. You can make copies from your books or print them off from online. I Googled each character my son told mentioned and popped the images into Photoshop just so I could fit more than one to a page and then printed them off. I didn’t worry about making each character the same size. I just tried to get them in the same ballpark.

Cut out each character carefully. This can be time consuming so I’d recommend doing it while watching a little Netflix and just taking your time. It is putzy, but I think cutting each one out really looks nice when they are placed on the decorative paper.

Printed storybook characters with one carefully cut out.

Step Four: Lay out all of your characters on the board to get an idea of how you want to place them. Don’t forget to print off and place the Storybook Guess Who? game header at the top of the board. Once you have them nicely arranged, go ahead and glue them down! Add the letter stickers next to each character.

Storybook characters are glued to the paper on the dry erase board; they have sticker numbers next to them.

Step Five: I designed little answer sheets to look like library check-out sheets. Print them out then cut them out using a paper trimmer or scissors. Don’t forget to fill one out and use it as a KEY at the party. 

Paper trimmer and sheets of printed answer sheets.

An answer sheet is filled in with book titles.

The game is all finished and ready for your party! I love having games like these that guests can do on their own during the party. For our party we handed everyone back their answer sheet and had them mark how many answers they got right as my son read off the names of the characters. It was a cute way to include him and he had a lot of fun shouting out the answers!

Storybook game on a dry-erase board along with answer sheets.

Storybook party game with storybook characters.

Happy Crafting! -Kim

Get the Free Storybook Guess Who Game Printables!

Fill out the purple form below with your first name and email address! The free file will be sent straight to your inbox! If you have already filled out the form below, don’t worry – you won’t be added to my list twice! This freebie is for personal use only. I hope you enjoy crafting something special. Please let me know if you have any questions :)

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