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Cute Doodle Easter Egg – Printable Easter Egg Coloring Pages

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Grab these free printable coloring pages featuring doodle Easter eggs! Color them with markers, crayons and colored pencils or try using watercolor paper for a fun art experience!

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Colorful Easter egg with cute doodles on a yellow background with colorful markers surrounding it.

Today I’m excited to share these cute doodle Easter egg coloring pages! A few months ago I was setting up a quick, last minute craft activity for my daughter and grabbed a sheet from my watercolor pad. She loves to paint but had never painted on actual watercolor paper before. I quickly drew a rainbow and some flowers with black sharpie and let her paint. It was a huge hit!! The watercolor paper was something new and interesting and didn’t become a soggy sheet of paper. 

Since then we’ve done a few more painting sessions on the watercolor paper. The paper is expensive compared to butcher paper or coloring book pages so it’s not an everyday thing for us – which makes it all the more special! 

Colorful Easter eggs with cute doodles lays on a yellow background with watercolor paints and paintbrush.

For these doodle Easter eggs I drew the Easter egg on watercolor paper to create a fun piece of artwork kids can paint and hang up. You can download the free printable packet which comes with two different doodle egg designs.

Since watercolor paper is usually too thick to go through a printer, you will need to transfer the design to watercolor paper. You could also doodle your own egg directly onto watercolor paper OR skip the watercolor paper all together and grab some markers or crayons and color the eggs in that way! 

Easter egg doodle drawing painted with watercolor paint.

Cute Doodle Easter Egg

Supplies Needed

Watercolor sketch book, watercolor paints, paintbrush and Sharpie marker sit on a wooden table.

Step by Step Tutorial

The tutorial below is for creating the eggs on watercolor paper. Don’t want to use watercolor paper? Simply print the coloring pages and grab your favorite coloring tools like crayons, markers or colored pencils and have fun coloring!! 

Step One: Transfer the doodle egg designs onto watercolor paper.

Download and print the coloring pages. Trace the designs onto a sheet of watercolor paper using a black Sharpie marker. I traced mine by putting them on a bright window. You could also use a light box. If you aren’t able to trace the design, you could cut out the egg and trace around it and then fill it in with your own doodles!

I was able to fit two eggs on my 11″ x 15″ sheet of watercolor paper. If you use a pad that is 9″ x 12″ you can fit one egg. 

Easter egg doodles traced onto a sheet of watercolor paper sit on a wooden tabletop.

Step Two: Color in the egg!!

The best part! Color in the egg with watercolor paint. We used our Crayola watercolor paints and had a blast filling in the eggs. The watercolor paint is absorbed into the paper instead of pooling on top.

Close up picture of doodle Easter egg.

A hand is seen painting a doodled Easter egg coloring page.

Once the egg is painted, let it dry completely. If you notice the paper is curling you can let it sit under a stack of books (once it is dry). You can also use Painters tape to tape the edges down prior to painting.

Easter egg coloring page with watercolor paints.

Step Three: Cut out the egg painting.

Cut out doodled Easter egg sits next to a scissors on a wooden table.

Step Four: Add a yarn hanger.

Use a hole punch to punch a hole in the top of the doodle egg. Grab some colorful yarn and create a hanging loop. The egg is ready to be hung up and enjoyed!

Doodle easter egg painting sits next to a hole punch and yarn on a wooden table top.

Use Markers instead of Watercolor!

Skip the watercolor paper and print the eggs on regular paper or cardstock (my favorite is 110lb Neenah White). Color in with markers, crayons, or colored pencils!

Patterned Easter egg coloring page with markers lay on a wooden table top.

Colorful easter egg coloring page with markers lay on a wooden tabletop.

I hope you enjoy these cute doodle Easter eggs!

Easter Egg coloring pages lay on a wooden table with watercolor paint, markers and yarn.

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Happy Crafting! -Kim

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