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23 Free Printable Bingo Games

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Looking for a fun way to pass the time? Try a free printable BINGO game! 

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Collage of free printable BINGO games with different themes.

BINGO is, hands-down, one of our favorite activities! It is a great game to play on a cold or rainy day, and with so many free printable games available online, you can find the perfect one for any occasion!

Whether it’s a holiday, a special occasion or a random day in the middle of the summer, BINGO is a great way to pass time with kids!

Setting up BINGO

BINGO is super easy to set up especially with a printable game. Simply print the BINGO pages and calling cards, then find something fun to mark the cards with. Cereal, candy, mini erasers, LEGO people – anything works! Just be sure to pick something age appropriate.

If your child likes to put things in their mouth, stick with editable markers like Cheerios or Puffs. Another great option for marking the cards can be using stickers to cover up what is called or marking them with a crayon or pencil. Both of these ideas are great for fine motor skills!

How to Play BINGO with Little Kids

Some BINGO boards are better for younger children because every picture that will be called is on each board. This means, each time a picture is called everyone will have something to mark on their boards. Not only is this exciting for little ones, it also makes the game a little quicker which is great for shorter attention spans.

One thing to keep in mind is that since each picture called is on every board, there are greater chances for multiple BINGOs at the same time. I don’t recommend these types of boards for competitive play or for large game settings where you want the game to last awhile.

If the game goes too quickly for your littles one, keep playing after the first BINGO is called without clearing your boards. Play until each player has gotten BINGO or until the entire board is filled (a blackout)! 

There are so many fun ways to play BINGO and depending on the age of the kids and how interested they are in the game you can mix it up! These are a few of our favorite ways to play!

  • Five in a row – Five in a row vertically, horizontally or diagonal. Can use the Free Space.
  • Picture frame – Fill the outside borders of your board. Doesn’t use the Free Space.
  • Blackout – Fill the entire board. If you are playing with boards where everyone has each picture called, everyone will get blackout at the same time :) 
  • The X – Create an X using the Free Space as the center point.
  • The Plus Sign – Create a plus sign using the Free Space as a center point.
  • Four corners – Fill just the four corners. This takes some patience and doesn’t use the Free Space.
  • Railroad Tracks – Fill the “I” and “G” columns. In other words, the two vertical lines on either side of the Free Space.

23 Free Printable BINGO Games

Below I’ve rounded up 23 Free printable Bingo Games created by talented bloggers. Please click through to their blog and pin from there! :)

Snowman BINGO at Crazy Little Projects

Snowman BINGO from Crazy Little Projects
Snowman BINGO from Crazy Little Projects

Summer BINGO at Grace and Good Eats

Dinosaur BINGO at Artsy Fartsy Mama

Dinosaur BINGO by Artsy Fartsy Mama
Dinosaur BINGO by Artsy Fartsy Mama

Octonauts BINGO at The Suburban Mom

Emotion BINGO at Carrie Elle

Pokemon BINGO at Diana Rambles

Woodland Animal BINGO at Crafting Cheerfully

Two woodland BINGO boards on a wooden table.
Woodland BINGO by Crafting Cheerfully

 The Live Simply Fruit and Veggie BINGO at Live Simply

Thanksgiving BINGO at Crazy Little Projects

Christmas BINGO at Design Dazzle

Christmas BINGO by Design Dazzle
Christmas BINGO by Design Dazzle

United States BINGO at Crafting Chicks

Roadtrip BINGO by Nancy Jergins at imom

Halloween BINGO at Crazy Little Projects

Halloween BINGO by Crazy Little Projects
Halloween BINGO by Crazy Little Projects

Springtime BINGO at Crafting Cheerfully

Fall Leaves BINGO at Deceptively Educational

Printable BINGO at Design Eat Repeat

Printable bingo cards from Design Eat Repeat
Printable BINGO cards from Design Eat Repeat

BINGO Pets at Powerful Mothering

Frozen BINGO at Artsy Fartsy Mama

Rainbow BINGO by Crafting Cheerfully

Colorful rainbow bingo boards with colorful cereals marking the pictures!
Rainbow BINGO by Crafting Cheerfully

Halloween BINGO at The Crafting Chicks

Cars and Trucks BINGO by Kidz Activities at Brain Power Boy

Dr. Seuss BINGO at Artsy Fartsy Mama

Earth Day BINGO by the Purple Pumpkin Blog

*Pinkalicious BINGO at Kid Scraps – This one doesn’t seem to be available anymore :(

Save Your BINGO Boards

I hope you found a fun BINGO game to play! After playing a game, I like to save the printed boards and calling cards in a plastic baggy. This way we can play the game any time we want! I usually keep the holiday games I’ve printed with my holiday things so I remember to play it with the kids around that holiday.

Happy Crafting! -Kim

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  1. I tried downloading two of the bingo games using the links on your blog, but the links don’t work. Do you have other links to get to these games that work? I wanted to download the Dr. Seuss bingo and the Woodland Animals bingo. The Dr. Seuss game link is blocked by dropbox for safety reasons and the Woodland Animals link goes to a different game. I like Bingo games for my children but am very disappointed that these links are not working.

    1. Hi! Thank you for the message! I’m sorry some of the links aren’t working for you! They did all work at the time I published this article and I do check them every couple months and update them – but I don’t have control over the other sites I’m linking to and sometimes they stop working. I just checked them again and the Woodland Animal one works and is actually a link to my BINGO game! It can be found here: https://www.craftingcheerfully.com/woodland-bingo/. You can fill out the purple form at the bottom of the post to have my free printables sent straight to your email. I had the same problem though with the Dr. Suess BINGO so I’ve updated that link to a new version that works and looks adorable! I hope you find a fun free BINGO game to play with your grandchildren! :)

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