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Fairy Secret Decoder Wheel – Printable Activity

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Use the fairy secret decoder wheel to solve these fun fairy riddles! This whimsical activity is great for kids to do at home, at school or with a group! Perfect for spring and summer and for anyone who loves fairies! 

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Printable riddles lay next to a fairy-themed decoder wheel and fresh flowers.

Hello Crafty Friends! Today I’m so excited to share a new secret decoder wheel with you, this time fairy-themed! Kids can use the secret decoder wheel, or cipher wheel, to solve 14 fun riddles! 

I love creating decoder wheels. They are such a fun activity for kids. Perfect for quiet time, rainy day activities or for practicing letters and fine motor skills. Decoder wheels are also fun in the classroom or at parties. 

This new fairy decoder wheel joins my collection of decoder wheels and also coordinates with my other fairy-themed printables. My Fairy Coloring Pages and Fairyland BINGO game match the decoder wheel and can be used together for extra fairy fun!

A fairy decoder wheel made from paper.

Decoder wheels are a simple activity to prepare. Simply print the activity and assemble the decoder wheel using a brad. I love creating decoder wheels for holidays and different seasons.

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How to Make a Winter Decoder Wheel

Supplies Needed:

Printable worksheets with the fairy decoder wheel and riddles lay next to scissors.

How to Assemble the Decoder Wheel

The decoder wheel is easy to create. Simply print the decoder wheel on white cardstock and carefully cut out both circles with a scissors. Layer the circles together, with the smaller one on top, and poke a hole through the center of both using a push pin. Attach the layers together with a brad in the center. The wheel should rotate easily.

Two cut out wheels lay next to a scissors.

A push pin punches a hole through the center of both layered paper wheels.

A brad holds the decoder wheel together.

How to Use a Decoder Wheel

For each riddle the “KEY” will tell you how to set the wheel. For example if the riddle’s KEY is “S is for SUN”. Spin the wheel until the sun lines up with the letter “S” and then you are ready to solve!

Make sure to check the key for each riddle as each one is different. For younger kids, it may be helpful to cut apart the riddles to help them remember to change their wheel to a new key.

A paper trimmer cuts the riddles out.

A large worksheet with riddles lays next to a fairy decoder wheel and fresh flowers.

Where to Download the Files

My Fairy Decoder wheel printables are available to download from my Etsy shop and include 14 riddles plus an editable PowerPoint file (you need Microsoft PowerPoint to use the editable file).

Link to purchase this file from my shop! Thank you for supporting my small business :)

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Happy Crafting! -Kim

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