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Printable Fairy BINGO Game

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Looking for a fun fairy-themed activity? This printable fairy BINGO game is so cute. It features charming hand-drawn illustrations of things found in fairyland like rainbows, animals and of course, fairies!

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Printable bingo board with fairy-themed illustrations on them; boards are surrounded by flowers and buttons.

Hello Crafty Friends! Today I’m sharing this sweet Fairyland BINGO game – my newest printable BINGO game! It is perfect for anyone who loves all things fairies; flowers, animals, pixie dust and more! 

Printable BINGO games are a quick and fun activity you can have set up in minutes. They are fun for parties and celebrations, as well as rainy day afternoons or quiet time. 

I have been playing BINGO with my kids since they were toddlers and they still enjoy it today. It is a game that is fun for all ages and doesn’t require a lot of setup or explanation. 

Two printable bingo boards with a fairy theme.

This Fairyland BINGO game would be perfect at your next fairy-themed birthday party. It coordinates with my other fairy printables like my Fairy Coloring Pages and Fairy Decoder Wheel. Below are all the details about this cute fairy game!


My new Fairyland BINGO game comes with 30 printable boards and 42 calling cards. The boards are numbered and each includes a Free Space. All of the illustrations are hand-drawn and inspired by my daughter who loves all things fairy!

The Fairyland BINGO game is available in my Etsy shop and includes a bonus game specifically made for younger kids. This second game includes 10 printable boards and 24 calling cards, with each calling card is found on every board. This means the game is shorter and little ones will have something to look for each time a card is called. This is great for toddles and preschoolers who like to play but are less concerned with it being competitive!

Four printable fairy bingo boards are spread out on a pink surface with purple flowers nearby.

Setting up the BINGO Game

To set up the game, print the boards and calling cards and cut them all out. I like to use a paper trimmer! Next, choose something to mark the boards with that is age-appropriate for the kiddos you’re playing with.

When playing with little ones, I try to use taste-safe options to mark the cards like Cheerios. For this game, since we were playing it with older kids we used colorful buttons. Other marking options include stickers or crossing the pictures off. If you use objects to mark the boards, they will be reusable!

Fairy-themed BINGO boards lay on a wooden table.

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How to Play Fairy BINGO

BINGO can be played so many different ways! We often play traditional five-in-a-row BINGO for parties and larger groups. When we play this game at home, not at a party, we switch up our BINGO all the time. Here are a few more ways to we play to get a BINGO!

  • Five in a row – Five in a row vertically, horizontally or diagonal. Can use the Free Space.
  • Picture frame – Fill the outside borders of your board. Doesn’t use the Free Space.
  • Blackout – Fill the entire board. 
  • The X – Create an X using the Free Space as the center point.
  • The Plus Sign – Create a plus sign using the Free Space as a center point.
  • Four corners – Fill just the four corners. This takes some patience and doesn’t use the Free Space.

Printable fairy bingo boards; flowers and buttons around them.

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How to Download

This printable Fairyland BINGO game is available to purchase from my Etsy shop! It comes with 30 boards and 37 calling cards. It also includes a bonus game for little kids with 10 boards and 24 calling cards.

Link to purchase this file from my shop! Thank you for supporting my small business :)


Happy Crafting! -Kim

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