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Layered Paper Mandala Frame

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Create a beautiful layered paper mandala frame to showcase a favorite photo. Learn how to make this stacked paper craft with your Cricut cutting machine. Display the finished frame in your home or a gift it to someone special! 

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Layered paper mandala frame made from blue and purple cardstock; pictures of three children in the center.

Hello Crafty Friends! I have been on a bit of a paper crafting kick lately and am excited to share this new mandala frame with you! I love how this layered paper craft turned out. It uses six different layers of paper stacked together to create a beautiful frame. I cut this using my Cricut Explore after designing the file in Cricut Design Space.

Layered paper crafts are so popular right now and after making my Paw Print Dog Frame earlier this week I was hooked! Since then I made this mandala frame as well as a 3D Paper Hogwarts Castle and a Layered Paper Christmas Ornament Frame. For all of these projects I used thick textured cardstock, mostly Bazzill brand and paper from my American Crafts Tropical Cardstock Pack. The textured paper adds to this already dimensional paper craft in such a lovely way. 

Mandala frame created using multiple layers of blue and purple cardstock.

Below are the directions for creating this mandala frame. It would look wonderful displayed in your home on an easel and it also makes a wonderful handmade gift. Perfect for birthdays, holidays or Mother’s Day! 

How to Create a Paper Mandala Frame

Supplies Needed:

*Update: I found after a month of displaying my mandala frame in the easel, it started to curve backwards. To fix this, you can cut a bottom layer from chipboard and adhere that to the back of the mandala frame. If your mandala is hanging on the wall this shouldn’t be an issue. This only happened to the mandala frames where I used the foam adhesive dots rather than larger pieces of foam tape. I like how the foam dots look so I would use them again and just add a layer of chipboard in back. 

Colorful cardstock, Cricut cutting mat, foam adhesive dots, and Cricut tools.

Cutting the Mandala

Step One: Cut the mandala frame using your cutting machine. The mandala frame file can be found in Cricut Design Space. You can change the color of the papers in Design Space as well as the size before starting to cut the file. I cut my layers using the setting Posterboard+ on my Cricut Explore. This meant each layers was cut through twice which helped make sure it was easy to separate from the cutting mat. 

Mandala frame in Cricut Design Space.

One tip I figured out while making my Paw Print Dog Frame is to mark the top of each layer on the wrong side. Do this before lifting the paper entirely off the mat. The papers need to line up a certain way for the mandala design to work. Marking the top will save you a lot of time trying to rotate the pieces to find the best fit. 

Assembling the Mandala

Step Two: Assemble the mandala by layering the paper together using foam tape. Below is the order the paper should be stacked from bottom to top.

Mandala frame layers in order from bottom to top.

I worked backwards starting with the top layer and covered the back of it with small foam adhesive dots. The weeding tool that came with my Cricut tools was really helpful for lifting the backing off of the adhesive dots. Place the foam dots in the same places on each layer you add.

Navy blue mandala layer lays next to foam dots and a Cricut weeding tool.

Carefully place the top layer on the second layer matching the edges. Tip: It helped me so much to use a little painters tape to hold the bottom layer to my work surface while I attached the top layer. Once they were attached I just removed the painters tape.                                                                                                                                                                        

Pink paper layer is held to the table top with blue painters tape; the blue paper layer is applied on top.

Repeat for the next three layers, being sure to add your foam dots in the same places on each layer. 

Light blue paper layer added to the mandala.

Dark blue piece is added to the mandala frame.

Step Three: Add a photo to the center of the bottom layer. Use the layered mandala to figure out where to place the photograph, then adhere it to the bottom layer, which is the solid flower shape, using glue or tape. Then add the foam dots to the back of the mandala and attach it to the bottom layer as you did for the previous layers.

Partially assembled mandala frame, bottom frame piece and a printed picture of kids.

Paper mandala frame lays next to sheets of colored cardstock.

The mandala frame is complete! 

Paper mandala frame with photo of children.

Display the Dog Print Mandala Frame

Step Four: Display the new mandala frame on an easel. I found a wooden one on Amazon that is a great size for my 9.5″ mandala frame.

Layered paper mandala frame made from blue and purple cardstock; pictures of three children in the center.

Mandala frame created using multiple layers of blue and purple cardstock.

I hope you enjoyed this paper craft! I really had a lot of fun making it. For more paper crafts, check out my Paper Crafts Project Page! If you love creating layered paper art, check out my Layered Paper Paw Print Dog Frame and my 3D Paper Hogwarts Castle.

Happy Crafting! -Kim

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