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Wedding Party Award Ribbons – Free Printables!

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Create wedding party award ribbons for your next wedding shower or bachelorette party! These handmade badges make a fun addition to the festivities! Grab my free printables, available in three font styles, to help you get started.

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Wedding party award ribbons made from paper and ribbon lay together; they read bride to be, maid of honor, mother of the bride and bridesmaid.

Hello Crafty Friends! Are you looking for a fun handmade craft for an upcoming bachelorette party or wedding shower? These wedding party award ribbons are simple to make and a fun addition to the festivities! 

The awesome things about making your own award ribbons, as opposed to buying some from a party store, is that you can customize them to match the theme or color palette of the event. By using scrapbook paper the possibilities are truly endless. Choose solid colors or mix and match prints!

Wedding party award ribbons made from paper and ribbon lay together.

Each award ribbon can highlight an important member of the wedding party. Choose to make ribbons for specific members like Maid of Honor or Flower Girl, or create ribbons that read “Team Bride” or “I DO Crew” to create a team vibe. 

You can make your own decorative tags using stickers, stamps hand writing each title, OR use my free decorative tags! I created tags in three different fonts and include 15 different options. 

Wedding party award ribbons made from paper and ribbon lay together.

These award ribbons not only make a fun addition to a special event but they also make a sweet keepsake. I still have my “Bride to Be” badge in my wedding keepsake box my bridesmaid gave me at my bachelorette party. 

These award ribbons can also make fun gift toppers attach them to the front of a gift box or gift bag.

Below is the tutorial including how to make the paper medallions and how to print and cut the decorative tags using a Cricut cutting machine. This can help speed up the process and you will get perfect circles every time. 

How to Make Wedding Party Award Ribbons

Supplies Needed:

Step by Step Tutorial

Step One: Create the decorative tags.

Download and print my free printable tags or make your own using stickers, stamps, or decorative paper. If using my decorative tags, there is a PDF file you can use if you are cutting them out with a scissors. If using a Cricut, use the JPEG file and Cricut’s Print-then-Cut feature following the directions below. 

Cutting the Tags by Hand

Download the decorative tags and choose which style you would like to use. There are three different font options including “Girl Talk” in black, “Teashop” in rose gold, and “Dream Chaser” in gray/silver, all by KA Designs. Print on white cardstock then cut out the tags you plan to use. 

While cutting out the decorative tags, also cut 3 to 4 circles that each measure 2″ from scrapbook paper. One will be visible behind the tag, the others will be hidden but used to help stack the paper medallions. I used my Cricut to cut these but you could also use a circle cutter or scissors.

Decorative tag printables in three different fonts.

Cutting the Tags with Cricut

Start a new project in Cricut Design Space and upload the JPEG image file you want to use and select “Complex” as the image type. There are three different font options including “Girl Talk” in black, “Teashop” in rose gold, and “Dream Chaser” in gray/silver, all by KA Designs.

On the next screen, use the magic eraser tool to remove the gray background then click “Apply and Continue”. 

Select “Print then Cut Image” for the upload type and then insert the file into your new project. 

Change the file size to 5.5″ wide and you are ready to cut your decorative tags on white cardstock.

While using your Cricut, create 3-4 circles that are 2″ wide for each medallion award you plan to make. Two of the circles will be hidden on the back of each medallion and the third will be visible under the decorative tag. You can cut a fourth circle to add to the back of the medallion after the ribbons are added to make the back look nice. 

Step Two: Cut and score strips of paper for the medallion. 

Each award ribbon is made by layering a small medallion on top of a large medallion. Cut strips of paper for each one using a paper trimmer or scissors, then score them every quarter inch using a scoring board. 

    • Large Medallion: Cut 1 strip of paper that measures 1.5″ x 12″ – Score every 1/4″
    • Small Medallion: Cut 1 strip of paper that measures 1.25″ x 12″ – Score every 1/4″

Strips of scrapbook paper is cut using a paper trimmer.

A strip of paper is scored.

Step Three: Accordion-fold the strips of paper and form circles.

After scoring the strips of paper, accordion fold them. 

Strips of scrapbook paper accordion-folded.

Connect the paper strips into a circle. I used double-sided tape, but you could also use hot glue, to connect the two ends. 

Strips of accordion-folded paper formed into a tube sit on a table.

Step Four: Create the paper medallions.

Use a 2″ circle for each paper medallion. Place a blob of hot glue on the center of the circle, then push one of the paper medallions onto it so the center of the medallion is positioned at the center of the circle. Hold the medallion for a minute to set. Repeat for the second medallion.

Hot glue is placed in the center of a paper circle.

Paper medallions lay on a self-healing cutting mat with a hot glue.

Stack the medallions together, small one on top, then add the third paper circle and the decorative tags to the top. I like to adhere my decorative tags to the circles first, then attach them to the medallion.

Wedding party medallions.

For my “Bride to Be” ribbon, I attached my decorative tag first to a silver glitter circle that measured 1 7/8″ and then adhered that to a black circle that measured 2 1/8″. 

The label "Bride to be" is adhered to the paper medallions.

Step Five: Make and attach the ribbon ends.

You can use ribbon or paper to create the pieces that hang down from the medallions. Cut one piece of paper that is 1″ x 12″ and cut the ends on a diagonal or in a V. Fold the piece of paper in half with the ribbon ends spread apart, then attach it to the back of each large medallion. 

A medallion, two long strips of paper with notched edges and a folded piece of paper.

Three paper ribbons lay on a black self-healing cutting mat.

For the “Bride to Be” ribbon, I cut strips of paper in various widths from 1/2″ to 1″. I cut a V out of the ends then layered them together along with strips of black ribbon that read “Tie the Knot”. 

Strips of paper cut to different widths and lengths.

A Bride to Be ribbon.

Step Six: Add a pin back to the back of the medallion and it is finished!

Add a pin back to the back of the award ribbon and it is finished! You can add a fourth paper circle to the back of the award ribbon if you want before gluing the pin back in place.

Wedding party award ribbons made from paper and ribbon lay together; they read bride to be, maid of honor, mother of the bride and bridesmaid.

The wedding party badges are finished! I love how they turned out and how festive they are! Be sure to check out my other wedding crafts for more fun DIY wedding projects. 

I love creating paper medallions for all sorts of celebrations and special events! Here are a few more award ribbon projects.

Happy Crafting, Kim.

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