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DIY Birthday Award Ribbon – Printable Kit!

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Create a fun Birthday award ribbon to celebrate someone’s special day! The printable makes this craft quick and easy! 

A colorful birthday award ribbon lays on a table with candles and tassels. Today I’m continuing with the birthday fun and sharing this colorful Birthday award ribbon! This craft is created with a printable available in my new Printable Birthday Kit! Printables make things extra easy and this craft is a quick DIY. The award ribbon comes with 20 decorative tags so you can customize the ribbon for any birthday occasion. It includes numbers 1-12 as well as sayings like “Happy Birthday” which would work for any age.

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The tutorial below uses my free printable but you can create this award ribbon using scrapbook paper and cardstock. I love making these and have made them for different holidays and special events including Mother’s Day. View this tutorial for Mother’s Day Medallion Pins to find out how to make them using your own paper. They look really cute on gifts and if the recipient is old enough, they make excellent pins by adding a little pin back. 

I’m really excited about my new Printable Birthday Kit! The Birthday Award Ribbon coordinates with everything in the kit as well as my DIY Children’s Calendar. The bunnies from the weather section of my calendar have gathered together to celebrate someone’s special birthday with balloons, cupcakes and confetti! 

Happy Birthday printable kit

How to Make a Birthday Award Ribbon

Below is the tutorial for assembling the award ribbon! 

Supplies Needed:

Supplies needed for happy birthday award ribbbon.

Step by Step Tutorial

Step One: Download and print the Birthday Award Ribbon printable. This is included in my new Happy Birthday printable kit!

Step Two: Cut all of the pieces out including one of the decorative tags. There are 20 decorative tags to choose from! There are three paper circles included. One will be visible on the front of the award ribbon, one will be visible on the back and the third will not be seen at all. Choose which colors you want to appear where.

Printable birthday award ribbon with a paper trimmer.

Birthday award ribbon pieces all cut out laying on a table with a small white scissors.

Step Three: Start by scoring the two long strips of striped paper every 1/2″. Then accordion fold them along the score lines. Using a scoring board and stylus will help a lot. If you don’t have one, turn the sheets of paper to the all white side and mark them every 1/2″ with a ruler. Then accordion fold every 1/2″ using your markings as a guide. 

Piece of colorfully striped paper on a scoring board with a yellow stylus.Two pieces of accordion-folded paper lay next to each other on a white surface.

Step Four: Use double-sided tape (or hot glue) to attach the two pieces together. Then attach the other ends so they form a circle.

Strip of colorfully striped paper accordion folded with a smalls scissors and a roll of double-sided tape laying next to it.

Piece of accordion-folded paper connected in a circle.

Step Five: Place a little mound of hot glue on the center of one of the paper circles. This paper circle will not be seen. Next, carefully push the accordion-folded paper down so that it forms a paper rosette.

Hot glue spread on the back of a round piece of paper.

Colorfully striped rosette for award ribbon formed.

Step Six: Finish the medallion by adding the decorative tag! Layer it on top of a second paper circle and then adhere it to the top of the rosette.

Label adhered to the front of the medallion that reads "5 Years Old"

Step Seven: Add the paper ribbons hanging down by overlapping them at the very top and gluing them to the back of the medallion. 

Happy Birthday award ribbon assembled.The back of the Happy Birthday Award Ribbon

Cover the back of the ribbon with the third and final colored circle to finish the back of the award ribbon!

The back of the award ribbon.

The birthday award ribbon is finished!! This ribbon is so fun to gift to the birthday person and it also looks really fun on a gift. You can add a pin bar to the back of the award ribbon if the recipient is the appropriate age for pins. I hope you enjoyed this craft! The printables to make this award ribbon are available in my shop as part of my Printable Birthday Kit. :) 

Happy Crafting! -Kim

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