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DIY Felt Christmas Stockings for Dolls

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Create sweet Christmas stockings for dolls using felt, embroidery floss, ribbon and my free sewing pattern. A simple DIY that is also super cute!

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Two felt stockings hang on a doll mantle.

Hello Crafty Friends! Today I’m sharing a cute tutorial all about making little felt Christmas stockings for dolls. I don’t usually share tutorials for doll things, but last Christmas I made my daughter a Christmas fireplace for her Wellie Wisher dolls and it turned out so cute. It was the perfect place to hang stockings so I made a stocking for each of her dolls using felt and embroidery floss.

These stockings are a simple DIY that are beginner friendly. This would be a fun project to surprise a doll-lover with, or a nice project to do with them. You only need a few supplies including felt, embroidery floss, and ribbon. I’m sharing my free pattern that you can download for free using the purple form at the end of this post. 

These stockings were made for my daughter’s 14.5″ dolls and measure 3.75″ tall. I have also included a version of the pattern that will work for 18″ dolls and it measures 5″ tall. 

I chose to decorate each stocking with a bow and a letter sticker to signify which stocking belonged to which doll. This is optional but an easy way to jazz them up without writing a full name. To complete my stockings, I made a few candy canes using thin pipe cleaners. They look so cute hanging out of the stockings!

DIY Felt Doll Stockings

Supplies Needed

How to Make Doll Christmas Stockings

Step One: Use the free template to cut out the felt stocking pieces.

Fold your piece of felt in half, then trace the template using a pencil onto the wrong side of the felt. Cut out the stockings using a sharp fabric scissors. Since the felt is folded you will be cutting out two stocking pieces at one time. Use your pencil to mark the fold line near the top of the stocking.

The paper stocking pattern is traced onto green felt.

Two green stockings are cut out of felt.

Step Two: Stitch the two stocking pieces together starting at the fold line markings.

Stitch the stockings together making sure to leave the top of the stocking open. I used a small running stitch with a contrasting color of embroidery floss. Embroidery floss comes with six strands but you can separate it and thread your needle with just two strands. Tie a knot at the end so you are stitching with four threads.

Insert your needle between the two layers of felt at one of the fold line markings so the knot is hidden inside the stocking.

Two green felt stocking shapes are sewn together around the bottom three edges using white embroidery floss.

Step Three: Fold over the top of the stocking to form a cuff and stitch it in place. 

Stitch the cuff the same way you stitched the stocking. I used white embroidery floss and a tiny running stitch. Stitch through both layers of the stocking along the sides, starting your stitching with the knot on the inside. When you stitch across the bottom of the cuff, only stitch through the cuff layer.

The top of the stocking is folded over and stitched with white embroidery floss.

When you get to the other side of the stocking, slip a small ribbon loop into the top corner and stitch through it so it is secured.

A piece of red gingham ribbon is inserted in the top fold of the stocking and stitched

A green felt stocking with white stitching around the edges and a ribbon hanger.

Step Four: Decorate the stocking cuffs with ribbon bows.

Use thin ribbon to form a tiny bow and glue it to the front of the stocking cuff.

Five small bows in different colors like red, gold and green.

Glue is used to glue ribbon bows to the top of the stockings.

Bows are added to the top of the stockings.

Step Five: Personalize the stockings with letter stickers.

You can leave the stockings as is, with just the cute little bows, or you can use letter stickers to personalize them to match your doll’s name. Use a bit of glue to hold the sticker to the felt.

Alphabet letter stickers are attached to the front of the stockings.

Step Seven: Make tiny candy canes to add to the stockings. 

Twist red and white pipe cleaners together then cut them into small pieces to make candy canes. I folded under the tips on the top and bottom edges of the candy canes to make sure there wasn’t any wire poking out.

Red and white thin pipe cleaners are twisted to form candy canes.

Red felt stocking with letter K on the front with a green bow and a candy cane.

Pink and purple felt stockings with bows and pipe cleaner candy canes.

I hope you enjoyed this sweet craft tutorial! My daughter had fun playing with these stockings and the dolls seemed to like them to ;) Check out my DIY Cardboard Fireplace for Dolls tutorial to learn how to make the Christmas fireplace!

Small felt stockings hang on the cardboard fireplace next to a small pine tree plant.

Happy Crafting! -Kim

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