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DIY Halloween Costume Award Ribbons

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Learn how to create your own award ribbons and voting sheets for your next Halloween costume contest! 

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DIY Halloween Costume Contest Award Ribbons

Hello Crafty Friends! Today I have a fun DIY for your next Halloween party – DIY Costume Award Ribbons! The award ribbons are easy to whip together and a cute way to celebrate all of the amazing and unique costumes everyone is wearing.

Whether you are hosting a costume contest for littles ones or for adults, award ribbons and voting sheets are a great way to take your party to the next level. Use my Halloween Costume Award Labels along with this tutorial to get started!

Paper award ribbon reads "The Cutest Costume".

How to Make Halloween Costume Awards

Choosing the Categories

The first step in creating costume award labels is choosing the categories! Think about the group that will be participating in your contest and create categories that will fit that group well. Is your party for older or younger kids? Adults? Are scary costumes encouraged or discouraged depending on the age of the group.

My printable packet of award labels and voting sheets includes lots of fun categories like Cutest, Most Clever, Most Magical and Best Handmade. There are ten categories total for each voting sheet, with one voting sheet geared towards younger kids and one for an older group, including “Scariest”, “Most Gory” and “Best Couples Costume”.

If you want to keep the costume contest purely for fun, where every kiddo takes home a ribbon, you can make multiple ribbons of each category or create ribbons like “Spooktacular Costume” and “Bootiful Costume”. DIY Halloween Costume Contest Award Ribbons

Supplies Needed 

Making Paper Award Ribbons

Step One: Print the award labels on cardstock and cut them out. My labels measured just under 3″ wide. Create your own award labels for each ribbon or grab my printable packet from my Etsy shop. Include lots of different categories, taking into consideration the age group and type of event your costume contest will be at. If you are looking for ideas for categories, check out this selection of Halloween words for inspiration!

Step Two: Create paper medallions. Cut strips of cardstock to create the accordion fold of the medallion. One medallion will need two 2″ x 12″ pieces. Score every 1/2″ and accordion fold.

A strip of orange paper lays across a scoring board.

Strips of orange, purple and black paper are accordion folded.

Connect two of the accordion-folded pieces end-to-end to form a tube. I used Scor-Tape, a double-sided tape adhesive. You could also use a glue gun.

Strips of accordion-folded paper are connected to form tubes.

Cut tiny 1″x 1″ squares from leftover cardstock and put a little pile of hot glue in the center of it. Press one of the accordion-folded tubes down so it flattens out into a medallion with the center of it on the hot glue. Hold until the glue dries.

Step Three: Create the paper ribbons from strips of paper. I used one piece that was 1.5″ x 12″ and one piece that was 7/8″ x 12″. Fold the pieces in half and cut out little triangles from the ends.

Two strips of paper, orange and purple, are folded in half with their ends notched like award ribbons.

Layer the cardstock ribbons together and adhere. Shift the ribbon pieces apart slightly so they are on the diagonal.
Orange and purple paper forms the ribbon ends to the awards.

Glue the ribbons to the back of the paper medallions. Attach a pin back right above the paper ribbons.
The back of the award ribbon showing the paper ribbons attached to the paper medallion and a pin bar.

Glue the award labels to the top of each medallion with hot glue.

DIY Halloween Costume Contest Award Ribbons.

The ribbons are finished! Yay! Don’t forget to create extras for “Best Couple Costume” and “Best Group Costumes”.

Costume award ribbons arranged in a circle.

Step Four: Print voting sheets with the same categories as the ribbons you’ve created!

DIY Halloween Costume Contest Award Ribbons.

Award ribbon reads "The Best Couples Costume".

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Check out my printable packet for the award labels and voting sheets by clicking the link below. You’ll be able to see all of the categories I included for my award ribbons. :)

Purchase this file from my shop! Thank you for supporting my small business :)

Looking for more fun DIY Halloween crafts? Check out my Halloween Crafts page for fun project ideas including more paper medallion crafts. Create a Pumpkin Medallion Banner or a Pumpkin Medallion Wreath!

Happy Crafting! -KimDIY Costume Contest Award Ribbons.Shop the Supplies Used.

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