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DIY Holiday Ornament Banner

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Create this beautiful DIY holiday ornament banner inspired by vintage Christmas ornaments. A great paper project for the season and a perfect time to use your sparkly glitter papers. 

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Hello Crafty Friends! Today I am excited to share a festive banner with you made out of paper ornaments. Banners are one of my favorite ways to decorate for the holidays. They are fun to make, easy to hang, affordable and are compact when stored during the off-season. They can take any space and instantly make it festive for any holiday or celebration. 

I created this ornament banner in reds and silvers for my mom to match her holiday decor. You can make this banner in any color scheme you’d like from traditional reds and greens to bright and colorful rainbow colors. Mix and match solid, patterned and glitter cardstock to create your layered paper ornaments. 

Download my free ornament template which comes with a variety of ornament shapes to use as a base for your pennants and stars and ovals to decorate them. I was inspired by vintage ornaments. Check out my Pinterest board, Vintage Ornaments for lots of inspiration!

DIY Holiday Ornament Banner

Supplies Needed:

Step One: Cut all of the ornament shapes and decorative pieces.

Print the pages of the template and use them to cut out the ornament shapes. I cut the large ornament shapes out from the template and traced around them onto my decorative paper before cutting them out. For the smaller star and circle shapes, I used the pencil transfer method.

The Pencil Transfer Method: I love using this transfer method – it saves me the time of cutting a pattern out and it’s really simple. Start by coloring the back of the shape you want to trace with pencil.

Lay the pattern, facing up, onto the back of the decorative paper. Trace around the shape with a pencil, this will transfer the lead you drew on the back of the paper to your your decorative paper.

Next, cut out the transferred design. Use this method to cut out stars, circles and diamonds to decorate your paper ornaments with! For the circles, you can also grab household objects and trace those directly onto the back of your decorative paper.

Step Two: Add the decorative pieces to the ornaments!

Adhere the decorative pieces to the large ornament shapes. I ended up using a glue stick, craft glue and a tape runner depending on the paper. It was a bit trial and error to see what worked best, especially with the heavily glittered paper. You could also use hot glue. Once your ornaments are finished, let them sit under a few heavy books overnight to flatten them out.

I had a lot of fun layering the stars and circles to create different designs. I had a tiny star punch on hand that was perfect and saved me a little time cutting.

Step Three: String all of the ornaments into a banner!

The final step is to string your ornaments. Punch a hole in the top of each ornament, being careful to center it. Run string, yarn, cording or twine through the ornament holes. Since the ornaments would shift around easily if left this way, I glued them in place.

To do this, punch an extra hole from cardstock, or use the holes from the ornaments you just punched. Measure your ornaments along the string so they are all evening placed and glue the hole on the back of the ornament over the string with a glue stick.

The paper ornament banner is finished and ready to be hung!! I love that you can make this banner as simple or complex as you’d like! You can make it in any color palette that matches your decor, and if you wanted to, you could pre-cut shapes and have your kids help you! After I finished this silver and red banner, I started on a colorful version for myself. I haven’t finished it, but here is a little sneak peak at that one! :)

*Update: I turned my colorful ornaments into gift tags! 

DIY Vintage Ornament Gift Tags

Sparkly and colorful gift tags lay next to colorfully wrapped gifts.

Get the Free Ornament Banner Template!

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    1. I made these before I owned a Cricut so I cut them all by hand. It would go a lot quicker with a cutting machine! If you want to use them with a Cricut, I can add PNG files to the library :)

  1. Your designs are so pretty and straight forward. Thank you for the tutorial and template! I can’t wait to get started.

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