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Patriotic Ice Cream Cone Treat Box

Fourth of July | Treat Boxes

Celebrate the Fourth of July with these sweet patriotic ice cream cone treat boxes! Learn how to make these with the step-by-step tutorial!

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Patriotic ice cream cone boxes filled with red and blue candy.

Hello Crafty Friends! The Fourth of July is coming up soon and I’m excited to share these sweet patriotic ice cream cone treat boxes! Decorated with red, white and blue, these boxes are perfect for holding small treats and gifts.

I only made a few to give out but they come together quickly and would be fun as party favors. I filled my paper mache boxes with Haribo Raspberries and Blackberries for a fun red and blue candy. 

DIY Fourth of July Treat Boxes.

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How to Make Ice Cream Treat Boxes

Supplies Needed

Cardboard boxes, acrylic paint, pipe cleaners, paint brushes.

Step One: Paint and decorate the ice cream scoop! Use white acrylic paint to paint the lid of each paper mache box. 

The lids of each cardboard bin are painted white.

Next, decorate the ice cream scoop with red and blue sprinkles! I painted little stars on one of the lids with a thin paint brush.  To paint the jimmies, I used a flat paint brush, this worked great because all of my jimmies were the same size.

Cardboard lid is painted white with blue star sprinkles on it.

Red sprinkles are added with the blue star sprinkles with acrylic paint to the ice cream scoop lids.

Step Two: Paint the ice cream cone. Next paint the bottom of the box to look like a cone. I used a combination of white, brown, beige and yellow acrylic paints to get my cone color.

Paint being mixed on a paper plate.

Bottom of cardboard cupcake box is painted a tan color.

Paint the upper part of the boxes with red and blue acrylic paints then add a criss-cross pattern on the cone part with a tan marker or tan paint.Cone boxes painted tan on the bottom and red and blue at the top.

Step Three: Add the cherry! Paint a round wooden bead red and hot glue it to the top of the box lid. You can add the stem of the cherry by twisting two pieces of green pipe cleaner together. Put a little hot glue in the top of the cherry and push the pipe cleaner in.Ice cream cone lid with a wooden bead painted red.

A green pipe cleaner is added to the top of the red wooden cherry.

Your treat boxes are finished! Since the paper mache cupcake boxes are not food safe, I placed a cupcake liner in the bottom of the box before filling them up with fun red and blue candy. You could also package food in bags before placing it inside the boxes. 

Cupcake liners placed inside the ice cream cone treat boxes.Two cupcake cardboard boxes painted in patriotic colors.

Patriotic ice cream cone boxes filled with red and blue candy.


The Fourth of July is still a few weeks away, plenty of time to whip up some of these cute treat boxes! 

Happy Crafting! -Kim

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