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Winnie the Pooh Party

Winnie The Pooh Party

Winnie the Pooh-Themed Party

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Good morning! Last weekend we celebrated my son’s birthday and daughter’s Baptism with a Winnie the Pooh-themed party! We were able to be outside, which was wonderful. We kept the food and most of the decorations inside and around the food table. I created a sweet storybook backdrop as the focal point.

Most of the supplies for the decorations came from around our home. I also purchased some beautiful Pooh scrapbook paper and some classic Winnie the Pooh bees from the scrapbook section of Joann Fabrics – I added these everywhere!

Winnie the Pooh-Themed Party Food Table

The food card holders were made from sticks and twine – a simple DIY project that added a woodsy feel to our table.

Winnie the Pooh-Themed Party

I made a cute birthday hat from scrapbook paper and yarn. The DIY tutorial can be found here, Paper Party Hat. 

Winnie the Pooh-Themed Party

I also made pins for the Godparents to wear to honor them at the party! The DIY tutorial for can be found here, Paper Medallion Pins.

Winnie the Pooh-Themed Party

I painted a sweet Happy Birthday plate to use at our party. It made a really lovely keepsake!

Winnie the Pooh-Themed Party

My son helped decorate for the party by coloring pictures in his Winnie the Pooh coloring book. These are probably my favorite decorations because of how excited he was to be helping! 

Winnie the Pooh-Themed Party

We played a few games at the party like Pass the Honeypot (like Hot Potato) with a Pooh stuffed honeypot my son got for Christmas. My husband put together a playlist on Spotify of Pooh-themed songs to play the game to.

We also played Pin the Tail on Eeyore. I drew a picture of classic Eeyore with Sharpie on a big poster board and then drew a bunch of tails. It was fun watching everyone play :) 

Winnie the Pooh-Themed Party

The final game was a guessing game. I got the game idea from this photo I found online and thought their Tigger rhyme was so cute! I filled mason jars with Honeycombs, Cheetohs, and pretzel sticks and made little guessing sheets for everyone to fill out. I decorated the jar tags with Pooh scrapbook paper.

Winnie the Pooh-Themed Party

Winnie the Pooh-Themed Party

Here are just a couple more pictures of the decorations. I made banners to help decorate the space, and I put all of the plates and utensils in a basket. The plates were clearance at Target back in the Fall and the napkins came from Joann Fabrics. The friendly bee is actually a pin cushion from my sewing supplies :)

Winnie the Pooh-Themed Party

Winnie the Pooh-Themed Party

So there you have it! I had a lot of fun planning this party. If you want to get even more ideas for a Winnie the Pooh-themed party, be sure to visit my Winnie the Pooh Pinterest Board – there are a ton of wonderful ideas out there!

I’ll be back Wednesday with a post about the party food and recipes!



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  1. Hello! Can you please give me some tips on using photoshop to create the birthday map sign? I am new to photoshop and am not quite sure where to start! Thank you!!

  2. Everything is amazing and beautifully thought-out. Do you have a template of the birthday sign to share? I’m blown away by it and am so glad you’ve shared what you so lovingly made in this post.

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment! I do not have a template I can share – I created it in Photoshop after finding a copy of the real map online. I moved a few things around on the map to make room for the text I wanted to include. I have a lot of things I would love to share but I recently found out it goes against Disney’s copyright laws. Thank you for visiting :)

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your Pooh party details. I’m trying to plan my own birthday party (my 31st) with a Pooh theme, since I still love that bear and have admired the fun themed parties I have seen online. You have given me a better idea of how to make it happen. Thanks!

    1. Thank you!! I’m so glad you liked my Pooh party! I hope you have fun planning your Pooh party and have a wonderful birthday!

  4. Would you mind sharing how you made the storybook pages? I LOVE them. I am planning a classic Winnie the Pooh themed party for my two year old little guy! Such cute ideas!!!!

    1. Thank you! I am actually already in the process of putting together a DIY Tutorial for the storybook pages! I have had several readers ask about one so I thought it would be a good post! It will probably be posted in early April so be sure to check back! Happy party planning for your little one! Pooh parties are so much fun!

  5. These are absolutely adorable!! My Jr is turning 2 in March and he STILL loves Winnie the Pooh. We did a Winnie the Pooh theme for his 1st birthday and happen to be doing it again for the second, we just can’t help it. There aren’t many “purchasable” winnie the pooh decorations around that are affordable let alone available. I love so many of these ideas! I wish I had half your talent for your decor, I can only hope to brainstorm off of them. I hope you don’t mind but I am just going to have to use some of these! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment! I’m so happy you found my post helpful! That is so fun you are doing Winnie the Pooh again, it is such a fun theme! Happy Birthday to your little one!!

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