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Winnie the Pooh Party Food Ideas

Winnie The Pooh Party

Winnie the Pooh Party Food Ideas

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Hello! Back again to share the menu with you from our Winnie the Pooh Party. You can read about the rest of our party here!

I found lots of ideas for Winnie the Pooh-themed food on Pinterest – more ideas than we actually needed! This is quite a popular theme for parties and it’s easy to see why – everything is just so cute!

We were serving lunch since our party would be starting right around lunchtime. For our main dish, we decided to serve these amazing Ham and Cheese Sliders. OMG, soooo good! I tested out the recipe before the party and we’ve actually made these for dinner several times since. They were perfect for the party because I could make them ahead of time and then just pop them in the oven when the party started! I didn’t get a picture of ours, but they came out great! I did split them apart and put them on a platter so they’d be easier for our guests to grab.

Hot Ham and Cheese Sandwich Casserole by (a)Musing Foodie

Winnie the Pooh Party Food Ideas

Winnie the Pooh Party Food Ideas - Piglet's Punch

I had a lot of fun creating a food table filled with Pooh-inspired foods! Some of the foods – like our Pooh’s pickle platter and Tigger’s Pasta Salad – were included because they are some of my little one’s favorite foods. Here is a list of our full menu and any links I used for the recipes! 

Winnie the Pooh Party Food Ideas - Food Table

Winnie the Pooh Party Food Ideas - Haycorn CookiesWinnie the Pooh Party Food Ideas - Tigger's Twisted Tail PastaWinnie the Pooh Party Food Ideas - Sticks from Eeyore's House

Winnie the Pooh Party Food Ideas - Pooh's Pickles

I had the most fun creating Rabbit’s Vegetable Garden and decided to make it the main feature of our food table since everyone in our family really loves vegetables. Here is an entire post dedicated to putting this garden together. 

Winnie the Pooh Party Food Ideas - Rabbit's Garden Vegetables

I ordered the cake from our local grocery store, which turned out to be a great idea since I didn’t have to worry about making a cake myself this year! 

Winnie the Pooh Party Food Ideas

The Tigger Tails did not turn out exactly as I’d hoped. The tutorial I found online was great, but the orange icing color I bought was more gel-like than liquid-like, and when I used it, my white chocolate seized up. Rather than go out and buy more white chocolate and a new orange icing color I just decided to dip the pretzel rods in milk chocolate and cover in orange sugar sprinkles. Definitely not as cool looking as I’d hoped, but they were still so yummy!

Winnie the Pooh Party Food Ideas

I created the food labels in Photoshop and made the little easels for them with twigs from our backyard and twine. I used various baskets, pots, and jars from around our house to place the food in. Since none of these items were new, I cleaned them out and lined them with red gingham napkins. 

Well, there you have it, another party in the books! I enjoyed my time with Winnie the Pooh and am looking forward to the next party planning adventure – whenever that may be! 

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  1. Love you Pooh party and props!!! How did u make that aweaome backdrop? And you say you made your adorable placecards on photoshop, but how? Did you uploaed pages from a Pooh book and then minimize them & print them on regular paper? I’d Love to know how you did it???

    1. Hi! Thank you! I have a tutorial and some free files for creating the storybook backdrop, you can find that here: https://www.craftingcheerfully.com/storybook-party-backdrop/. I made the placecards in Photoshop. I’ve been thinking of doing a tutorial for them because they aren’t too hard, you just need a program like Photoshop or Word. I found images online for each character and a quote related to them and food or birthdays and put them all together. I printed them on 110lb white paper and sat the little cards on twig easels I made. I’ll let you know if I throw together a quick tutorial! :)

  2. I love everything you used!! Where did you get your food place cards?? And is there any way to get the personalized map you made??

    1. Hi! Thank you! I made the place cards and map myself in Photoshop! I’ve been thinking of doing a tutorial on the place cards, they turned out so cute and weren’t too hard to make – I found images online for each character and a quote about them that kind of related to food and put them together. You would need a program like Photoshop or Microsoft Word. Unfortunately, I’m not able to sell any of the files – for the place cards or map, because I don’t own rights to the images.

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